USA: Wisconsin vote recount 'did not happen' - Jill Stein

Published on 4 Jan 2017, 2:39
Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein launched the Wisconsin 'Count My Vote' campaign at a press conference outside the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, Tuesday, a week after her request for a statewide recount of votes.

Stein criticised the vote recount in Wisconsin, stating "While we asked for a full recount, we only got a hand recount in about a half of the precincts for about half of voters, so essentially what we got was half a recount," adding "So the recount did not happen and it's very important for us to go forward from there."

Stein continued, "the ones that weren't recounted by hand, were the more vulnerable, low-income communities of colour, under-resourced, where the mistakes, the errors, the machine problems and the potential for interference, were most likely to have occurred."

Stein added that the recount brought to light several problems with vote counting protocols in the US, stating, "There were all kinds of obstructions to doing the recount, which also speak volumes about the problems in our voting system, and these obstructions were legal, they were bureaucratic and administrative and they were also financial."

Trump won the Wisconsin electoral vote over Clinton by 22,000 votes, while Stein collected approximately 31,000 votes in the mid-western state. Stein managed to raise over $6.5 million (€6.1 million) to have the votes recounted.

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