Obama says Trump doesn't understand foreign policy

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Published on 2 Apr 2016, 1:27
President Obama said Friday that Donald Trump doesn't understand foreign policy or the world in general, and U.S. allies are increasingly concerned about the Republican front-runner's loose rhetoric about nuclear weapons.

"People pay attention to American elections," Obama said at a news conference following the bi-annual Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, adding that the topic of Trump surfaced on the sidelines of those meetings. "What we do is really important to the rest of the world."

Trump has said the United States is spending too much on defense assistance to a host of nations, from NATO allies in Europe to Japan and South Korea in Asia. The New York billionaire said these nations should spend more on their own defense, including the development of nuclear weapons if necessary.

The candidate making these kinds of statements "doesn’t know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the Korean peninsula, or the world generally," Obama said.

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