4 days 14:39
I Secretly Fed My Family Vegan Meals for A Week
Hannah tries to feed her boys only vegan meals for a week. Will they figure it out? Follow Hannah on Instagram: instagram.com/hannahlilywilliams Get the latest Mom In Progress merch!
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4 days 14:34
A Boy Band Cooks For Me For A Week Feat. PRETTYMUCH
The boys are back and they're cooking for Lindsay... How will they do?! Note: We're aware of the audio glitch for some users! If the boys are hard to hear, try using headphones.
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6 days 11:10
Bobby Shmurda Is Free, Obama & Springsteen Launch Podcast | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME
NYC rejoices as Bobby Shmurda is released from prison, Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen tease their new podcast, New York City movie theaters set to reopen (but what about strip clubs?), Mero and
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1 day 12:55
Pregnant People Try The Weirdest Pregnancy Cravings
Pickle sandwich? Sauerkraut on Snickers? When will the insanity end?
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3 days 6:39
Which Celebrity Makes The Best Pizza? • Celebrity Recipe Royale
We taste test homemade pizza recipes from Dan Levy, Gordon Ramsay, Ashley Benson, and Snooki. Find out who has the most delicious one on this episode of Celebrity Recipe Royale.
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4 days 24:59
I Expose Online Predators Targeting Minors With Hypnosis
Aria Inthavong ( instagram.com/ariainthavong/) investigates the disturbing case of a young woman who reached out to him about the abuse she suffered at the hands of online predators in
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2 days 3:32
This Is How A Court Reporter Typewriter Works
I'm still so confused by this. Special thanks to Isabelle for explaining what goes on behind the keyboard!
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3 days 7:15
Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Attacked, Dogs Taken, Twitter Offers Pay-for-Tweets | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME
Lady Gaga's dog walker Ryan Fischer was shot, her two French Bulldogs taken, Twitter introduces "Super Follows," and U.S. Diplomats in China subjected to anal swab tests for COVID-19.
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3 days 9:39
$30 Vs. $924 Loungewear
Will Jessica and Chloe be able to guess the prices of the loungewear they're trying out?
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3 days 7:46
The Telekinetic Magician Vs. The Skeptic: The Infamous Uri Geller & James Randi Feud
The fascinating feud of one of the world's most famous magicians, and the skeptic who wished to expose him.
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15 hours 4:24
The Secrets Of Skull And Bones Secret Society
What skeletons are inside the closet of Skull and Bones? Credits: buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/103021 Welcome to the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network!
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6 days 18:22
Kelly Rowland Is Tired of Microsoft Excel Memes | Ext. Interview | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME
We talk to the legendary Kelly Rowland about how her parenting style, being a hands-on mother while recording from home in the pandemic, the infamous Microsoft Excel scene in the "Dilemma" music
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5 days 3:39
Ice-T's New Judge Show: "The Mediator" | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME
Ice-T takes a break from cashing those Law & Order: SVU checks to mediate conflict resolution sessions via Zoom, on TV.
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1 day 5:33
NYPD's Robot Dog 'Spot' vs. Pakistan's Rollerblading Cops | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME
Boston Dynamics teams up with the NYPD on a robotic "DigiDog" named Spot, while cops in Pakistan fight crime while shredding on rollerblades.
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6 days 3:18
Tattoo Artists Share Horror Stories
Paul Booth and Fan Wu share some of their wildest experiences tattooing.
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2 days 7:26
I Organized My Messy Closet With 8 Products
“My closet is like a monster. I throw stuff in and I don’t know where it went.” We hope you love the products we recommend!
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5 days 8:49
"Ginny & Georgia" Stars Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry Take The Co-Star Test
To celebrate our new Netflix obsession, “Ginny & Georgia,” we had stars Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry take a quiz to find out how well they really know each other.
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2 days 6:29
Desus & Mero Go Back to School...As Teachers | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME
Desus and Mero get a taste of what Zoom school during the pandemic is like, by serving as substitute teachers for Mr. David Robles and his 5th grade students at St.
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3 days 17:57
Travis "Taco" Bennett on Odd Future, ‘Dave’, & LeBron | Ext. Interview | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME
We talk to Travis "Taco" Bennett about his beginnings with Odd Future, touring with grown men as a teenager, his FX show "Dave," meeting Mero at a Dillon Francis music video, his Los Angeles Lakers
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5 days 7:21
Which Of Your BFFs Should Be Your Maid Of Honor?
Maya, Megan, and Aria take the ultimate test of their friendship. Take the quiz yourself and enter your own friends' names!
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15 hours 12:15
Astrology Lovers See If A Quiz Can Guess Their Sign
Freddie and Kelsey take a viral quiz to see if it can correctly guess their zodiac signs. Take it yourself to see if it gets your sign right!
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15 hours 8:05
Kelsey Darragh Tries To Not Make Trash For 24 Hours
Who knew it would be so hard to not be so...trash?
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12 hours 9:47
Ten People Style The Same Pair Of Athletic Tights // Presented by Athleta and BuzzFeed
Working at home? Or working out? Athleta’s got you covered
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1 day 3:36
Andra Day And Trevante Rhodes Take The Co-Star Test
Fresh off a winning night at the Golden Globes, we had the stars of "The United States vs.
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18 hours 5:05
The Cast of "Moxie" Finds Out Which Teen Movie Heroine They Are
The cast of “Moxie” (Hadley Robinson, Amy Poehler, Lauren Tsai, and Alycia Pascual-Peña) took a quiz to find out which teen movie heroine they’d be. So…who’s really like Cady Heron from “Mean Girls”?
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15 hours 5:19
Tate McRae Takes A Post Malone Stan Quiz
If you thought you were the No. 1 Post Malone fan, think again! Rising pop singer Tate McRae put her massive love for Post Malone to test by taking our extremely difficult stan quiz.
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