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Senator Ted Cruz Challenges Ron Perlman In Behalf Of Jim Jordan
Republican Sen. Ted Cruz challenged actor Ron Perlman to a wrestling match with Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. According to Business Insider, Cruz did this because Perlman called Jordan ugly. 15 Jun 2020, 19:27
21 day 0:35
Salut! Bars, Restaurants In France To Reopen Sooner Than Expected
France will be lifting some coronavirus pandemic restrictions sooner than previously thought. 14 Jun 2020, 23:52
21 day 0:38
Goose, Meet Gander: Kudlow Urges Trump Rally Attendees To Mask Up
Senior economic adviser to President Donald Trump offered some health advice on Sunday, on CNN's 'State of the Union' program. 14 Jun 2020, 21:36
21 day 0:35
Dallas Fed Chief: Systemic Racism Is Hindering US Economic Growth
In the United States, the fastest-growing demographic groups are African Americans and Latinx. 14 Jun 2020, 21:15
21 day 0:39
Surgeon General Jerome Adams Says He Can Completely Relate To George Floyd's Experience
The Surgeon General of the United States says that George Floyd could easily have been him. 14 Jun 2020, 20:19
22 days 0:47
Why America Isn't 'All In This Together' Anymore
Throughout the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in the US, it's often been said 'We're all in this together.' But according to Business Insider, Americans don't feel that's true anymore. 13 Jun 2020, 22:33
22 days 0:43
GAO: Immigration Officials Were To Spend Funding On Food, Medicine. Here's What They Bought Instead
A new report from the US Government Accountability Office has unearthed a scandal in the Customs and Border Protection Agency. 13 Jun 2020, 22:01
22 days 0:35
An FBI Director Under Three Administrations, William S. Session Dead At 90
Reuters reports former FBI chief William S. Sessions died on Friday. He was 90 years old. An FBI chief under three US presidents, Sessions won praise for bringing more diversity to the agency. 13 Jun 2020, 20:00
22 days 0:29
Trump Delays Tulsa Rally Planned For Juneteenth
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Protests Highlight Strengths Of Biden's Possible VP Pick Kamala Harris
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is under pressure to choose a black woman as his running mate. 11 Jun 2020, 20:24
24 days 0:38
What Should You Do With Your Clothes After The Police Tear Gas You?
Since George Floyd’s death on May 25, people have gathered to protest, in groups large and small, against police brutality. 11 Jun 2020, 17:30
25 days 0:36
Bernie: Better Relationship With Joe Than With Hillary
Sen. Bernie Sanders said he has “a better relationship” with Joe Biden than he had with Hillary Clinton. Sanders was the No. 2 contender in each of the last two Democratic presidential primaries. 10 Jun 2020, 18:38
26 days 0:33
Brandon Scott Wins Democratic Primary For The Baltimore Mayoral Election
Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott won the Democratic primary for the Baltimore mayoral election. 10 Jun 2020, 2:01
26 days 0:40
Esper's Split With Trump Over Sending US Troops To Kill Protests Put Him In Hot Water
When US Defense Secretary Mark Esper publicly split with President Donald Trump amid nationwide protests, he was gambling with his career. 9 Jun 2020, 23:45
27 days 0:34
Survey: Police Favorability Drops 13% In One Week
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Intel Sources Say Protests, Pandemic Makes It Easier For Foreign Spies To Operate In US
The nationwide George Floyd protests are driving a wedge between President Donald Trump and the Pentagon. 7 Jun 2020, 20:38
28 days 0:33
Colin Powell Announces He Will Vote For Joe Biden In 2020 Presidential Election
Former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell endorsed Joe Biden. 7 Jun 2020, 19:37
29 days 0:20
7.6 Enrich from text
Born in Los Angeles, California, on June 4, 1975, Angelina Jolie starred in the HBO biopic Gia before earning a best supporting actress Academy Award for Girl, Interrupted. 7 Jun 2020, 7:38
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Tens Of Thousands Of Protesters Demonstrate In DC, Around The World
Saturday was a big day in the United States, as demonstrators marched in cities across the nation. Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched in Washington, D.C. 6 Jun 2020, 23:10
32 days 0:35
Mattis Furiously Unloads On Trump: 'Three Years Without Mature Leadership'
Former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis previously kept quiet about what he thought of President Donald Trump. 4 Jun 2020, 0:01
32 days 0:51
Why Defense Secretary Esper's Days May Be Numbered
Business Insider reports Secretary of Defense Mark Esper is in hot water with top White House brass. 3 Jun 2020, 23:42
32 days 0:40
White House Physician: Trump Is Obese, Basically Healthy, And Took Hydroxychloroquine
The White House physician to President Donald Trump has revealed the outcome of his patient's annual physical. 3 Jun 2020, 21:32
32 days 0:27
Cuomo Apologizes to NYPD
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Trump Administration Bans Chinese Passenger Airlines
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Blackout Tuesday Meant Well, But...
An apparently well-intentioned effort to post black boxes on social for Blackout Tuesday has backfired spectacularly. 3 Jun 2020, 0:02
33 days 0:39
Trump's Tear Gassed Bible Photo Op Signals Increasing Authoritarianism
In the White House Rose Garden on Monday, President Donald Trump threatened to deploy US military troops to stop protests over the death of George Floyd. 2 Jun 2020, 23:34
33 days 0:40
'Our Fellow Citizens Are Not The Enemy': Retired General Reacts To Trump's Threat To Invoke Insurrec
President Donald Trump on Monday called for US military troops to quell the George Floyd protests taking place across the country. 2 Jun 2020, 23:04
35 days 0:33
Polls Shows Trump's Trusted More With The Economy Than Biden
Polls show that people trust President Donald Trump more with economic issues than Joe Biden, who is running for president. 31 May 2020, 22:05
36 days 0:41
McConnell: Senate Will Talk About Economic Relief To Americans In 'About A Month'
Business Insider reports Americans will have to wait a bit longer to find out if they can expect another check from the US government. 30 May 2020, 20:26
38 days 0:41
Mitch McConnell Urges Americans To Wear Masks
Mitch McConnell reportedly urged Americans to wear a mask at a Wednesday event in Kentucky. 28 May 2020, 21:39
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