3 hours 2:38
Tight Security Surrounds Scaled-back Presidential Inauguration
With access limited, the celebration will be mostly virtual #bideninauguration
3 hours 4:15
Europe Demands Release of Russian Opposition Leader as Calls Grow for ‘Magnitsky’ Sanctions
Putin critic Alexei Navalny calls for supporters to take to the streets following his arrest Sunday on his return to Moscow from Germany
6 hours 1:29
FACT CHECK: No ‘Russian Chants’ at Capitol Riot
On January 7, some Ukrainian news sites published claims that rioters who assaulted the U.S. Capitol the previous day were speaking Russian when they invaded the seat of the U.S.
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6 hours 9:54
Growing up Beyond Black and White | VOA Connect
Meet a couple in Nebraska who are raising their biracial children to be well adjusted and living beyond anyone’s pigeonholes. ————————— WATCH MORE: voanews.com/voa-connect
6 hours 6:45
The Message of Magic | VOA Connect
Magician Randy Shine dazzles both the eye and mind of his audience. He tells us how this hobby turned into a career and the importance of using his platform to address social issues.
6 hours 3:52
Moving to Tulsa | VOA Connect
We talk to a California woman who took advantage of an Oklahoma city's offer to attract remote workers. She tells us why she made the move and how it has improved her quality of life.
9 hours 0:55
Snow Creates Chaos on Istanbul Roads
Snow blanketed most of the Turkish city of Istanbul, Monday, January 18, creating havoc on the roads and stalling traffic in some areas.
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9 hours 1:00
French Nobel Prize Laureates Receive Coronavirus Vaccine
Seven French Nobel prize winners received the coronavirus vaccine in Paris and Strasbourg, Monday, January 18, in a bid to reassure the public of the vaccine’s safety.
10 hours 0:35
Nurse First in Brazil to Get Coronavirus Vaccine
Nurse Monica Calazans became the first person in Brazil to receive the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, Sunday, January 17.
13 hours 2:53
Immigrant Defies Pandemic's Economic Risks, Opens New Business
Despite the odds, Adina Kavazovic, who moved to the US from Bosnia in 2003, starts her own hair salon
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14 hours 2:38
With Biden Presidency Nearing, Many Americans Ready to Move On
But resentment, fears of unrest linger in wake of violent assault on US Capitol by supporters of outgoing President Trump
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16 hours 2:38
US Prepares for Biden Presidential Inauguration
Concerns about violent protests are pushing Washington and state capitols to increase security
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1 day 3:24
Biden's Inauguration Will Look Like No Other
A deeply divided country, security challenges and a raging pandemic make for a never-before-seen backdrop for the swearing-in of a US president
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1 day 0:52
Russian Police Detain Navalny Upon Arrival in Moscow
Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny kisses his wife, Yulia Navalnaya, before being led away by police at an airport in Moscow, Russia, Sunday, January 17, his first time back in his home country since he
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1 day 1:46
Virtual 'You' Can Now Attend Meetings with Virtual 'Them'
Members of a Swiss startup came up with a new idea: sending holographic emissaries to a virtual meeting space
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1 day 5:34
Shocked, Dismayed, on the Verge of Tears for Many
January 6, 2021, will be remembered as a day like no other for many, including those who’ve made the United States their new home.
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1 day 2:14
For Undocumented Afghan Migrants in Turkey, Life is Hard but Better
Millions have arrived in the country as a way station in their effort to migrate to Europe
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2 days 4:38
Hiking Through Forest Helps VOA Reporter De-stress
As we walk with him, Reasey Poch, a survivor of the Khmer Rouge, tells us his story of fleeing the regime
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2 days 2:42
Campaign Aims to Convince Americans COVID Vaccine Safe
Doctors are working to overcome the public’s skepticism
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2 days 2:37
Armed Protests Feared Ahead of Inauguration
FBI issues new warnings as Congress plans national commission on Capitol siege
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3 days 3:46
British Lawmakers Allege China a ‘Criminal State' as Human Rights Abuses Intensify
Report from ruling Conservative Party's Human Rights Commission calls for a complete reset of relations with China #Uighurs
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3 days 1:37
Pandemic Closes, Repurposes Kenya's Private Schools
Some of the buildings are being used to provide residential housing, and one is used to sell coffins #Kenya
3 days 0:38
US Vice President Pence Meets National Guard Troops
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence visited National Guard troops standing guard at the Capitol Building, Thursday, January 14. ————————— READ MORE: U.S.
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3 days 3:16
The US National Guard and Its Role
At least 15,000 armed National Guard troops will help provide security for the inauguration of President-election Joe Biden #joebiden #capitolsecurity
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3 days 0:55
Authorities Search for Survivors After Indonesia Earthquake
Authorities searched through rubble for survivors of a deadly earthquake in Indonesia, Friday, January 15.
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3 days 3:38
In Unprecedented Move, US Ambassador to UN Meets Virtually with Taiwan President
Ties between the United States and Taiwan have been growing under the Trump administration
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3 days 2:45
A Divided Nation Heads into Tense Transition of Power
Biden faces steep challenges to heal an angry America
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4 days 3:14
Turkish-Iranian Rivalry Grows Over Turkish Caucasus Ambitions
Recent arrest by Turkish authorities of an alleged Iranian spy ring is seen as a sign of increasing rivalry between the two neighbors #Turkey #Iran
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4 days 2:27
A Warming Planet, EU's Space Plans, and Wines Return to Earth
2020 ties for hottest year on record, the EU postures for big year in space, and French wines return to Earth after a year in outer space
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4 days 2:18
Malawian Migrant Workers, Back Home From South Africa, Riot in Quarantine
Malawi authorities say about 150 returnees at facility tested positive and 20 escaped untested #Malawi #covid19
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