It May Be Make-or-Break Time for Jeb Bush

Published on 10 Nov 2015, 22:32
With the next GOP debate more than a month away, Tuesday night’s showdown in Milwaukee is likely the last big moment on the national stage for Jeb Bush to calm his “nervous Nellie” donors and quiet those student-becomes-the-master Marco Rubio storylines. The fierce blowback he received after attempting to hit Rubio in the last debate underlined just how hard it’s going to be for the self-proclaimed "joyful" Bush to attack his former protégé without looking desperate. He can continue to talk about his decade-old record as Florida governor, but that’s what he’s been doing his entire campaign and it’s yet to excite rank and file Republicans. And any sudden and dramatic change in Bush’s persona on stage could reinforce perceptions that he’s a flailing candidate.

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