James Rickards-Trump Didn’t Get a Honeymoon-He Got a Burning Bed

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Published on 2 Apr 2017, 4:16
.Financial expert James Rickards, who was one of the few that predicted a Trump Presidential win, says the new President has battles on many fronts. Rickards contends, “It’s one thing to say there is an opposition to a President. There is always some opposition to the President. It’s a two-party system. What we see now is extreme. Trump didn’t get a honeymoon, he got a burning bed. Trump is facing four pockets of resistance. There is the Deep State, the resistance, the media and even the Republican Party as we saw in the Obamacare repeal. I am not saying they are all in this together as some deep dark conspiracy, they don’t have to be. . . . President Obama has set up an anti-White House about two miles from the real White House. It is a government in exile, or an opposition government. He’s operating through a front company called Organizing for Action (OFA). He’s not organizing for America, he’s organizing for action. This is the continuation of the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaign. . . . Trump is not up against normal political opposition. He’s up against the resistance and the Deep State . . . . They want one of two things. They want to impeach Trump and remove him from office, force him to resign or, at a minimum, make him so ineffective he is a place holder until the next election. They are not out to oppose the Trump Presidency, but to destroy the Trump Presidency. This is extraordinary, and I call it America’s New Civil War.”

With all the financial and political chaos on the horizon, Rickards strongly suggests “people have at least 10% of your financial wealth in physical gold and silver.” Rickards is also adamant that a financial shutdown and calamity is "coming sooner than later."

Join Greg Hunter as he sits down with four time, best-selling author James Rickards, with his newly updated paperback book “The Death of Money.”

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