1 hour 8:16
Watch Chris Cuomo's emotional tribute to Larry King
CNN's Chris Cuomo pays an emotional tribute to longtime CNN host and broadcasting icon, Larry King, who passed away at the age of 87. #CNN #News
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30 min 5:46
'We have no choice' - Dominion CEO to Chris Cuomo on why the company is filing defamation lawsuits
Dominion Voting Systems has sued former President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani for defamation after he pushed claims of election fraud against the company. #CNN #News
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2 hours 3:35
Harriet Tubman $20 Bill in the Works Under Biden Admin
The Biden admin confirmed that Harriet Tubman will be on the $20 bill, picking up where the Obama White House left off.
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4 hours 57:00
More Senators Oppose Impeachment; Biden Policies at Odds W/ Airlines; Trump Team Disavows New Party
00:00 NTD Evening News—01/25/2021 01:26 Republican Senators Oppose Impeachment 03:29 Trump Team Disavows Maga Patriot Party 04:21 New Biden Policies at Odds With Airlines 06:10 Biden Signs ‘Made in
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4 hours 10:13
House managers deliver impeachment article to Senate
The House impeachment managers formally introduce the article of impeachment against former President Trump to the Senate. Lead Impeachment Manager Rep.
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3 hours 5:16
House delivers article of impeachment against Trump to Senate | WNT
Sen. Patrick Leahy will lead the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump next month. Dominion Voting Systems has filed a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani.
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7 hours 10:48
Keilar calls out Dr. Birx's post-Trump reputation rehab tour
Dr. Deborah Birx, former President Donald Trump's coronavirus task for coordinator, is making the rounds on television revealing the dysfunction in the Trump White House.
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1 hour 1:09:25
House Managers Deliver Article of Impeachment Against Pres. Trump to the Senate | LIVE | NowThis
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4 hours 1:18:11
ABC News Prime: Senate to receive article of impeachment; Dr. Fauci interview; Putin's big problem
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2 hours 4:16
PM Narendra Modi Greets Nation On 72Nd Republic Day
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1 hour 32:53
Farmers Tractor Rally: Situation Tense At Delhi Border As Farmers Break Through Police Barricades
A large group of farmers, along with their tractors, who were camping at the Singhu border to protest against the new farm laws head towards the national capital as part of their tractor rally on
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1 hour 3:03
Baby Panda Doesn't Want to Say Goodbye to Her Caretaker
This baby panda reaaaaaally didn't want to say goodbye to her caretaker 🐼❤️ » Subscribe to NowThis: go.nowth.is/News_Subscribe » Sign up for our newsletter KnowThis to get the biggest stories
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3 hours 0:45
White House welcomes its newest canine residents | WNT
“First Dogs” Champ and Major joined the Biden family in their new home. Major is the first rescue dog to live at the White House.
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4 hours 17:29
House delivers Trump impeachment article to Senate
House Democrats delivered an article of impeachment charging former President Donald Trump with inciting the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, signaling the start of his second impeachment trial.
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24 min 1:28:41
Democrats deliver article of impeachment against Trump to Senate – watch live
The US House of Representatives deliver an article of impeachment against former US president Donald Trump to the Senate, asserting his role in inciting the riot at the Capitol on 6 January.
4 hours 3:32
Biden lifts transgender military ban | WNT
President Joe Biden has signed 23 executive orders aimed at undoing policies from Donald Trump’s administration. Another order he signed pushes to increase federal spending in U.S. companies.
6 hours 7:28
No timetable for end to lockdown says UK government - BBC News
It's still far too early to offer a timetable for easing the Covid restrictions. That's the warning from the health secretary for England Matt Hancock.
6 hours 5:21
Impeachment trial shake-up
Sen. Patrick Leahy will preside over the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.
4 hours 4:38
Biden aiming for 1.5 million vaccinations a day across the country | WNT
President Joe Biden said he’s hopeful all who want a vaccine can get one by the spring, but Biden’s vaccine adviser said it could be fall before most can get a shot.
9 hours 46:30
QAnon 101: The Search for Q
To understand what Q is and why it has been so enormously popular, hosts Bayan Joonam and Marley Clements get to know the most influential QAnon evangelists.
5 hours 3:44
Romney: Trump's Impeachment Trial Should Proceed
Sen. Mitt Romney, breaking with some of his GOP colleagues, said Trump needs to go through ‘the normal justice process’ for spreading lies about the election and inciting a riot at the U.S. Capitol.
5 hours 1:48
Protests Erupt in Tacoma After Police Cruiser Rams Into Crowd
An officer allegedly drove his police vehicle into a crowd of people in Tacoma, Washington, on January 23 — now residents are demanding answers (warning: distressing).
1 hour 12:20
Vaccinating US won't finish until fall, herd immunity could come sooner: Fauci
Dr. Anthony Fauci talks about the vaccine timeline, the moment he feared for his life and the state he believes could be approaching herd immunity.
2 hours 22:47
Republic Day Live Updates: India To Celebrate 72nd Republic Day Today Amid COVID-19 Protocols
Republic Day 2021 LIVE updates: India is celebrating its 72nd Republic Day today.
6 hours 3:08
Transgender military ban lifted
Nicolas Talbott, a plaintiff in the federal court case challenging the trangender military ban, talks about what President Joe Biden’s move means to him.
6 hours 28:10
Biden Signs ‘Made in America’ Order; Get Ready for a Bear Market: Lance Roberts | NTD Business
00:00 NTD Business News—01/25/2021 01:10 Biden Signs ‘Made In America’ Order 02:37 Expert: Energy Prices to Rise Under Biden 05:45 Be Ready for A Bear Market: Lance Roberts 10:40 Billionaires Grew
5 hours 8:59
What’s lockdown like for secondary school pupils? - BBC Newsnight
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the government will tell teachers and parents when schools in England can reopen "as soon as we can”.
4 hours 2:30
UK hospitals struggling with spike in COVID-19 patients | WNT
President Joe Biden said he’s hopeful all who want a vaccine can get one by the spring, but Biden’s vaccine adviser said it could be fall before most can get a shot.
1 hour 5:02
Armed Forces Prepare For Traditional 21-Gun Salute At Delhi's Rajpath Ahead Of Republic Day Parade
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