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Final 2020 Presidential Debate: WATCH LIVE Pres. Trump, Joe Biden go head-to-head | ABC News
#Debates2020 #TrumpBidenDebate #Vote2020 #ABCNews LATEST UPDATES: abcn.ws/34mMpeJ Schedule of events: 7p ET: ABC News Prime 8p ET: Debate pre-show 9p ET: Debate 10:30p ET: Debate
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4 hours 8:20
Did Trump do enough to beat Biden?
ABC News contributor Chris Christie: “It was a good night for the president.
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4 hours 9:36
Key moments from final presidential debate
ABC News’ powerhouse political roundtable team breaks down the final 2020 presidential debate.
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2 hours 6:05:35
Final 2020 Biden-Trump Presidential Debate | LIVE | NowThis
HAPPENING NOW—BIDEN-TRUMP DEBATE: Pres. Trump and Joe Biden face off in the final general election debate of 2020.
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4 hours 6:13
Who won the final presidential debate?
The ABC News political team discusses how President Donald Trump and Joe Biden faired during the final debate and who came out on top.
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4 hours 1:32:56
Replay: The final 2020 presidential debate on CNN
President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden face off in the final presidential debate of 2020. #CNN #News
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4 hours 20:36
Biden and Trump address national security threat of foreign influence during election
“Any country that interferes with us will, in fact, pay a price, because they're affecting our sovereignty,” Joe Biden said.
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48 min 29:53
PM Modi Live: PM Narendra Modi Rally Live In Gaya| Bihar Election 2020 Live Updates|India Today Live
PM Narendra Modi Rally Live In Gaya: The political temperature soared in Bihar on Friday as PM Narendra Modi joined the poll campaign in the run-up to Bihar Assembly election 2020.
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4 hours 2:36:27
Presidential Debate 2020 Live and Aftershow: VICE News Tonight
Join VICE News Tonight LIVE as we take you through coverage of the last Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.
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5 hours 21:00
Trump shares how he will lead the country through COVID-19 if reelected l Presidential Debate
President Donald Trump claims a vaccine will be available very soon.
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4 hours 3:48
[Global Insight - takeaway] WILL BTS WIN GRAMMY IN 2021?
WILL BTS WIN GRAMMY IN 2021? - '빌보드 점령’ 방탄소년단, 그레미 수상 가능할까?
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Debate 2020: Trump vs Biden on Kids Detained By ICE | NowThis
Here's what Trump and Biden had to say about the 500 children separated at the border who now can't find their families at the final debate.
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3 hours 1:24
Trump claims Biden will 'destroy' oil industry
Former Vice President Joe Biden said his environmental plan would 'transition from the oil industry' in favor of renewable energy sources, prompting President Donald Trump to go on the attack during
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5 hours 6:19
Biden and Trump discuss their views on immigration policy
“They cannot find over 500 sets of those parents and those kids are alone, nowhere to go. It's criminal,” Joe Biden said, speaking of how families are being separated at the U.S.-Mexico border.
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4 hours 12:05
Biden and Trump speak on climate change, fracking
“The fastest-growing industry in America is solar energy and wind. He thinks wind causes cancer, windmills,” Joe Biden said, referring to President Donald Trump.
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3 hours 2:25:36
Donald Trump and Joe Biden face off in the final presidential debate – watch live
The US president and Democratic nominee participate in the final debate before the election on November 3.
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4 hours 4:30
Biden Tackles Trump's Tax Corruption at Final Debate | NowThis
'Release your tax return, or stop talking corruption.' — Biden confronted Trump's tax scandal and foreign owned bank accounts head on at the final 2020 presidential debate.
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3 hours 39:21
Xi hails historic significance of War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea
China held a meeting on Friday to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) army entering the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the War to Resist U.S.
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1 hour 3:17
Biden Says Passage of 1994 Crime Bill Was a Mistake | NowThis
Trump called out Biden's role in passing the 1994 crime bill — the former VP called it a mistake.
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20 min 7:08
Experts break down the biggest moments of Trump, Biden’s final presidential debate
ABC News contributors Chris Christie, Sara Fagen, Rahm Emanuel, Matt Dowd and Yvette Simpson discuss highlights of the debate, which had additional muting rules.
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4 hours 14:24
Biden and Trump speak on institutional racism in America
“Nobody has done more for the Black community than Donald Trump. And if you look, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln... nobody has done what I've done,” President Donald Trump said.
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27 min 3:51
Joe Biden's Defining Moments From the Final 2020 Presidential Debate | NowThis
These were Biden's greatest moments during the final presidential debate.
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5 hours 2:31
Massive Fire Breaks Out At Mumbai's City Centre Mall; 17 Fire Engines Rushed To Spot
#Mumbai #MumbaiMallFire #RepublicTV A major fire broke out at the City Center Mall in Mumbai Central on Thursday night, injuring two fire personnel; 17 fire engines and seven jetties were engaged
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2 hours 9:56
Biden and Trump Address Race and 'The Talk' | NowThis
The candidates addressed 'the talk' parents have to give their Black and brown children about race in America.
5 hours 5:56
Biden and Trump discuss relief bill and minimum wage
“It was a really big bailout for badly-run Democrat cities and states,” President Donald Trump said about the relief bill.
4 hours 2:00
Hundreds evacuate amid Colorado wildfires
The East Troublesome fire grew six times overnight and burned down 125,000 acres. Residents are being evacuated from Estes Park and Grand Lake, west of Denver.
4 hours 2:39:55
Fact-Checking the Final 2020 Biden-Trump Presidential Debate | LIVE | NowThis
BIDEN V. TRUMP FINAL DEBATE FACT-CHECKED: Pres. Trump and Joe Biden face off in the final general election debate of 2020, with live fact-checking and Twitter commentary curated by NowThis.
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