232: Sponsors All Sponsors: The Best of The Squatting Winker

Published on 13 Mar 2017, 6:00
We ain't back yet, but don't despair, gloom, or agony-- we got a whole new sponsors compilation for ya! Not only are all three (well, two-and-a-half) Squatting Winkers represented, we also got a whole group of other poorly remembered sponsors-- the one-offs, the not-though-out-that-good, the abandoned mid-bit-- all your favorites!

We'll be back soon! Thanks for still listenin'!

Squatting Winkers are from Episodes 80, 96, and 131.

Rooster Curtains is from Episode 103.Bug Spray is from Episode 113. Old Fishfellow Inn is from Episode 143. Mouse House is from Episode 152.

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