Conspiracy News and Police Crimes with Ellen Ellison

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Published on 19 May 2013, 1:55
Buzzsaw brings the latest in conspiracy and under-reported news, plus an interview with attorney Ellen Ellison on police abuse and misconduct. We discuss senator Elizabeth Warren's Anti-Wall St. politics, as well as the man who hacked AT&T and is now in jail without access to the internet, and how trading raw milk in Wisconsin can land you behind bars. We look at the biometric database in the works for immigration reform, and also find out about a nasty incident of police intimidating people to get videophone recordings of them killing a citizen + speak with Ellen Ellison about the police running rampant and what we can do about it.

Ellen Ellison is probably best known for her successful settlement of a $1.7 million lawsuit stemming from a 1999 LAPD police shooting in which an officer allegedly fired at an unarmed teenager and then planted a gun to justify his actions. She has been an attorney for 24 years focusing almost exclusively in police brutality and misconduct cases.

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00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:25 Benghazi misdirection and Senator Elizabeth Warren vs. Wall St.
10:30 Hacker gets solitary confinement.
17:15 Going to jail for trading raw milk?
23:18 Biometrics plan for immigration reform.
28:30 Global presence of US military bases.
39:00 Police murder and video recording.
42:30 The David Silva Kern County Police tape.
43:50 Speaking with Ellen Ellison about police brutality.