Israel's Iron Dome defence system in action

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Published on 13 Nov 2018, 9:04
Palestinian militants bombarded Israel with 400 rockets and mortar shells, while Israeli warplanes struck targets in what appeared to be the most intense exchange of fire since a 2014 war.

The outgoing rockets, which continued into the evening, lit up the skies of Gaza and set off air raid sirens throughout southern Israel.

The military said warplanes, helicopters and tanks had struck over 30 militant targets, including military compounds, observation posts and weapons facilities. It also said it targeted a squad that was launching rockets.

An airstrike destroyed the Gaza City headquarters of Hamas' Al Aqsa TV station.

Workers had evacuated the building after the warning shots, and there were no immediate reports of casualties.

Hamas and the smaller militant group Islamic Jihad said the rocket fire was revenge for Sunday night's Israeli incursion.

Rockets landed in the southern Israeli town of Sderot, setting off a large fire near a shopping centre.

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