Amazon's Plan Looks Like They Want To Enslave Corporate Workers

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Published on 3 Dec 2018, 19:00
Amazon recently won a patent for a wristband designed to track the every movement of the workers, this is a huge invasion of privacy for these workers and it pushes us one step closer to being considered property of the corporation. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss this issue.

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Amazon recently won a patent for a wristband designed to track the every movement of the workers, this is a huge invasion of privacy for these workers and it pushes us one step closer to being considered property of the corporation. When you look at this story they really are no more than human robots, automatons. What's happening here is you have Amazon selling this efficiency idea, we're gonna put a wristband on our workers and then we're gonna send our workers through miles and miles of warehouse, they're gonna get a code, the codes gonna say send this product to this address in Somewhere, America. The worker then goes, gets the product, boxes it up, gets it sealed up. As a matter of fact they have to do that what is it every 33 seconds?


They're supposed to be ... every 33 seconds they're supposed to be filling a new order and this wristband is gonna even make it worse. What's your take on this story?

It's absolutely disgusting here, these wristbands, let's keep in mind too they have patented it.


So this is something that they're most likely going to be selling to other employers who are interested in finding this out.

No question.

But for Amazon specifically when your job is to basically be moving every second of the day they're gonna find out they can look at your little wristband tracking and say like, well this person hasn't moved for 15 seconds, let's call worker number 892 into the office and find out why he thought that taking a 10 second breather was a problem.

Using the restroom.

Right. They become the property of the company, they're no longer employees that deserve to be treated like human beings, they are robots.

Yeah let's talk about more specifically. Here's what happens, you've got these massive warehouse, when I say miles the average worker at the end of the day has walked 11 to 15 miles, that what they've walked everyday filling these orders. Now what's happening is the wristband is even, the term that they us is it's a system to where it actually tells the hand where to move. The wristband is showing that I'm getting closer to this item and basically what they're doing is moving through the warehouse with their wristband telling them where to go.

There really is no differences from ... it's a robotic process that may as well have robots doing it and I'm sure that's the next step. You know I read this article and when I took a look at what has happened when we no longer have unions in this country. I mean this is on the border of inhumane, yeah we want our orders, we want our orders filled. If you order something from Amazon you want it to get there, you want it filled, but then we have to be willing to say there's a human side to it.

It's just like we don't want to pay big prices, we don't want to pay an extra three cents for something but then we're the first people to be complaining oh my god we're shipping the jobs to China or India. Well you know you can have it one way or the other, you can't have it both ways. You either have to believe that we are on this planet together and we have some responsibility to workers and yeah we can save a few pennies by having it made in India or China or maybe we're gonna save an extra hour by having this wristband slapped onto the wrist of this worker like a robot. Isn't that kind of the dichotomy of rationale here?

Absolutely and when we, as a country back in the 80s we started busting up all the unions, union membership declined I think today it's well below 12%, wages started decreasing, benefits started decreasing, workers got abused and used by their employers, we've got regulatory agencies OSHA, the Department of Labor that are doing nothing to protect these workers and they let people like Jeff Bezos come in, slap these wristbands on their employees, treat them like robots, pay them about as low as you can possibly go in terms of wages.