1 hour 4:31
Resident Evil 4 VR Review
Resident Evil 4 VR reviewed on Oculus Quest 2 by Taylor Lyles. Armature has put a lot of love into making Resident Evil 4 VR a fresh action-horror experience.
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10 hours 2:31
Facebook Will Change Its Name to Embrace the Metaverse - IGN Now
According to The Verge, Facebook will be rebranding to better reflect the companies move toward a 'metaverse.' The new name will reportedly be revealed at the company's Connect conference on October
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10 hours 4:32
Why it's Good News the Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 3 Next-Gen Upgrades Are Delayed- IGN Daily Fix
On today’s IGN The Fix: Games: CD Projekt Red has delayed the much-anticipated next-gen upgrades for Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
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12 hours 1:58
Night Raiders - Official Trailer (2021) Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Brooklyn Letexier-Hart
2043 - in a dystopian future a military occupation controls disenfranchised cities in post-war North America. Children are considered property of the regime which trains them to fight.
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12 hours 4:01
Here’s Why Squid Game’s English-Language Acting Is So Bad - IGN The Fix: Entertainment
Squid Game might be a popular series on Netflix, but there is one aspect of the show that fans seemingly dislike.
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13 hours 2:07
Dying Light Platinum Edition - Official Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer
Dying Light: Platinum Edition is available now on Nintendo Switch, featuring HD Rumble support, touchscreen support, gyro aiming, local and online co-op, and motion controls.
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14 hours 1:19
For Honor x Dead by Daylight - Official Survivors of the Fog Halloween Event Trailer
For Honor is getting a crossover event with Dead by Daylight for its Halloween 2021 event.
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15 hours 0:56
Dead by Daylight - Official Tome 9: Crescendo Reveal Trailer
Check out the trailer for the arrival of Dead by Daylight's Tome 9: Crescendo, available now through the archives. No matter how much time you spend with someone...
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16 hours 0:50
Dead by Daylight: Hour of the Witch - Official Trailer
Dead by Daylight's Hour of the Witch chapter is available now in the game. Check out the trailer for another look at the new survivor, Mikaela Reid.
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16 hours 4:01
The Black Phone Review
The Black Phone debuts in theaters on Feb. 2, 2022. Spoiler-free review by Amelia Emberwing. The Black Phone, C.
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16 hours 0:34
One Piece: Episode 1000 - Official Teaser Trailer
The journey together to 1000 episodes ends here! On October 20, 1999, Toei Animation launched Captain Monkey D.
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17 hours 1:46
Elyon - Official Gameplay Trailer
Check out the action-packed trailer for a look at the world, gameplay, a glimpse at character customization, and more from Elyon, the MMORPG published by Kakao Games.
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17 hours 31:28
Welcome to The Jo Party! - Jeopardy
The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: skl.sh/gamegrumps10211  Featuring your lovely host Jo Pardy!
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17 hours 1:34
Riders Republic: The Finish Line - Official Live Action Trailer Ft. Fabio Wibmer
Watch the latest trailer for the upcoming massive multiplayer outdoor sports playground game, Riders Republic.
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19 hours 2:55
God of War - Official PC Announcement Trailer
God of War is headed to PC on January 14, 2022. Check out the God of War PC announcement trailer.
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20 hours 1:33
Souldiers: Official Nintendo Switch + PC Release Window Trailer
Enjoy the latest trailer for Souldiers, a 16-bit-style pixel-art Metroidvania from developer Dear Villagers that features Soulslike combat and challenging platforming gameplay.
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20 hours 0:50
Last Night in Soho - Official "It's A Bit Old Fashioned" Clip (2021) Thomasin McKenzie
Watch as the landlady breaks down the rules for Eloise staying at the apartment in this Last Night in Soho movie clip for the upcoming film. Last Night in Soho arrives in theaters on October 29, 2021.
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21 hour 0:31
NBA 2K22 - Official Arcade Edition Trailer
In NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition's new The Association mode, players can build their dream teams and be the Head Coach or GM of their favourite NBA Franchises.
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22 hours 1:11
No Man's Sky Expedition 4: Emergence - Official Trailer
Watch the trailer for the new No Man's Sky Expedition, Emergence. No Man's Sky Expedition Emergence is the first Expedition to feature a narrative.
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22 hours 3:57
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy | Behind-the-Scenes at Eidos-Montreal w/ NEW RTX Gameplay
Get an exclusive peek into the creation of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy from the talented developers at Eidos-Montreal and see how ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS delivers the ultimate PC experience
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22 hours 9:40
Resident Evil 4 VR: Biggest Differences
From some removed dialogue during cutscenes to major combat improvements and updated textures, here are some of the biggest differences we've found so far while playing Resident Evil 4 VR on the
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23 hours 15:55
Resident Evil 4 VR - First 16 Minutes of Gameplay (Village & Chainsaw Fight)
Check out the first 16 minutes of opening Resident Evil 4 VR gameplay, on the Oculus Quest 2, featuring the Resident Evil 4 village fight and everybody's favourite chainsaw man, Dr Salvador.
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1 day 8:52
Resident Evil 4 VR - Boss Fights Gameplay (Del Lago & El Gigante)
Resident Evil 4 VR, for the Oculus Quest 2, is finally here! Check out this intense virtual reality gameplay, featuring both the Del Lago and El Gigante boss fight.
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1 day 2:09
Cricket 22 - Controls and Game Mechanics Trailer
Check out some of the new animations and enhanced bowling and fielding controls in Cricket 22.
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1 day 1:01:33
Locke & Key Season 2 Premiere Q&A Livestream
IGN presents Netflix's Locke & Key Season 2 Premiere Q&A with the cast and creators of the show!
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1 day 6:31
Rumor: Ubisoft Greenlit a New Splinter Cell Game? - IGN Daily Fix
On today's IGN The Fix: Games, Ubisoft has reportedly greenlit development of a new, mainline Splinter Cell game.
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1 day 0:38
Hot Wheels Unleashed - Official DC Super-Villains Racing Season Trailer
The DC Super-Villains racing season is coming to the game, Hot Wheels Unleashed, and will feature free and premium content that can be unlocked by completing new challenges.
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1 day 0:48
Hot Wheels Unleashed - Official Batman Expansion Trailer
The Batman Expansion DLC for Hot Wheels Unleashed is coming on December 2, 2021.
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1 day 6:01
NHL 22 Video Review
NHL 22 was reviewed by Matt Paprocki on PlayStation 5, also available on Xbox. EA's latest NHL hockey game is an uneven installment that puts the focus in the wrong places. #IGN #Gaming
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