Israeli Solar Tech Brings Light to Rural Africa (Pt. 1)

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Published on 16 Dec 2018, 15:10
TRENDING | Israel's solar energy industry brightens up the desert landscape from Beersheba all the way to the southern port city of Eilat. Emily Frances spent the first night of Hanukkah with an international delegation, including governors from Africa en route to the 8th annual Eilat Eilot International Renewable Energy Conference.


A delegation from Africa, America and Europe powered their way through a day-long tour Israel’s renewable energy industry hub in the Negev desert, ending with a sunset tour of a small scale self-sustaining African village on Kibbutz Ketura in the Arava valley.

Dozens got a first hand look at Israeli solar and environmental tech that can bring light to 600 million people who are off the electrical grid in sub-Saharan Africa.

'It's beautiful country, very receptive and very serious developments on local level,' said Kenyan Governor James Ongwae.

Ongwae is the governor of a rural region of Kenya with one and a half million people living in only 500 square miles.

'In my own country and Kisii county in particular, the number of people off grid is almost 90 percent,' he said.

The tour started at first light with picturesque views of the desert, where an oasis of of sorts has sprung up, in the form of two innovative power plants in Ashalim. At 82 stories high, there is radiant thermal solar tower, which is the tallest in the world. Next door is the newly completed parabolic station will introduce a much needed energy storage solution using molten salt.

This renewable solution will electrify 60,000 local homes without using fossil fuels.

The Arava valley, is a desolate yet picturesque region 100 miles south of Dead Sea all way to gulf red sea where Eilat is. It runs along the border of Israel and Jordan which is on other side of the valley in biblical times was known to be place of copper production. In modern times. It's the center of using solar energy to power the entire area

This gigantic solar field nestled in the middle of pristine sand dunes is the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Visionary and pioneer Joseph Abramowitz of Gigawatt Global is confident the success of delivering light from the sun to the Eilat Eilot region will ignite a solar and economic revolution in the entire developing world.

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