Spain: Activists smear bare bodies in blood in fight for animal rights

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Published on 30 Aug 2016, 13:00
Activists from the group AnimaNaturalis staged a bare-bodied 'die-in' protest near the Puerta de Alcala in the Spanish capital of Madrid, Tuesday, to denounce the use of animal skin in clothing and cruelty to animals.

Partly undressed men and women covered in fake blood lay on the ground to symbolise the slaughter of animals used for fur.

SOT, Aida Gascon, Director of Animalia Naturalis (Spanish): "Today we are here to protest against the use of animal skin. Around 30 activists have gathered and have taken their clothes off to [to lie] here on the ground, covered in artificial blood, to symbolise a huge amount of dead bodies that result from making just one coat."

SOT, Aida Gascon, Director of Animalia Naturalis (Spanish): "70 minks or 70 rabbits are needed for making just one coat, 20 foxes, 20 lynxes or even 30 chinchillas. We are putting ourselves in the shoes of the animals so that people can empathise with them and as consumers be aware of the meaning of buying a coat [and be aware] of all the torture and cruelty that is behind in making just one coat."

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