Flint Housing: "The Whole City Has Been Devalued"

Published on 23 Apr 2016, 21:20
In March, flint resident, Estelle Holley, bought a mock "for sale" sign decorated with a skull and bones and draped it across the front of her house. Holley says the sign is a symbol for the fact that her home is worth almost nothing, because of this shrinking automotive town's myriad woes, most notably the water crisis that began two years ago. In 1975, Holley and her then-husband purchased a home on Flint's north side - the home cost just $5,600. Today, despite tens of thousands of dollars in improvements, the three-bedroom home is worth roughly $5,800. Its value has never increased significantly beyond that, according to Holley, a 66-year-old retiree and mother of three. "The whole city has been devalued."

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