North Korea says it has a new 'tactical' weapon

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Published on 16 Nov 2018, 15:07
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has visited the test site of a new tactical weapon in his first public “field inspection” since last year, hailing it as a “display of our rapidly-growing defense capabilities,” according to state media. Michelle Hennessy reports.

Kim Jong Un's weapons - back in the spotlight Friday (November 16).

The North Korean supreme leader has reportedly been inspecting a newly developed tactical weapon.

That's according to state media, though the only evidence they fed out of the hermit state was a photo and a statement on its website.

It's the first mention of a new development in its weapons program in months.

The North Koreans said its new addition can protect the state like a steel wall, and that its development had been a special interest of Kim Jong Un's father.

Kim hadn't visited a test site since his unprecedented summit with U.S. President Trump in June.

It was all hand-shakes and smiles over the summer, when North Korea agreed to work towards denuclearization.

Though what exactly that meant was unclear.

The U.S. State Department doubled down on their trust in the country, saying in response to the new test, that the U.S. remains confident that promises made will be fulfilled.

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