Carter Page Shouldn't Have Admitted This...

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Published on 1 Nov 2017, 1:16
Carter Page keeps coming back for more. Cenk Uygur, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Join TYT:

"Having inexplicably agreed to appear on All In with Chris Hayes, hours after news broke that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manaforthad been indicted and former policy adviser George Papadopouloshad pleaded guilty to lying about his contacts with Russian officials, Page once again seemed oddly unprepared for somebody who has been investigated by the F.B.I.

Page, who has now given more than a half-dozen such interviews in the press, still seems oddly assured that he’s in no legal danger. “Papadopoulos has been cooperating since July; I’ve been cooperating since March. I want to get the truth out there,” he told Hayes. While he has drawn fire for taking a trip to Russia in the middle of the presidential campaign, he has said the excursion was unrelated to Trump. He didn’t bring a lawyer with him the last time he was questioned by congressional investigators, and it is not clear whether he will have counsel when he testifies before Congress again this week.”*

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