Governor Chris Christie in Westwood: Give Him Extra Credit

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Published on 1 Mar 2012, 19:41
Westwood Town Hall - February 29, 2012. (Transcript Below)

Luke Rowe: My name is Luke Rowe. I'm from River Vale, not too far from here. And I think you're a really good Governor.

Governor Christie:Thank you.

Luke Rowe: And can I shake your hand?

Governor Christie:Can you shake my hand?

Luke Rowe: Yeah.

Governor Christie:Yeah sure you can. Get on up here. Come here. Climb under. You're small enough. You can climb under. Climb under. I can't get under there but you can. Thank you buddy. Appreciate it. How old are you?

Luke Rowe: 11 turning 12 this year.

Governor Christie: Good. What grade are you in?

Luke Rowe: Sixth.

Governor Christie: Sixth grade? Thank you for coming today. I appreciate it. Good. I'm not going to ask why he's not in school today. Truancy is not part of my responsibility. In fact I think you should get extra credit for today for coming. But I see his—what appears to be his father here so all is well. Parental supervision is occurring so that's good.