SPUTNIK 168: George Galloway Interviews Rt. Hon. Brian Wilson & Chris Williamson

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Published on 19 Mar 2017, 13:56
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon believes there is greater support for remaining in the EU in Scotland than in England and Wales, and that this provides a trigger for a new referendum on Scottish independence. Or does she? Former First Minister Alex Salmond seems to be a bit more enthusiastic about ‘IndyRef2’, and some say he’s pushing his successor down a road which could either lead to the break-up of Britain or the break-up of the Scottish National Party. Or it could just be a hard-cop-soft-cop routine? Either way, it’s a high-risk strategy. Will she, won't she? We invited the Rt. Hon. Brian Wilson, a former Labour cabinet minister as well as journalist and broadcaster, to the Sputnik studio to hear what he made of it all.
And, the debased standards of the fake news industry sunk a little lower this week with the fake brouhaha over the decision by Jeremy Corbyn to publish his tax returns and challenge Theresa May and Philip Hammond to do the same. The waiting media reporting it turned out to be either illiterate, innumerate and incompetent or alternatively utterly malignant and no more than a politically directed rat-pack as there does not seem to be other explanations for yet another big lie that was halfway around the world before the truth had got its boots on. So we invited former MP Chris Williamson to hop aboard Sputnik and asked him just whose fake news is it.