22 hours 24:41
Wolves In Sheep's Clothes & The Future Of Covid Vaccinations
Were some U.S. Congressional members in on the MAGA raid on Capital Hill? Biden puts war criminal Henry Kissinger fan, Samantha Power, in charge of USAID.
1 day 24:54
The End Of The World As We Know It?
Earth's biodiversity is rapidly shrinking due to human fossil fuel use and deforestation. MI Gov. Rick Snyder and others are facing criminal charges for their role in the Flint Water Crisis.
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2 days 24:29
No Patriot Act Sequels or Reboots Please
Biden and Co. call for new domestic terror laws. Firing and suspensions are being brought against some Capitol Security in the wake of January 6th.
3 days 24:38
Freedom of Social Media Speech?
Donald Trump is banned from Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites after the MAGA raid on the nation's capital. The Pentagon has to release all information on UFO's in 180 days.
15 days 25:00
The Best Interviews of 2020 Part 2
The 2nd part of our look back on some of the most intriguing interviews of 2020. CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling talks Operation Merlin and the institutional racism inside the C.I.A.
16 days 24:28
The Best Interviews of 2020 Part 1
We look back on some of the best Watching The Hawks interviews of 2020. Dr. Judy Mikovits discusses her controversial book Plague of Corruption.
16 days 24:45
Plastic Babies & Cannabis Corruption
Microplastics are now being found in utero. The future of the Guantanamo Bay prison under the Biden presidency.
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17 days 24:48
The 1% Skips The Line For Vaccinations & Kansas Puts Treatment Before Jail Cells
The super rich are trying to buy their way to the front of the line for Covid-19 vaccinations. New details emerge surrounding the Nashville Christmas bombing. Kansas Gov.
28 days 24:41
New Bombshell Twist In The Julian Assange Legend & The Dangers of Child Protective Services
An newly leaked phone call between Julian Assange and the U.S. State Department has torn apart the official story surrounding the Wikileaks Founder.
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28 days 24:41
Media Literacy In The Age Of Fake News & iPhone Factory Workers Rise Up
In the information age should media literacy be required learning for students? In India iPhone factory workers rise up over unpaid wages. Fall enrollment plummets for U.S. colleges and universities.
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29 days 24:44
U.S. Surveillance State Heats Up & Tulsi Gabbard Brings Controversy
The U.S. surveillance state creeps into the New Year. Body cam footage reveals police misconduct in Chicago despite Mayor's efforts to keep the footage from public view.
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30 days 24:32
Political Parties or Cults & Congress Immunizes Corporate Covid Negligence
U.S. Congress looks to immunize corporations from Covid-19 safety measure negligence. Big wins for prosecuting sexual assault in the U.S. Military.
31 day 24:55
The Covid Vaccination Wealth Gap & Black Churches Attacked In D.C.
Wealthy nations are playing politics with and hoarding Covid-19 vaccine distribution. Historic black churches were attacked in Washington D.C. after MAGA supporters descended on the U.S. capitol.
35 days 24:36
An Epidemic of Missing and Murdered Native American Women&Restaurant Worker Abuses Rise During Covid
Exploring the epidemic of murdered and missing Native American women and what can be done to stop it with MN State Rep. Mary Kunesh-Podein.
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35 days 24:47
The Unjust Imprisonment of Myon Burrell & A Trumped Up Election Lawsuit
Texas and 17 other State Attorney Generals file suit at the Supreme Court over trumped up charges of 2020 election fraud.
36 days 24:39
Congress Passes740 Billion For Pentagon While Millions Face New Years Evictions
The U.S. Congress is awarding 740 billion to the Pentagon while 12 million U.S. citizens face evictions in the new year.
42 days 24:39
Obama vs Defund The Police & ACLU vs DHS Over Immigrant Spying
Former U.S. President Barack Obama is under fire for calling the Defund The Police movement just a snappy slogan that will scare off real policy change. The ACLU is suing the Dept.
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42 days 24:30
A Time Out For Time's Up & Google Spies On Unionizers
The U.S. Gov't is investing in new spy software while Google allegedly spied on employees trying to unionize. Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is back making headlines and drawing criticism again.
44 days 24:30
An Inauguration of Legal Bribery & The Big Business of Fake People
U.S. President Trump rejects bribes for pardons accusations while the legal bribery of presidential inauguration donations swells under Biden.
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44 days 24:39
Is The Left vs. Right Culture War A 21st Century Wag The Dog?
Is the culture war between the left and the right nothing more than a 21st Century Wag The Dog? Award winning journalist and author Matt Taibbi joins us to discuss.
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45 days 24:36
A Christmas Gift of War?
After the assassination of a prominent Iranian nuclear scientist, could the drums of war in the Middle East start banging right in time for Christmas and New Years?
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56 days 24:26
A Military Industrial Thanksgiving
Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the U.S. Military Industrial Complex is staying open for business.
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56 days 22:31
Corporate Welfare Queens & The Covid Holiday Season
Walmart, McDonald's and other corporate giants are making huge profits while their employees food and healthcare needs are being subsidized by U.S. taxpayers.
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58 days 24:16
The Pentagon Fails Yet Another Audit While Florida Loses Swing State Status
The Dept. of Defense fails its annual audit once again even as U.S. President Trump seeks to end long running wars.
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58 days 24:40
U.S. Military Is Harvesting Your Metadata & Scavenging For Truth In D.C.
The U.S. Military Industrial Complex is buying up location data from some of the worlds most popular apps.
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59 days 24:37
New Covid Vaccines Do Not Vaccinate Against Controversy & College Rape Culture Running Rampant
The exciting news of two Covid-19 vaccinations on the horizon leaves legal and media analyst Lionel asking questions. RT's Alex Mihailovich breaksdown the Constitutional Crisis in Peru.
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70 days 24:49
Election To Cost $14 Billion, While U.S. Points Finger At Foreign Elections
Harvey Wasserman, co-director of the National Grassroots Election Protection Coalition, joins us to discuss the long process of counting votes, and all the politics that go into it. The U.S.
1 343
70 days 24:43
Which Major Ballots Passed And Failed On Election Day?
We take a look at which major legislature passed and which was rejected. Abandoned U.S. contractors in Kuwait, most of them Black, have faced torture and abuse.
1 247
71 day 25:27
Jesse Ventura, John Kiriakou Discuss Elections, Drugs, And Third Parties
Governor Jesse Ventura and CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou discuss the developing news on the election results, the legalization of drugs, and the increasing popularity of third party options.
3 428
84 days 24:49
Presidential Debates, Education Bribery, And Halloween Frights!
Media analysts weigh in one the final trick-or-treat before the president is elected. Science claims to have determined the scariest movie ever. And the U.S.
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