3 hours 10:27
Body cam video shows cop shooting Black teen who had charged two women with a knife
Columbus, Ohio, officials released additional body camera video on of a police officer fatally shooting a Black teen who charged two females with a knife.
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5 hours 5:28
What Liz Cheney has figured out about Donald Trump
Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney has planted a flag firmly against another Trump run in 2024, and while she may be lonely in that position in the GOP, the numbers seem to back her up.
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54 min 2:15
Protests Erupt After North Carolina Officer Fatally Shoots Black Man While Serving Search Warrant
A deputy in North Carolina shot and killed an African American man while attempting to serve a search warrant.
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1 hour 3:16
BREAKING! Putin: They Tried To Completely Shut Down Belarus! Staging Coup d’État Is Too Much!
Russian President Vladimir Putin: You can have your own opinion of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko’s policy. But the practice of staging coups d’état goes too far. This is beyond any limits.
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9 hours 1:35
PM Modi Chairs High-Level Meet On Oxygen Supply Crisis | Breaking News | India Today
Delhi & other parts of the country are facing Oxygen crunch. Now, PM Modi chaired a high-level meet on Oxygen supply. He was briefed about all the efforts taken by centre to boost Oxygen supply.
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6 hours 1:24
Submarine with 53 people aboard goes missing l GMA
Three submarines, five airplanes and more than 20 war ships are searching for an Indonesian Navy sub, which disappeared Wednesday during a torpedo drill near the Indian Ocean.
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4 hours 13:57
How F*cked Up is Facebook?
Facebook has long been the "cool" social media platform outlasted its peers from the mid-2000's. It was the central hub for a whole generation to meet, plan events, and archive their youths.
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4 hours 9:18
Putin warns countries not to cross Russia's ‘red lines’
On the same day Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual address to the nation warning foreign powers not to cross Moscow's "red lines," Russian security forces rounded up more than
4 359
55 min 2:47
Ohio officials launch investigation into fatal police shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant
Police body camera footage shows Bryant appearing to lunge at someone with a knife in her hand before she was shot and killed.
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47 min 11:50
Black Families in Memphis Are Fighting to Save Their Land From a Pipeline
The people of South Memphis stand to lose the land that their families have lived on for centuries to a new pipeline.
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2 hours 3:06
Avlon: How China and Russia used QAnon against Americans
CNN's John Avlon looks into how China and Russia used the QAnon conspiracy theory against the American people, according to a recent report. #CNN #News #JohnAvlon
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3 hours 2:23
MEGA DROUGHT Is Spreading Across US, Threatens to Cause Devastating Crop Failures In 2021
Throughout U.S. history, there have always been droughts in the western half of the country from time to time, but what we are dealing with now is truly alarming.
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2 hours 11:57
314,000 daily cases: India struggles with the world's worst coronavirus outbreak | COVID-19 Special
India population counts more than 1.3 billion people. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 are increasing very rapidly with currently more than 314,000 new infections in a single day.
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2 hours 9:31
'Like 190 moonshots': Weir analyzes Biden's climate promise
President Joe Biden kicked off a virtual climate summit attended by 40 other world leaders by announcing an ambitious cut in greenhouse gas emissions as he looks to put the US back at the center of
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1 hour 4:38
Demings Shuts Down GOP for ‘Defund the Police’ Fear Mongering
This rep shut down some of her GOP colleagues after they tried to turn a committee hearing on AAPI hate crimes into an opportunity to fear-monger about ‘defunding the police.’ » Subscribe to
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3 hours 2:32:31
House Floor Debates D.C. Statehood | LIVE
HOUSE DEBATES D.C. STATEHOOD: Members of the House of Representatives are debating the Washington, D.C. Admission Act, which would grant D.C. statehood.
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2 hours 3:04:41
Climate activist Greta Thunberg testifies to US House – watch live
Climate activist Greta Thunberg testifies in House oversight and reform committee's environment subcommittee hearing titled 'The role of fossil fuel subsidies in preventing action on the climate
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5 hours 9:05
Thousands across Russia defy ban on Alexei Navalny protests - BBC News
Thousands of people around Russia joined unauthorised rallies on Wednesday to protest against the detention of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
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5 hours 2:16:24
ANC veteran Tokyo Sexwale briefs media
ANC veteran and businessman Tokyo Sexwale is set to brief the media in the next hour, following his revelations on Sunday.
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4 hours 6:38
25 Work Fails That Were NOT Supposed To Happen | Bad Day At Work 2021
Think your day could get any worse? Not as bad as these people. Here are some work fail moments that were not supposed to happen! This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
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2 hours 58:26
Biden Pledges 50% Cut in Greenhouse Gases; Democrats Demand Barrett Recuse Herself from Case | NTD
⭕️Watch us on Youmaker 👉 youmaker.com/c/NTD ⭕️Subscribe to our new YouTube channel 👉 youtube.com/channel/UCjz-4y6ts-VF2KSQX-jsnVg - 💎YouTube is censoring our videos.
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2 hours 3:50
Greta Thunberg urges US to 'listen and act on the science' on climate crisis
Greta Thunberg appeared virtually before a House subcommittee Thursday to call on US officials to do more, saying it's 'not too late' to make real changes in the fight against climate change.
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4 hours 10:17
Sexwale alleges money is missing at SARB
ANC veteran and businessman Tokyo Sexwale, a WSB Heritage Fund mandate holder, has revealed on eNCA that billions set aside to help fund fee free education, amongst other initiatives, were looted.
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3 hours 2:59
India Hospitals: Shortages of beds and oxygen supplies
India recorded more than 300,000 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday - the highest single-day rise seen in the world. And for the second day in a row, more than 2000 people died from the disease.
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3 hours 5:03
Ohio shooting outrage
Body camera footage shows Ma’Khia Bryant appearing to lunge at someone with a knife in her hand before she was shot and killed but her family is speaking out against the use of force.
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6 hours 17:45
Delhi Oxygen Crisis: Doctor Breaks Down On Camera Due To Lack Of Oxygen In Hospital | India Today
There is an acute shortage of Oxygen supply in the hospitals of Delhi. Centre is trying to supply maximum Oxygen to Delhi hospitals, however, the situation remains grim.
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47 min 4:08
Marvel Features Asian Lead in ‘Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings’
Marvel’s new movie features an Asian superhero and is made up of a majority Asian cast and crew — take a look.
2 hours 2:58
Netherlands Dam: Sea change make structure ineffective
It was built nearly a century ago as one of the most innovative mega projects of its time. The 32-kilometre Enclosure Dam in the Netherlands has served to protect the nation from the sea.
5 hours 1:21
Kate Middleton tries flight simulator while Prince William holds her handbag
Kate Middleton and Prince William visited 282 East Ham Squadron Air Training Corps, where Prince Philip was Honorary Air Commodore-in-Chief for 63 years before passing it down to the Duchess of
3 hours 2:30
Russian Military's MASSIVE Surprise Drills on Crimea Border Add to Ukraine's Fears
'Russian Military's MASSIVE Surprise Drills in Crimea Add to Ukraine's Fears' The Russian Ministry of Defence released a video on Thursday, April 22, showing large-scale military drills conducted
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