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ZillowGoneWild x HGTV #shorts
Ummm this Perry Park, CO home literally has a 200 million year old 35 feet red rock formation inside the home.
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1 day 7:14
The Subliminal Advertising Conspiracy Explained
Matt investigates the very real possible that we are being secretly advertised and our shopping choices are not our own to make.
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1 day 7:47
The Cast Of Sandman Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are
To celebrate the highly-anticipated release of Netflix’s The Sandman, we had the cast — Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, Boyd Holbrook, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Mason Alexander Park, Jenna Coleman
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1 day 8:06
Can You Guess Who The Virgin Is Based On Their Kiss?
"That breath was just like a horror movie." Can Kate guess who the virgin is out of a lineup just based on how they kiss?
40 307
3 days 3:02
32 400
3 days 7:52
The Cast of '1UP' Finds Out Which Character They Really Are
We went behind the scenes of the new movie '1UP' and had Hari Nef, Taylor Zakhar Perez, Paris Berelc, and the rest of the cast take a quiz to find out which character they really are.
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3 days 4:59
The Cast Of Paper Girls Plays Who’s Who
Pulling off of their paper route and into San Diego Comic-Con, BuzzFeed caught up with Sofia Rosinsky, Camryn Jones, Riley Lai Nelet, and Fina Strazza to play a rousing game of Who’s Who to
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4 days 1:00
What to do when you can't find plan B #shorts #health
For more information check out this article: bit.ly/3zUTral GET MORE BUZZFEED buzzfeed.com/videoteam facebook.com/buzzfeedvideo instagram.com/buzzfeedvideo
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4 days 4:42
People Afraid of Heights Watch 'Fall' (No Spoilers)
"That movie took a year off my life, but in a good way." Mei, Lindsay, and Gadiel are terrified of heights, so we had them watch the new movie "Fall" which takes place 2,000 feet in the air.
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4 days 6:17
Hayley Kiyoko Reads Thirst Tweets
Lesbian Jesus is among us...and she's reading thirst tweets!
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7 days 8:11
Single Guy Picks A Date Based On Mexican Food
Is your personality hidden in how you make your tacos? Chris tries out Mexican meals from mystery women - the winner gets a date!
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8 days 6:32
B.I Reads Thirst Tweets
Fresh off his latest release "BTBT," B.I is back to steal your hearts.
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8 days 11:41
Parenting Like Boomers For A Week
New dad Adam visits his family with 8-month-old twins Sky and Reve. Adam's challenged to parent the same way his boomer parents did 30 years ago.
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8 days 6:21
Investigating The Birds Aren't Real Conspiracy
Once again Matt delves into a conspiracy! This time asking the question 'Are Birds Real'?! Credits: buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/160524 Welcome to the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network!
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9 days 4:01
Jackson Wang Reads Thirst Tweets
Make way for hot boy summer because the one and only Jackson Wang has officially returned to tease the release of his upcoming single, "Cruel." We put him on our hot seat for a sweltering and
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9 days 0:22
why i wanna burn that dating app #shorts #dating #animation
#comedy #animation GET MORE BUZZFEED buzzfeed.com/videoteam facebook.com/buzzfeedvideo instagram.com/buzzfeedvideo buzzfeed.com/video youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo
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10 days 3:13
Super Easy Hand Crocheted Purse (from TikTok)
you NEED to hand crochet a purse. DO IT IMMEDIATELY! BuzzFeed producer Spenser @thirdpea shows us just how easy (and relaxing) it is to make a crochet purse.
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10 days 7:41
Lured To His Death Through Snapchat: Jose Nunez
tells us a chilling true story of a man lured to his death on Snapchat.
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11 days 5:52
The "Gray Man" Cast Finds Out Who Can Survive A Top-Secret Spy Mission
To celebrate the release of “The Gray Man,” we had the cast — Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, and Regé-Jean Page take a quiz to see if they could actually survive a secret spy mission.
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11 days 0:22
the romantic gesture we really want #shorts
#funny #comedy #dating GET MORE BUZZFEED buzzfeed.com/videoteam facebook.com/buzzfeedvideo instagram.com/buzzfeedvideo buzzfeed.com/video youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo
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15 days 19:00
Which Catastrophic Event Nearly Ended The World?
On this episode of Terrible Tales can the cast correctly answer the question, which catastrophic event nearly ended the world?
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15 days 8:06
We Try On The Most Impractical Bikinis From Fashion Nova
"Are you gonna make my FUPA look sexy?" Have you ever seen influencer bikini pictures on instagram and are like "....that's not good to swim in"? Yeah. We have too.
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15 days 10:19
We Switched Parenting Roles For One Week
Adam and Tee are new dads with two 8-month-old twins, Sky and Reve. Each has a different parenting style, but they're switching it up this week! Will swapping roles prove a success or a huge mistake?
109 847
16 days 7:41
The "Nope" Cast Finds Out Who Would Survive A Jordan Peele Movie
To celebrate the release of Jordan Peele's new horror comedy "Nope," we tested the cast — Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya, Steven Yeun, and Brandon Perea — to see if they'd actually survive a Jordan
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17 days 4:05
Letting My Hair Stylist Decide My Look
It’s the season of change! BuzzFeed producer Sakura (@cucumbrane) asks Chris (@christopher.wayne.hair) to give her a new hairdo!
18 697
17 days 6:21
Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Take The BFF Test
To celebrate the release of DC League of Super-Pets, we sat down with the stars of the film and real-life besties — Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart — to see how well they really know each other.
1 858 356
17 days 11:22
Are These Dolls Actually Haunted?
Which of the two dolls is haunted? Tucker and Steffany take them home to find out! Credits: buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/156320 Welcome to the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network!
49 389
18 days 5:26
Paris Berelc, Taylor Zakhar Perez, & The Cast Of '1UP' Plays Who’s Who
Who keeps forgetting their lines? Who's best at TikTok? And is Stephen as in love with Taylor as his character is in the film 1Up?
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