Jeremy Corbyn on Hamas, Hezbollah, Likud & Sinn Fein

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21.05.19 – 7772:41
We are stronger united.
Published on 13 Jul 2015, 15:42
Jeremy Corbyn stated "I chaired a meeting discussing the Middle East and the Middle East Peace Process, I have indeed met people with whom I profoundly disagree on many things in order to try and bring about a peace process. I worked with and met Sinn Fein in the 1980s in order to try and promote a Northern Ireland peace process. And I believe one should work with people with whom you don’t agree because just talking to people who you agree with isn’t going to bring about a long term settlement in the Middle East. I have also met people in Likud and very many right wing parties in Israel because at some point there has to be talks. Already Israel is talking to Hamas. The former head of Mosad has said there has to be negotiations involving them. I think we have to be serious about bringing about a long term peace."

In response to being asked by Victoria Derbyshire to clarify his position on Hezbollah and Hamas.