Security force's morale high to defend Olympics in Rio

Published on 6 Jul 2016, 3:13
With one month to go, the National Security Force of Brazil held a ceremony on July 5 in Rio de Janeiro to highlight its determination and preparation to safeguard the upcoming Olympic Games as well as their attendees.

(Soundbite) ALEXANDRE DE MORAES, Minister of Justice and Citizenship
"We have all the personnel necessary to fulfill the functions assigned. To be exact, the first is for internal security events, the second for asset security, and the third for perimeter security."

At the Olympic Park, the security force has been trained for over a year, with the participation of military staff, police, civilians, firefighters and experts.

(Soundbite) ALEXANDRE DE MORAES, Minister of Justice and Citizenship
"We are working with this probability, with all the modern mechanisms of intelligence, prevention and information exchange against terrorism."

Officials also dismissed the concern that the worst ever economic recession of the country would undercut the security efforts for the Olympic Games.

(Soundbite) CARLOS NUZMAN, President of Brazilian Olympic Committee
"With only 30 days to go, we have made it with private money. This is an achievement that no other city in the world can match. Especially during these political and economic times, this is really an example for future organizations."

Rio will host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games from August to September, the first time they are held in South America.