4 hours 24:37
Postal Service Surveillance & Laws Against Protest
The U.S. Postal Service was caught spying on social media posts. Professional Sports world reacts to Derek Chauvin guilty verdict. Republican leaders across the U.S.
1 day 24:37
The Derek Chauvin Guilty Aftermath & Bootleg Vaccine Cards
In the wake of the George Floyd Murder Trial, politicians, police unions, and others trip over themselves while trying to twist the verdict to their own ends.
2 days 24:41
Biden Takes On Afghanistan & Digital Currency Takes On Wall Street
U.S. President Joe Biden plans to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan on Sept. 11th 2021, leaving plenty of time for the War Hawks to create reasons to keep the U.S.
3 days 24:49
Record Breaking Bribery & the NYPD's New Robot
Wall Street spent 2.9 billion on the 2020 election cycle. Former President George W. Bush is pushing for immigration reform. The NYPD has unleashed a new robot upon New York City.
13 days 25:16
U.S. Border Crisis Surges & Plea Deal Abuse
Record breaking numbers of migrants and refugees are crossing the U.S. southern border including almost 19,000 children and teenagers without families. U.S.
14 days 24:37
Vaccine Passports & Protests In Haiti
Vaccine Passports stir controversy while more than 100 countries call for an end to Big Pharma control of vaccine. No Covid vaccine's in Haiti as protests over Haitian Constitution continue.
15 days 24:36
Jim Crow Voting Laws & The Industry of Diversity and Inclusion
Controversial new voting restrictions in Georgia are drawing criticism from the very same corporations that helped politically fund the politicians that created them. Sen. Chuck Schumer and the U.S.
16 days 24:39
Cover Ups, Murder, and Militarization In US Law Enforcement
As the George Floyd murder trials continues into its 2nd week, how is the city of Minneapolis handling the media attention and militarized streets.
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17 days 24:48
The Toxic Espionage Act & Florida's Toxic Water Spill
Former U.S. intelligence analyst Daniel Hale pleads guilty of violating the Espionage Act for blowing the whistle on the U.S. Drone Assassination Program.
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27 days 24:41
Two Faced National Security & Not So Reparation's
The U.S. National Security state shows reveals its hypocrisy in the aftermath of the MAGA insurrection of January 6th.
28 days 24:49
The Dangers Of Endless Summer & The Teen Vogue Cancel Culture Scandal
Climate Change is making summers longer, winters shorter while the banks continue to pour money into the fossil fuel industry.
29 days 24:55
Assault Weapon Hypocrisy & A Pandemic Housing Boom
After two mass shootings in less than a week, U.S. politicians and the mainstream news media are pushing assault weapon bans domestically while ignoring that the U.S.
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30 days 24:38
Zoom's Big Profits And No Taxes & The Texas Mask Debate
Video conferencing giant Zoom boasts 600 million in profits but pays zero federal corporate income taxes. Federal Judge rules to redact information in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.
31 day 25:02
Biden, Cocaine, and Glyphosate & The 18th Anniversary of the Iraq War
The Biden Administration is under fire for supporting the Colombian Government's toxic and dangerous efforts in the War On Drugs. Burn Pits and bureaucracy are killing U.S. war veterans.
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41 day 24:53
The State v. Derek Chauvin: The Most Important Trail of 2021 & The Real Threat To U.S. Democracy
Jury selection is underway in the trial of Derek Chauvin the police officer who killed George Floyd.
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42 days 24:31
The Horrors of Cyber Warfare & The Economics of the Covid-19 Stimulus
The U.S., China, and Russia are raising the stakes of cyberwarfare and former NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney discusses the dangers of this escalation.
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43 days 24:56
$260 Billion For Nukes & The Fight For Transgender Rights in 2021
The Military Industrial Complex is aiming to spend $260 billion taxpayer dollars on brand new nuclear missile systems. From quitting over politics to firing over merger the shape of news in the U.S.
44 days 24:49
Cheerleader Free Speech & Killing The Death Penalty
The First Amendment is under fire in a case of a high school vs. a cheerleader, plus the New York Times wants to kill critical thinking. The Pope visits Iraq and calls for the end of arms sales.
45 days 24:42
Democrats Kill The Fight For $15 & The Derek Chauvin Trial Begins
A small group of millionaire Democrats destroy the Fight For $15 minimum wage push. President Biden pushes back against Republican efforts to restrict voting rights.
55 days 24:56
Biden Bombs Syria & New JFK Assassination Theory
Joe Biden flexed his Presidential power by dropping bombs on poor people half way around the world.
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56 days 24:34
The Malcolm X Conspiracy & The Rise of Homicide
2020 set records for homicides and violent assaults in 2020. In sports, don't take a knee in Tennessee. New testimony accuses the F.B.I. and NYPD in the assassination of civil rights icon Malcolm X.
1 022
57 days 24:37
The Hypocrisy of U.S. Weapon Sales & CPAC Unbound
The U.S. State Department announced the proposed sale of nearly $200 million in arms to Egypt despite the countries recent history of arbitrary detention of political opponents and their families.
58 days 24:35
Congress vs. Cable News & Biden Town Hall Controversy
Members of the U.S. Congress sent letters to the presidents of Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and other cable and satellite companies asking about their efforts to combat fake news and disinformation.
59 days 24:50
The Greed Of Power & The Prince Of Mercenaries
Corporate greed, cold, and deregulation lead to power failures in Texas. Erik Prince of Blackwater fame faces accusations by the U.N. of evading sanctions in Libya.
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69 days 24:28
From Warfare To Retail: A.I. Is Here To Stay & The NBA's Battle Over The National Anthem
With the mass production of "Social Robots" set for 2021 is the world prepared for 21st century A.I. The United States and NATO are raising military levels and tensions in Europe.
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70 days 24:36
Amazon vs. Unions & From F.B.I. Informant to Proud Boy
Amazon hires former F.B.I. intelligence experts to help combat worker's union push. U.S. President Biden faces over 14,000 clemency requests.
1 308
71 day 24:42
U.S. Persecution Of Assange Continues Under Biden & Vaccination Passports
The Biden Administration continues the U.S. Government's persecution of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
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72 days 24:40
War Against A MAGA Insurgency & ICE Weaponizes Covid-19
Under the backdrop of impeachment many are wondering how do we balance freedom with security when fighting domestic terrorism? ICE uses Covid-19 to threaten asylum-seekers. Dr.
73 days 25:01
Biden's Braking Campaign Promises? & The Rising Covid Shecession
The Biden Administration and the U.S. Congress are under fire for failures in trying to deliver $2000 dollar stimulus checks and raising the federal minimum wage.
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83 days 24:37
Filibusters, Unions, & Fighting The Fossil Fuel Industry
Breaking down the first few weeks of the Biden administration and the fight over filibusters in the U.S. Congress with writer Margaret Kimberely.
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