3 days 24:49
Presidential Debates, Education Bribery, And Halloween Frights!
Media analysts weigh in one the final trick-or-treat before the president is elected. Science claims to have determined the scariest movie ever. And the U.S.
4 days 24:42
Nigerian Youth Spark #EndSARS Movement & Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmation Rings Alarms
Many U.S. troops are now watching their children deploy to the same war in Afghanistan 19 years later. Nigerian youth have sparked an international movement against police violence.
5 days 24:31
Thousands Died In U.S. Jails Without Accountability
Despite massive unemployment and business closings in the pandemic, billionaires saw their net worth rise by over $930 billion.
6 days 24:39
Study Shows Covid-19 Treatments Fall Flat
The House Intelligence Committee is considering creating an agency to fight disinformation... what could go wrong with that? Police are largely ignoring community recommendations.
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7 days 24:38
Bolivia's Massive Socialist Victory & The Myth of Black Buying Power
In Bolivia's first national election since the 2019 US-backed coup which illegally ousted president Evo Morales, the leftwing party MAS has won a majority of votes.
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17 days 24:36
Presidential Debates or Presidential Advertising?
At this point the "debates" are looking more like televised joint appearances. Congress is confronting Big Tech. And was the Loch Ness Monster just confirmed?!
18 days 24:37
US Workers Appeal To UN For Help
U.S. labor and union leaders have turned to the United Nations for help in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Free and fair elections are the focus leading up to the U.S. election.
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19 days 24:33
Oklahoma Prisoners Tortured & Disney's Dark Side Fueling Unemployment
Former prison guards and their supervisors have been charged after an investigation found they tortured incarcerated people.
20 days 24:43
U.S. Inequality Rising & SCOTUS Rules On MLB Case
While Trump says not to be afraid, there's still no stimulus in sight and inequality is skyrocketing. A Texas police officer has been charged with the murder of Jonathan Price.
21 day 24:38
Trump Fights Covid While Americans Hope For New Aid Package
While Americans still have not received a new coronavirus aid package, corporate welfare is still going strong. Under insulin exchanges are surging as copay caps fail.
31 day 24:44
Did Coca-Cola Pay Scientists To Downplay Health Impact?
The numbers of unemployment and Americans facing hunger continue to rise, as the election drama rages on.
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32 days 24:32
Hunger Skyrocketing During Pandemic
New data suggests that the level of hunger in US households has almost tripled since the Covid-19 pandemic began. And we take a look at some of the myths surrounding the racial wealth gap.
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33 days 24:45
US Intensifies Iran Sanctions, While Breonna Taylor's Killer Cops Evade Charges
The Pentagon used its pandemic response cash to buy more weapons.
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34 days 24:43
New SCOTUS Pick May Be Announced Sooner Than Expected
The President is promoting a "pro-American curriculum" in U.S. school to combat alleged "left-wing indoctrination." Body camera footage shows Salt Lake City police shooting an autistic child.
35 days 24:42
$2 Trillion In Laundered Money & Immigration Whistleblower Alleges Widespread Hysterectomies
At least $2 trillion in laundered money has been exposed. The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has drawn in over $71 million in donations to the Democrats.
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45 days 24:49
Jesse Ventura Reflects On 9/11, War On Terror
Gov. Jesse Ventura joins us to reflect on the tragic September 11 attacks and the subsequent U.S.
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46 days 24:51
The Economics of Saving the Planet & Bob Woodward's Culpability
Did journalist Bob Woodward aide Trump's crime against humanity by not releasing explosive information sooner? Dr.
47 days 24:41
Hollywood Grapples With Racism And Inclusion
The police violence crisis is also harming young children across the country. Hollywood may look very different in a post Black Lives Matter world.
48 days 24:44
18 New Charges For Assange While U.S. Cracks Down On Press Freedom
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is facing 18 new charges, meanwhile the U.S. continues its crackdown on press freedom. Lobbyists are still ruling Washington.
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59 days 24:19
Kenosha Shooter Charged & American Airlines To Cut 19,000 Jobs
Author and journalist Margaret Kimberly joins us to reflect on the 57th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech. American Airlines and Delta plan to cut thousands of jobs.
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60 days 24:33
Hurricanes, Protests, & NBA Strikes! Oh My!
Hurricanes are hitting the southern US coast, while NBA players go on strike and protests continue over the police shooting of Jacob Blake. We have a lot to catch up on.
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61 day 24:38
White Supremacist Kills Two At Wisconsin Protests & Women's Equality Day Conversation
As Women's Equality Day passes, we take a look at how far along we've come on the fight for women's equality.
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62 days 24:28
Lee Camp On DNC, RNC: 'Both Parties Agree On So Much'
Six years after the world learned about the Flint water crisis, Michigan announces a $600 million settlement. Fears of homelessness and hunger loom over new work permit restrictions.
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63 days 24:51
Protests Erupt After Cops Shoot Jacob Blake In Back Multiple Times
The Tennessee Governor wants to make the 1st Amendment a felony offense.
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73 days 24:53
Nurse Exposes Covid Hospital Controversies & US-China Tensions Rising
Author and registered nurse Erin Marie Olszewski's controversial account from Elmhurst Hospital puts attention on pandemic practices. Three Texas soldiers are arrested in a child prostitution sting.
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74 days 24:53
US Military Active In 22 African Countries
U.S. Special Forces are active in at least 22 African countries, with many questioning the nature of their involvement. For the first time ever UNICEF will combat child suffering in the U.S..
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75 days 25:10
Kamala Harris Is Biden’s VP Choice
Senator Kamala Harris has been announced as former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate. And we take a look at the 100th anniversary of (white) women gaining the right to vote in the US.
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76 days 24:45
Covid-19 Spreads Through Prisons and Schools
Covid-19 is spreading through US prisons at a rate over five times higher than the national average, while school reopenings see a shocking surge of infections as well.
77 days 24:43
The Nuclear State of Affairs on the 75th Anniversary of Atomic Bombing of Japan
Presidential executive orders seem to have mysterious powers. Chicago will use social media to track tourist Covid violations.
87 days 24:48
Trump Can't Suspend Elections & Propublica Publishes NYPD Discipline Record
Unemployment benefits expire for over 30 million Americans as Senate breaks for the weekend. No, the President cannot delay or suspend the elections.
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