42 min 2:45
Turkey's Plan to Regain Ottoman Empire Maritime Influence Irks Greece
Naval aspirations evoke Ottoman glory and tension as fears grow of arms race with Greece
42 min 2:44
Trump Plans to Promote 'Patriotic Education'
US president’s latest move reflects debate on racial justice ahead of November election, with both candidates holding starkly different views
2 hours 0:49
Hundreds of Whales Stranded in Southern Australia
At least 250 whales are stranded in a remote bay on the Australian Island of Tasmania, officials said Monday, September 21.
2 hours 3:55
Kenya’s Fight Against Covid-19 Hampered by Allegations of Graft
President Kenyatta has ordered a forensic audit into the use of both state and donor funds meant to be used to combat COVID-19
2 hours 1:32
How Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Made US History
Here's what you may not know about RBG
3 hours 0:55
Rescuers Search Rubble of Collapsed Building in India
Rescuers worked to find people trapped in the rubble of a collapsed four-story building in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Monday, September 21.
3 hours 2:57
What Fight Over TikTok Portends for Tech
Around the world, businesses are watching battle US and China are waging in an array of communications industries and wondering what it will mean for them #TikTok
18 hours 3:08
Democrats, Republicans Draw New Battle Lines Over Supreme Court Ahead of Election
President Trump says he plans to name a nominee this week for US top court
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19 hours 0:28
Thousands Attend Islamist Leader Funeral in Bangladesh
Tens of thousands of people gathered to mourn the leader of Bangladesh's largest Islamist group as his funeral was held Saturday, September 19, in a rural southeastern town, police said.
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19 hours 0:41
Storm in Greece Floods Roads and Batters Homes
Farmers save their herds as they walk through floodwaters in central Greece, Saturday, September 19.
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22 hours 0:57
Thousands Protest in Week 7 of Belarus Protests
Police in Belarus continued to sharply crack down on protesters who took to the streets in several cities across the country Sunday.
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22 hours 2:40
Americans Pay Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Flowers, candles and signs at the Supreme Court pay tribute to women’s rights defender #RBGMemorials #justiceruthbaderginsburg #ruthbaderginsburg
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23 hours 0:33
Second Night of RBG Tributes Outside Supreme Court
Thousands of people gathered outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC, for the second night of tributes to honor late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG), who died Friday at age 87.
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Military and Firefighters Join Forces Against Common Enemy
California’s Camp Pendleton becomes staging ground in battle against raging wildfires #USWildfiresMilitary #californiawildfires
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1 day 0:45
Hundreds Protest Virus Lockdown Measures in London
Protesters in London confronted police officers at a rally organized by opponents of restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus.
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1 day 2:22
Afghan Media Fear Losing Freedom in Taliban Peace Talks
Journalists covering peace talks in Doha say they are concerned protections for press may be lost as Afghanistan negotiates with Taliban #afghanpeacetalks
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1 day 0:50
Thai Protesters Break Through University Gates to Begin Anti-Government Demonstration
Protesters broke into Thammasat University as they began rallying in Bangkok, Saturday, September 19, for what organizers hope will be the biggest demonstration in years to demand the removal of
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2 days 0:50
Arrests as Women Hold Anti-Lukashenko Demonstration in Belarus
Police officers in Minsk detained several protesters as women in Belarus' capital rallied for a third consecutive week against the recent reelection of the country's authoritarian leader Alexander
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2 days 0:50
Mourners Leave Tributes to Ginsburg at Supreme Court
Mourners have dropped off bouquets and gathered outside the Supreme Court early Saturday in quiet tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
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2 days 4:27
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: An Appreciation
The second woman to be appointed to the highest US court became a star in progressive circles
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2 days 3:15
Tech Glitches Abound as a New US School Year Gets Underway with Remote Instruction
Experts counsel patience as education resumes in the COVID era
2 days 4:02
US Civil Rights Activist Rosa Parks’ Home on Display in Italy
An American artist rebuilt it for public display
2 days 2:44
Poll: Majority of Americans Support Peace Talks to End Afghan War
A recent Eurasian Group Foundation survey found a bipartisan majority of Americans support the U.S.-backed intra-Afghan peace talks and want to see an end to the war with U.S. troops coming home
2 days 2:31
COVID-19 to Shape UN General Assembly
The pandemic will be at the top of the agenda and also will shape how leaders will conduct their annual meetings this year
2 days 0:48
Mali Holds State Funeral for Former Dictator Moussa Traoré
Leaders of the ruling military junta and ex-officials attend the funeral of former Malian dictator Moussa Traore at a state funeral in Bamako.
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2 days 0:52
Moment Pole Falls on Motorcyclist During Vietnam Storm
Surveillance footage showed the moment a utility pole fell on a passing motorcyclist amid tropical storm Noul in Vietnam, Friday, September 18, before the motorcyclist got up and ran to safety.
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3 days 0:26
Electric Wire Explodes as Storm Lashes Western Greece
A storm caused an electric wire to explode in Kefalonia, Greece, as seen in social media video posted Friday, September 18, by an eyewitness.
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3 days 0:32
70 Migrants Jump Ship Off Italian Coast
More than 70 migrants jumped into the sea, Thursday, September 17, after awaiting permission to dock in southern Italy for a week.
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3 days 0:56
Drone Footage Shows California Fire Aftermath
Drone footage taken Thursday, September 17 shows the devastation wrought in Berry Creek after wildfires destroyed most of the town in Northern California last week.
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3 days 2:16
Nicaraguan Government Threatens to Close Independent TV Station
Country’s Justice Department threatens to seize $350,000 it says Canal 12 owes in taxes
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