1 hour 6:25
The "Sex Education" Cast Plays Who's Who
The cast of Sex Education — Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Mimi Keene, Dua Saleh, and Jemima Kirke — sat down to play an exciting game of Who’s Who. So, who’s the biggest on-set prankster?
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19 hours 3:14
ATEEZ Answers 30 Questions In 3 Minutes
Summer just got hotter with the release of ATEEZ's comeback album "ZERO : FEVER Part.3" so we invited the lovely men of ATEEZ to dial things up in celebration by answering 30 burning questions in 3
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23 hours 5:13
Larray Talks About Billie Eilish's Reaction To "Cancelled" And Other Firsts
What better way to celebrate the release of Larray's Loaded Mac than to invite the viral video vixen over to get the biggest scoop on his firsts?
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1 day 12:53
Influencers Live Without Internet For 72 Hours
"It will be fine, it will be fine...
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2 days 3:27
The Cast of Home Economics Plays Who's Who: Sibling Edition
Which sibling would bail you out of jail? The cast of Home Economics plays a challenging game of "Who's Who: Sibling Edition". #HomeEconomics premieres WED SEPT 22 on ABC |
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2 days 4:56
Antoni Porowski Reacts To His Recipes Being Made
Queer Eye’s food and wine expert, Antoni Porowski, lets us know if he approves our recreation of his steak and grilled cheese recipe.
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2 days 5:25
B.I Talks About Meeting Epik High's Tablo, Big Bang, And Other Firsts
B.I's back! It's safe to say we're "Waterfall"-ing pretty hard for the K-Pop rapper so we really had no choice but to invite him over and chat all about his firsts.
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3 days 3:12
I Became A Human Hummingbird Feeder
His story is so wholesome! Follow James Manzo, aka Hum Daddy, for more! instagram.com/hum.daddy tiktok.com/@hum.daddy?
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3 days 7:24
We Re-created My Favorite Met Gala Look
"As far as Rihanna's accessories...
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4 days 9:53
JAY B Reads Thirst Tweets
JAY B asked for thirsty tweets, and you all delivered.
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4 days 10:14
10 People Style The Same Skort From Girlfriend Collective
We challenged 10 stylish people to style a skort. Here’s how they did! Get the skort here: Girlfriend Collective Skort: bit.ly/38eapBI We hope you love the products we recommend!
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6 days 14:25
The Horrific Rampage Of The "Killer Virgin": Elliot Rodger
Aria Inthavong ( instagram.com/ariainthavong/) reflects upon the horrifying Isla Vista murder spree of the "Supreme Gentleman," Elliot Rodger, and how his crimes and manifesto served to
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6 days 13:22
I Tried Celeb Parenting Trends For A Week • Mom In Progress
Hannah tries parenting techniques from Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, Will and Jada Smith, Alicia Silverstone, Madonna, and more. Which celeb has the best advice?
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6 days 3:19
Sydney Sweeney Of "The Voyeurs" Answers 30 Questions In 3 Minutes
We can hardly keep up with our favorite it girl and "Euphoria" starlet Sydney Sweeney's latest projects but we HAD to snag her to celebrate the release of her latest show, "The Voyeurs." She took on
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8 days 5:48
JoJo Siwa Talks About Her Girlfriend, Meeting Miley, And Other Firsts
With the recent release of Paramount+'s The J Team, we chatted with JoJo Siwa all about her first times. Who was the first A-list celebrity to follow her? And who was her first celebrity crush?
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8 days 14:36
How They Were Caught: The Yorkshire Ripper
The story behind the capture of the Yorkshire Ripper, one of Britain's most prolific serial killers. Credits: buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/127639 Welcome to the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network!
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8 days 9:36
Cheapest Vs. Most Expensive Shein Cocktail Dresses
Jordan and Chloe try out the cheapest and most expensive dresses to test the difference in quality and see if they're worth their prices!
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8 days 8:37
Orthodox Jews Answer Commonly Googled Questions
Serach, Tiki, and Yoni answer commonly Googled questions about Orthodox Jews.
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11 days 3:31
Why Is This Kitchen Restock So Satisfying?
Do you want to keep your home looking more organized and neat? Follow Jessi Kent for more! instagram.com/jkentrn15 tiktok.com/@jkentrn Shop the products seen in the video!
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11 days 10:49
10 People Style The Same Navy Blazer
We challenged 10 stylish people to style a blazer. Here’s how they did!
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12 days 2:59
I Got Knocked Out… So I’m Fighting Another Pro
Coming soon to BuzzFeedVideo, follow Aria Inthavong ( instagram.com/ariainthavong/) as he tries to overcome defeat and trains to fight in a MMA cage once again after being choked out over two
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13 days 13:53
We Ate Meals From Around The World (Part 3) • Mom In Progress
Hannah makes another week of recipes submitted by her Instagram followers. Which is your favorite?
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13 days 16:48
The Most Notorious Unsolved Murder of All Time?
Daggula San Vicente Jr. and his "girlfriend" Stacey tell you about a case you've probably never heard of before.
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13 days 5:40
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II And Nia DaCosta Find Out If They Would Actually Survive A Horror Movie
“Candyman” star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and director Nia DaCosta sat down with us and risked it all to find out whether they would actually survive a horror movie.
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14 days 5:37
The "Shang-Chi" Cast Takes An MCU Trivia Quiz
The latest Marvel movie “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” is here, and honestly, we’ll be yelling about it for the foreseeable future.
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14 days 11:32
Ivy League Students React To Iconic Ivy League Movie Scenes
Students from Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Brown give their take on the facts (or fiction) of Ivy Leagues in iconic movies TV from Legally Blonde to The Office!
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15 days 15:11
How The War Between Gods And Titans Started
Mother to Zeus and the Olympian gods, Rhea was a powerful Titan earth goddess and a formidable rebel of the Elder Gods of Greek Mythology.
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16 days 3:18
The Most Painful Way To Wax Your Head
This gives me big Shrek energy and I love it. Follow Renaz Kurdo for more! instagram.com/kapsalonfreedomboxmeer tiktok.com/@kapsalonfreedomboxmeer?
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16 days 8:33
Addison Rae And Tanner Buchanan Take The Co-Star Test
Since “He’s All That” is the number one movie on Netflix, what better time than now to watch this video of TikTok sensation Addison Rae and “Cobra Kai’s” Tanner Buchanan take a co-star test to find
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17 days 8:02
We Recreate Iconic Coming of Age Film Scenes
"I just gotta bring the Cher attitude!" Yiwa, Julianna, and Mitchell bring out their inner lead star by recreating their favorite coming of age movies-- "To All The Boys I Loved Before," "Parent
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