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Video Shows Lava Erupting from La Palma Volcano
Scientists on Saturday warned that another volcanic vent had opened up on the Spanish island of La Palma, exposing residents to possible new dangers.
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Lava Destroys Homes as Canaries Volcano Enters Explosive Phase
People evacuated from three more towns because of the La Palma volcano will not be able to retrieve their belongings because of the "evolution of the volcanic emergency," local authorities said
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Drivers Line Up for Gas in UK Over Shortage Concerns
Despite assurances by the government that the U.K.
10 hours 0:38
Drone Shot Shows Volcanic Cone Collapsing in La Palma
Drone video from Spain's Geographical and Mining Institute shows Cumbre Vieja's volcanic cone collapsing in La Palma, Saturday, September 25.
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Suicide Blast Targets Convoy in Somali Capital
A suicide car bomb killed at least eight people in the Somali capital, Saturday, September 25, near the president's palace, police said.
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Coca Farmers and Police Clash Again in Bolivia
Coca farmers continued to protest and clash with police Friday in La Paz, Bolivia, after a months-long fight for the leadership of the regional coca farmer's association.
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Biden Departs the White House for Camp David
President Joe Biden left the White House for Camp David on Friday after hosting an Indo-Pacific summit that focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and other fundamental matters in the
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Drone Footage Shows Humpback Whales in Rare ‘Heat Run’ in Australian Waters
Drone footage on Thursday, September 23, captured 15 male humpback whales following a female in the waters off Australia's Queensland state in what scientists call a "heat run." "I was so excited
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Lava Keeps Spewing from La Palma Volcano
A volcano on Spain’s La Palma spewed lava for a fifth day on Friday.
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Colombia Confiscates Nearly 3,500 Shark Fins Bound for Hong Kong
Colombian authorities said on Thursday, September 23, they have confiscated a shipment of 3,493 shark fins that were to be illegally trafficked to Hong Kong from Bogota's airport.
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La Palma Volcano Roars as Volcanic Explosions Intensify
Spain's La Palma experienced intensified volcanic explosions, Friday, September 24, which forced firefighters to retreat and authorities to evacuate three more towns, while airlines canceled flights
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Tension as Alitalia Supporters Rally at Fiumicino
Hundreds of Alitalia workers blocked a highway exit outside Rome's main airport Friday in a protest to vent their anger that most of the airline’s staff will soon lose their jobs.
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Climber Scales Paris Building in Climate Protest
Famous French urban climber Alain Robert - nicknamed Spiderman - climbed a skyscraper Friday in the business district of Paris as a protest over climate change inaction.
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Traders Evacuate Burning Market in El Salvador
A voracious fire on Wednesday consumed a large part of San Miguelito market, the third largest in San Salvador. No one was injured, but the fire caused extensive damage.
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Wild Boars Now Common Sight in Rome Suburb
Sightings of wild boars trotting along the streets have become usual for northern Rome residents, but incursions of animals in front of buildings and schools are heating up a major debate ahead of
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800-Year-Old Human Remains Discovered in Peru
The remains of eight people, approximately 800 years old and buried with food and musical instruments in the same burial chamber, were found south of Lima, Peru, during the installation of natural
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2 days 1:40
FACT CHECK: Russia’s Elections ‘Competitive, Honest?’ Not a Chance
Last weekend, Russia held elections for the State Duma, the lower house of parliament. The official results showed the ruling United Russia party won with 49.8% of the vote.
2 days 0:32
Drone Footage Shows Lava and Smoke Over La Palma
The Spanish island of La Palma was covered with lava as a huge cloud of toxic ash drifted from the Cumbre Vieja volcano toward the mainland, Thursday, September 23.
2 days 0:53
Firefighters Set Small Fires to Protect Giant Sequoias From California Fires
Hundreds of firefighters are battling the Windy Fire to protect several groves of giant sequoias in Johnsondale, California, Thursday, September 23.
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FACT CHECK: Sisi’s Hypocrisy About Human Rights in Egypt
On September 11, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announced a “National Strategy for Human Rights” for the years 2021-2026.
2 days 0:29
Modi Holds Bilateral Talks with Australian Counterpart in Washington
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison in Washington, D.C., Thursday, September 23, ahead of the meeting of the Quad.
2 days 0:49
Video Shows Car Being Swept Away by Floodwaters in Spain
A video published on Twitter, Thursday, September 23, shows a car getting swept away as heavy flooding hits the town of Almendralejo, in the southwestern Spanish region of Extremadura.
2 days 1:13
India’s Modi Arrives in Washington to Strengthen Strategic Ties
Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi arrived in the capital city of the United States, Washington, Thursday, September 23, to bolster ties.
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2 days 25:01
The Inside Story | Biden's UN Debut
This week on The Inside Story: President Joe Biden’s first major foreign policy speech. World leaders gather in New York for the United Nations General Assembly.
2 days 0:37
Migrants Cross Rio Grande River to US With Supplies from Mexico
Haitian migrants stranded at the U.S. border cross the Rio Grande River to the United States with supplies retrieved from Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, Wednesday, September 22.
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Boris Johnson Meets Ukraine’s Zelenskiy on UNGA Sidelines
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in New York on Wednesday. The two leaders held talks on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.
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3 days 1:33
FACT CHECK: Russia Dangles Mercenaries to Mali, Denies Military Talks
According to news reports, France and Germany are dismayed that authorities in the West African country of Mali are in talks with the Russian government over deploying mercenaries from the Wagner
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3 days 0:40
Afghan Evacuees Vaccinated at Fort McCoy
Fort McCoy says 97% of Afghan refugees being temporarily housed at the military base in western Wisconsin have been vaccinated for COVID-19 as well as measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox.
3 days 0:35
La Palma Volcano Leaves Trail of Devastation
A wall of lava up to 12 meters high is bearing down on a Spanish island village following a volcanic eruption.
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