Alien Abduction, Bloodlines and Government Conspiracy with The Hidden Hand dir. James Carman

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Published on 7 Oct 2013, 1:00
Alien abduction, government conspiracy and reptilian bloodlines are discussed with The Hidden Hand: Alien Contact and the Government Cover-Up, director James Carman. With footage from the film, and information on the Philadelphia Experiment and government time travel, the conversation goes to the interstellar regions that few news outlets dare to travel. Only on Buzzsaw, hosted by Sean Stone.

James Carman lives in New York City and works as a cinematographer and a producer. He shoots features, commercials and documentaries and his work has been showcased at the MOMA and many film festivals. He recently won an EBE award for best documentary with his film, The Hidden Hand: Alien Contact and The Government Cover-up. Currently he is working on a new documentary entitled, Superconscious.


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00:01 This is Buzzsaw.
00:13 The Hidden Hand, clip.
01:36 Welcoming James Carman.
02:33 Decoding the Hidden Hand.
03:04 The launching point for the Alien film.
05:00 The Philadelphia Experiment time travel event.
10:42 The bottom line on Alien truth.
14:28 UFOs or military experiments, reptilians and genetics.
18:57 The abduction phenomenon and blood lines.
23:23 Personal experiences with
25:00 Hidden Hands and the Pyramids.
28:30 The sea change of understanding.