Ryan Zinke Eases Off The Gas On Energy Issues, Returns To Conservation

Published on 26 May 2018, 20:13
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has often said that the best stewards of wildlife are America’s sportsmen and -women. But after taking over the Department of the Interior in March 2017, he made quick work of angering some of those would-be supporters. Paying nothing more than lip service to conservation, Zinke spent the year focusing on gas and oil issues, and reducing the size of national monument parks such as Bears Ears. Now, The Huffington Post reports the avid hunter and angler is trying to woo back some of those conservationists who abandoned him in disgust. At a round-table discussion in Las Vegas last week, Zinke acknowledged that energy was the major push in 2017. He then declared that the next few years would be about conservation, departmental reorganization and tackling the maintenance backlog at national parks.

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