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Taking A Stand | Jeb Bush
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Balanced Budget | Jeb Bush
Published on 9 Jan 2016, 20:33
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A Note From Jeb:

My life changed forever when I was a young man on an exchange program in León Guanajuato, Mexico. Across a plaza, I saw a girl. For me, it was love at first sight. From the moment I got to know her, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. In the years ahead, whether I was changing baby diapers in Caracas, Venezuela, building a business in Miami or leading a state in Tallahassee, Columba has been with me, my best friend in all of life’s challenges and joys. Together, we have built a family with three wonderful kids: Noelle, George P., and Jeb Jr. Each of our kids has given us blessings, and now they are giving us grandkids who seem to think I’m their personal climbing gym. They call me “Gampy,” and, together with their grandmother, they keep me honest. I’m never as happy as I am when I’m with my family, and that’s been true all my life.

So when I became governor, I could be pretty relentless about getting the people’s business done. We defended and protected the most vulnerable in our society. I have always believed that as a nation, we reveal our values by how we govern those moments when life is most vulnerable. So I rolled up my sleeves, and working with the state Legislature, we enacted reforms that helped businesses, saving hundreds of millions of dollars a year– keeping jobs in the state, and making sure that Florida’s economy could work for everyone.

My Administration attacked issues like that with the same focus. We cut taxes every year. Cut the state workforce by 13,000. One year, we enacted six laws aimed at protecting our citizens’ right to bear arms. My opponents called me a lot of names, but the one I liked best was Veto Corleone. I vetoed over 2,500 line items in the state’s budget. We assessed the problem, took on the challenges and gave people the freedom to be creative and come up with solutions. When I was governor, I always believed doing the people’s work was a great joy and an incredible responsibility. I knew that as governor, I had the power to make things happen—not just give speeches. At the beginning of my second term, a friend of mine gave me a clock, which was ticking off the seconds, minutes, hours and days until my term of office was to end. It was a pretty good reminder that my ability to serve Florida was limited only by two things: time and how I used it. There were always more people to help. Jobs to create—we created 1.3 million of them. Small businesses were starting—we had more than 80,000 small businesses start in Florida when I was in office. We had prosperity to launch—and Florida’s households were earning over $1,000 more per year when I left office than when I began. We had a budget to balance, and with the help of $2 billion in vetoes, we achieved a AAA-bond rating.

That is a record I am proud to claim. That is a record I would like to bring to Washington, D.C. And that’s why I am running for President. I’m Jeb Bush, and I want your vote.

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