Scotland's Brexit Minister Accuses May's Cabinet Of Damaging Brexit Negotiations

Published on 5 Apr 2018, 14:33
According to a report by Business Insider, Scotland's Brexit minister believes Theresa May's administration is "the weakest, most riven government" he has been privy to and claims that the prime minister's "secretive" style is damaging negotiations with both Scotland and the European Union. Business Insider reports that while reflecting on the first year of Brexit negotiations, the SNP's Michael Russel said, "The political circumstances are the most insecure that I've ever seen, and therefore it is impossible to see what's next. But nobody could stand back and say it has gone well." Regarding Theresa May, Russel went on to say, "She operates in a secretive way, in the dark. As a result of that, nobody knows what is happening. You will get that complaint even from senior civil servants in London."

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