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The goose that conquered America
Published on 22 Oct 2018, 14:51
What’s the most important question facing the world in 2019?

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Do you ever think to yourself, after an unavoidable encounter in the airport with a television that’s blasting cable news, “Why don’t they ever talk about [fill in the blank]?”

The news can be confusing, overwhelming, and worst of all, incomplete.

That’s where we come in.

The Vox video team is launching a new show with YouTube Originals, and it’s unlike anything we’ve done before. Instead of coming up with a bunch of story ideas ourselves, we want your questions to drive our reporting.

Tell us: What’s the most important question facing the world in 2019? It can be about anything — science, money, health, relationships, tech, government, and beyond.

Your video could be featured in our upcoming series, and we’ll choose 12 of the best question-askers to join us on camera as we report the answers.

Do you have a great question for us to explore? Here’s what to do next. Upload a video by Monday, November 5 at www.vox.com/showme telling us your name, where you live, your question, and a personal story about what got you interested in the topic: Did something happen to you or to someone you know? Did you see something in the news and think, “Huh?”

Want to increase the likelihood we pick your question? Make sure you’re in the center of the frame, and if you’re on your phone, flip it horizontally! Try to keep windows and bright lights out of the background, and background noise to a minimum. Use an external microphone — earbuds with a built-in mic work great! And finally, keep the video under 5 minutes.

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