8 hours 8:15
Why the US Army tried to exterminate the bison
And then took credit for “saving” them.
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How should doctors consider race?
Race is not genetic. It’s a concept most of us are familiar with, and yet, we haven’t really questioned why race plays a crucial role in medicine and scientific research.
2 days 21:53
Is therapy for everyone?
Are you seeing a therapist? If not, why? Is it because you think it’s ineffective? Is it too expensive? Or is it because the very idea of mental wellness has been stigmatized?
2 days 21:12
Is city noise making us sick?
Close your eyes and open your ears. What do you hear? Do the sounds you hear bother you? And, more importantly, do you have control over those sounds?
2 days 21:39
Why can't we sleep?
Most of us aren’t getting enough sleep.
2 days 22:43
Do I Want Kids?
Glad You Asked host Cleo Abram is pretty sure she wants kids, but doesn’t feel like she has enough information to truly understand the impact of that decision.
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3 days 3:18
Michaela Jaé on Real Representation in Storytelling [Advertiser content from Google]
Although Michaela Jaé felt out of place growing up, she never let it dim her light.
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4 days 5:30
Why the 400m hurdles is one of the hardest Olympic races
Running the 400-meter hurdles requires strategic rhythm, but it’s over so fast you just might miss it. Subscribe to our channel!
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9 days 1:31
Glad You Asked Season 2 Part 2 | Official Trailer | YouTube Originals
Do you want kids? Why can’t we sleep? Is city noise making us sick? Is therapy for everyone? How should doctors consider race?
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22 days 6:07
How the rich avoid paying taxes
Capital gains taxes, explained. Subscribe to our channel! goo.gl/0bsAjO The richest in America don't make money like most Americans. Most people pay income taxes from a regular job.
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24 days 9:41
How Taiwan held off Covid-19, until it didn't
Another pandemic will come. Here’s what we can learn from Taiwan’s efforts to fight this one.
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28 days 8:17
How sperm got all the credit in the fertilization story
The school system probably failed you. Here’s how fertilization really happens. Subscribe to our channel! goo.gl/0bsAjO The fertilization story most of us know is skewed.
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31 day 10:46
These photos sparked a Cold War propaganda feud
In 1961, Life magazine photographed systemic poverty in Brazil. One Brazilian magazine responded with a similar report — featuring photos of New York City.
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42 days 5:29
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44 days 6:22
Why so many Covid-19 variants are showing up now
And what that tells us about the pandemic.
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49 days 11:00
How India ran out of oxygen
And why does this keep happening?
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53 days 12:37
How radical gardeners took back New York City
Seed bombs, the "tree lady of Brooklyn," and the roots of urban gardening.
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58 days 18:13
Why the US government murdered Fred Hampton
What we aren't taught about the Black Panther Party.
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63 days 8:25
Why Ethiopia is in a civil war
The country’s leader won the Nobel Peace Prize. Then he went to war. Subscribe to our channel!
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67 days 17:33
How Native Hawaiians fought the US Navy, and won
The reclaiming of a sacred island.
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70 days 8:59
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74 days 13:20
The dark legacy of this iconic baseball stadium
How Los Angeles destroyed a community and built a ballpark on top of it.
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77 days 8:04
Why captchas are getting harder
Want to watch this video? Please identify all the traffic lights first.
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79 days 8:03
Why not everyone in the US likes stimulus checks
And why the US wants inflation. Explained by fish. Subscribe to our channel!
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81 day 13:10
The surprising reason behind Chinatown's aesthetic
The iconic "Chinatown" look started as a survival strategy. Have an idea for a story we should investigate for Missing Chapter? Tell us!
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88 days 1:59
A sneak peek at Missing Chapter season two
Watch the season premiere here: youtu.be/EiX3hTPGoCg Missing Chapter is back with season two. This season we’re exploring more hidden histories that didn’t make it into our textbooks.
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91 day 5:08
Why the US has two different highway fonts
The typefaces on highway signs, deconstructed.
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93 days 8:44
How rich countries are making the pandemic last longer
A program called Covax wants to distribute Covid-19 vaccines fairly. Is it working? Subscribe to our channel!
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94 days 9:00
Why 99% of ocean plastic pollution is "missing"
The plastic we dump into the ocean might be hiding in plain sight. Subscribe to our channel!
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98 days 13:26
How trucker country music became a '70s fad
Long-haul truckers were once country music’s heroes. Subscribe and turn on notifications (🔔) so you don't miss any videos: goo.gl/0bsAjO “Ah, breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck.
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