43 min 2:28
Kashmir: Indian forces accused of firing pellets at civilians
In Indian-administered Kashmir, several people claim they have been targeted by Indian forces during the lockdown. Al Jazeera spoke to two people who said they have sustained pellet injuries. 19 Aug 2019, 11:15
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4 hours 2:48
Pakistan Scholar Shows Mirror To Imran Khan, Says Pakistan Army Incapable Of Fighting India
Subscribe Now For More Latest News & Updates ► goo.gl/EaqETB Also Watch - Republic Bharat ► bit.ly/RBharat Follow us on Instagram ► bit.ly/2hRufZS | 19 Aug 2019, 7:52
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2 hours 1:26:02
WATCH: 'Krugersdorp Killers' to be sentenced for murder spree
The remaining members of the so-called Krugersdorp Killers are expected to learn their fate as sentencing proceedings begin in the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg on Monday. 19 Aug 2019, 9:46
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3 hours 5:13
Major Gaurav Arya Reacts On Indian Army Calling Out Shehla Rashid's Fake News-Peddling
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2 hours 1:03
Aerial footage shows extent of Hong Kong protest - BBC News
Hundreds of thousands of people held another day of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, after at least 10 weeks of similar demonstrations in the city. 19 Aug 2019, 9:17
1 hour 2:49
Stop and search: What are your rights? - BBC News
Boris Johnson has promised to expand stop and search powers. Police forces across England and Wales will be able to carry out searches in designated areas without authorisation from a senior officer. 19 Aug 2019, 10:46
4 hours 2:24
Iran tanker departs after Gibraltar rejects US demand
The Iranian oil tanker at the centre of a diplomatic dispute has departed from Gibraltar late on Sunday after the British overseas territory rejected a US demand to seize the vessel. 19 Aug 2019, 7:12
5 hours 1:03
US buying Greenland: Trump considers the idea but it's not a priority
US president Trump speaks to the media in New Jersey about the US buying Greenland from Denmark for strategic reasons. 19 Aug 2019, 6:58
1 hour 2:05
HK taxi driver: Losing money every day since protests began
It’s been two months since protests started in Hong Kong, and local taxi drivers are complaining that the unrest has led to a sharp drop in their incomes. 19 Aug 2019, 10:15
4 hours 2:38
Hong Kong Protests Spread Worldwide
Hong Kong pro-democracy protests that started in June have now spread around the world. 19 Aug 2019, 7:11
1 hour 1:05
Double celebrations at twin festival - BBC News
The town of Pleucadeuc in northwest France holds an annual festival for twins. 19 Aug 2019, 10:33
1 hour 0:31
Rainbow-colored bridge in giant hand opens in SE China
A rainbow-colored bridge cradled in a giant hand has become a new tourist attraction in southeast China's Fujian. 19 Aug 2019, 10:29
3 hours 3:16
Cong Echoes Shehla Rashid's Claim On Kashmir, Ghulam Nabi Azad Fearmongers On J&K
Congress has started to echo Shehla Rashid's claim on Kashmir stating that young boys are being picked up by the army. 19 Aug 2019, 8:37
3 hours 5:24
After 5 Ministers, Now Malayasia Top-Cop Makes 'Deport Zakir Naik' Demand
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5 hours 9:56
2 BSNL Officers Suspended After Intenet Services Provided To Geelani While Valley Was In Clampdown
Two BSNL officers have been suspended after Geelani tweeted from his mobile while the Kashmir valley was in a clampown. 19 Aug 2019, 6:51
1 hour 3:37
Embarrassed Pak Tries New Stunt, Facebook & Twitter Suspend Fake Pak Accounts Lying About J&K
Facebook and Twitter have now suspended fake accounts which have been lying about the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. 19 Aug 2019, 10:53
2 hours 1:07
Intersecting tides form PERFECT cross on east Chinese river
Spectacular racing tidal bores of the Qiantang River draw a large number of visitors on Sunday to Haining City of east China's Zhejiang Province. 19 Aug 2019, 9:56
2 hours 2:37
Watch Republic TV's Report From J&K's Nowshera After Schools Reopen
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3 hours 1:54
Hong Kong police officer's teeth broken into pieces by radical protester
Wong Sir, a police officer in Hong Kong, was attacked by protesters with a slingshot and steel balls, which broke one of his teeth into four pieces in a recent law enforcement operation to disperse | 19 Aug 2019, 8:24
1 hour 3:57
"Army Tortured 4 Men" Shehla Rashid Makes Shocking Claim On Army In Kashmir
Shehla Rashid, an activist in Kashmir has made a shocking claim on the army barging into people's houses. 19 Aug 2019, 10:22
11 hours 9:26
Trump says he's not happy with Fox News ... then calls them 'we'
When asked about Fox News polling data, President Donald Trump lashed out at the network saying, "there's something going on" that he's not happy with. 19 Aug 2019, 0:21
2 hours 0:44
Iranian supertanker anchored off Gibraltar after release
An Iranian supertanker lifted its anchor and begun moving away from Gibraltar late on Sunday. 19 Aug 2019, 9:54
1 hour 1:51
Jammu And Kashmir Schools Reopen : Students Express Happiness Over Situation
With the schools in Jammu and Kashmir reopening watch the students react to coming back to school after the curbs being eased. 19 Aug 2019, 10:42
6 hours 2:40
Hong Kong: 1.7 million protesters rally for 11th straight weekend
Protest organisers in Hong Kong say more than 1.7 million anti-government demonstrators have rallied through the night. 19 Aug 2019, 5:00
1 hour 3:29
Flood Fury In North : Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh Worst Hit, 49 Dead
Watch the updates of the floods that have wreaked the north. 19 Aug 2019, 10:50
2 hours 2:38
Hong Kong's march of the million democracy rally | DW News
Hong Kong protesters have once again filled the streets on the 11th straight weekend of mass pro-democracy protests. 19 Aug 2019, 9:53
2 hours 1:55
'We survived!' Collapsing glacier soaks kayakers - BBC News
Some kayakers got wetter than expected when they paddled near a glacier in Alaska. Huge chunks fell off, causing a massive wave that came straight at them. 19 Aug 2019, 9:42
3 min 26:35
Shooting threats foiled, Hong Kong protests, Weight Watchers controversy
Watch “It’s Morning, America” weekdays on ABC News Live #ABCNews #HongKong #DomesticTerrorism #MassShootings #WeightWatchers | 19 Aug 2019, 11:55
1 hour 4:43
Moses Mabhida Regional branches of the ANC march in protest
ANC branches from the Moses Mabhida regain are expected to march to the regional offices on Monday. Courtesy of #DSTV403 | 19 Aug 2019, 10:22
41 min 0:54
Egypt to finish restoration of Hindu Palace this year
The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced on Sunday the ongoing renovation of the Baron Palace will be completed in 90 days. 19 Aug 2019, 11:17
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