OFFICER-INVOLVED SHOOTING: Phoenix Police Say Suspect is in Extremely Critical Condition (FNN)

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Published on 30 Nov 2018, 2:54
Phoenix Police officials are at the scene of an officer-involved shooting Thursday.

During a news conference, Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson said the incident began at around 3 p.m., on the 3300 block of W. Virginia, where a semi truck was stolen at gunpoint. The suspect directed the semi truck's driver out of the vehicle, while aiming a rifle at the person. The suspect then got into the vehicle, and drove it around the corner to the 3300 block of W. Cambridge Avenue.

The suspect, according to Sgt. Thompson, then got out of the semi, and began to pace back and forth outside of a residence in the area, with the rifle. Officers then responded to the scene, and as they approached the suspect, the suspect failed to obey commands. Officers, according to Sgt. Thompson, first used less-lethal force. Eventually, the suspect was shot once by an officer.

The suspect, according to officials, has been taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition. No officers were hurt. An investigation is underway.

Based on Phoenix Police data released Wednesday, there have been 40 officer involved shootings in Phoenix so far in 2018, excluding this incident. This is almost double the number of officer involved shootings in 2017. That year, there were 21 officer involved shootings.

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