Autonomous car sector to be next battleground among tech giants

Published on 5 Dec 2016, 14:30
'자율주행차 개발' 확인않던 애플, '집중투자' 첫 시인+일본 소프트뱅크, 중국 화웨이와 자율주행차 개발+삼성이 골라담은 기업들, 품에 안아야 자동차 성공
The next battleground among global tech giants may be in the autonomous cars sector with Apple, Huawei and Samsung Electronics reportedly making strives in the sector.
Kim Ji-yeon reports.

U.S. tech giant Apple is reportedly making investments in the development of autonomous cars.
The Wall Street Journal released a letter written and sent by Apple's director of product integrity, Steve Kenner to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last month.
In the letter, Kenner confirmed that the company has been heavily investing in autonomous cars by incorporating the technology known as 'machine learning,' a subfield of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to learn.
Apple also requested the U.S. government to quickly come up with safety guidelines while refraining from implementing heavy restrictions that may hinder a swift development in the sector.
The move to develop driverless cars is also seen among tech giants in Northeast Asia.
Japanese NHK reported that Japanese telecommunications company Softbank and Chinese smartphone maker Huawei are collaborating to develop a transportation infrastructure that includes location-based services and traffic information systems as well as data-sharing systems among driverless cars.
Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics is also trying to get rid of its reliance from its hardware-based sales business model to get ahead in the sector.
The acquisition of U.S. car electronics and audio systems company Harman last month... and Cross-Platform AI and Voice Recognition Team Viv Labs in October are seen as strategic moves to achieve a synergy effect and break new grounds through convergence of various IT sectors.
Samsung is also investing heavily in U.S. automobile-related companies including developer of radar sensors of autonomous cars QuanergySystems and U.S. connected car company Vinli .
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

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