G4S Employees Who Worked With Orlando Shooter Claim They Warned Employers

Published on 14 Jun 2016, 20:19
G4S is a mammoth among security agencies. With more than 600,000 workers, it’s one of the world’s largest private employers. By the company’s own estimate, it runs security for 90 percent of the United States’ nuclear power plants. According to Fusion, it also employed Omar Mateen, the Orlando mass-killer who professed allegiance to ISIS, and cleared him for duty in two background checks — including one in 2013, after a messy breakup with an ex-wife who now says he assaulted her, and around when the FBI grew concerned about his connections to a suicide bomber. The private security and prison company that employed Mateen has a history of controversy surrounding their hiring and business practices in Florida and elsewhere. After former coworkers have come forward to say they warned the company of Mateen’s instability, many observers are left wondering how much the company knew and if it ignored red flags. Michael Laycock is a former G4S guard who worked with Mateen at the courthouse. He told Fusion that the Orlando shooter was “definitely a very aggressive person” whose anger would escalate quickly. Laycock said when he met Mateen, the latter wasn’t a devout Muslim, but became increasingly religious over the time they worked together.

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