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Kayakers help save seal pups entangled in netting.
A kayaker based in Namibia captured his encounters with numerous baby seals trapped in netting and how he cut them free with a line cutter on May 11. 16 Sep 2019, 16:15
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22 days 4:36
Greta Thunberg Rips World Leaders at the U.N. Over Climate Change
Watch our full-length documentary on Greta and the students striking for climate change: youtu.be/oCVQdr9QFwY Subscribe to VICE News here: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out | 23 Sep 2019, 17:22
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US Navy confirms UFO videos are the real deal
The US Navy has confirmed that certain UFO videos made public over the past several years do indeed show "unidentified aerial phenomena." #CNN #News | 19 Sep 2019, 6:53
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22 days 4:35
Greta Thunberg to world leaders: 'How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood'
'You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words,' climate activist Greta Thunberg has told world leaders at the 2019 UN climate action summit in New York. 23 Sep 2019, 15:22
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24 days 4:42
No aliens, 2 arrested at 'Storm Area 51' event
Nearly 3,000 people flooded into Nevada after a call on Facebook to storm Area 51; about 200 made it to the main gate. 21 Sep 2019, 11:17
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13 days 5:17
Why Tesla's Model 3 Received A 5-Star Crash Test Rating
The Tesla Model 3 received a five-star test rating from safety organizations in North America, Europe, and Australia, including the highest rating of any sedan in the European New Car Assessment | 2 Oct 2019, 15:00
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22 days 0:18
Greta Thunberg stares down Donald Trump as he arrives for UN climate summit
Greta Thunberg briefly crossed paths with Donald Trump at the United Nations in New York on Monday. 23 Sep 2019, 18:20
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8 days 9:21
The 8-Year Long Worst Traffic Jam in History
The first 500 people to sign up for Skillshare will get their first 2 months for free; skl.sh/reallifelore28 Check out my new channel RealLifeLore2! 7 Oct 2019, 14:30
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3 days 2:18
Japan hit by biggest typhoon in decades - BBC News
Torrential rain and tornado-like winds are lashing large parts of Japan, as the country endures what could be its worst storm for 60 years. 12 Oct 2019, 11:17
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7 days 9:09
Feral Hogs Are Tearing Up Texas, So Tourists Are Shooting Them from Helicopters
“Legit question for rural Americans,” Twitter user William McNabb asked in August in response to a question about assault weapon use, “How do I kill the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard within | 8 Oct 2019, 14:13
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15 days 3:05
Runner Saves Deer Stuck in Fence Twice | NowThis
This runner saved a trapped doe by bending metal fence bars TWICE. 1 Oct 2019, 2:00
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Why Shepard Smith abruptly left Fox News
Shepard Smith, the chief Fox News anchor who was despised by President Trump, said on his Friday program that after more than two decades at the network, he was stepping down and leaving the company. 12 Oct 2019, 0:13
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13 days 9:16
Trump erupts at reporter over key question in impeachment inquiry
President Donald Trump attacked the House impeachment inquiry, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, and the press during a wild press conference. CNN's Jim Acosta reports. 2 Oct 2019, 21:54
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16 days 6:01
Robert De Niro: Trump should not be President. Period.
Actor Robert De Niro tells CNN's Brian Stelter that President Donald Trump has been worse than he "ever could have imagined." #CNN #News | 29 Sep 2019, 18:32
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3 days 1:12
Torrential rain causes flooding as Typhoon Hagibis hits Japan
Japan has been engulfed by heavy rain and strong winds as what is feared to be the worst storm for six decades batters the country and approaches Tokyo. 12 Oct 2019, 12:40
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19 days 9:51
This is what the whistleblower complaint says
The House Intelligence Committee has released the declassified whistleblower complaint regarding President Donald Trump's phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. #CNN #News | 26 Sep 2019, 19:25
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13 days 7:21
Trump goes on profanity-laced tirade amid impeachment push
An irate President Trump blasted Democrats for wasting Americans' time with "BULLSHIT" as his frustration with the fast widening impeachment drama that is threatening his presidency boiled over in | 2 Oct 2019, 20:32
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16 days 11:39
Jake Tapper fact-checks Rep. Jim Jordan on Ukraine scandal
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and CNN's Jake Tapper get into a contentious exchange after the lawmaker makes accusations about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter. #CNN #News | 29 Sep 2019, 15:58
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21 day 3:42
See Trump react to calls for impeachment
President Donald Trump tells reporters calls for his impeachment are ridiculous and that he withheld foreign aid to Ukraine because he wants other European countries to contribute funds. #CNN #News | 24 Sep 2019, 21:10
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4 days 7:03
Trump: I don't know if Giuliani is my lawyer
A source close to President Donald Trump's legal team tells CNN that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is still the President's attorney but will not be dealing with matters involving Ukraine. 12 Oct 2019, 0:45
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21 day 10:31
Nancy Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry against Trump
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump over the whistleblower complaint on Trump's communication with Ukraine about Democratic presidential | 24 Sep 2019, 21:42
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27 days 10:37
Why Iran's Geography Sucks
Watch thousands of documentaries for free for 31 days by going to curiositystream.com/reallifelore and by using the code reallifelore during the sign up process. 18 Sep 2019, 14:30
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5 days 9:03
Watch Trump’s response when asked about arrested Giuliani associates
President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is under further scrutiny after two of his associates were arrested in Washington. CNN's Jim Acosta reports. #CNN #News | 10 Oct 2019, 23:25
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3 days 3:21
Trump voters react to impeachment inquiry. This is what they said off-camera.
CNN's Martin Savidge asks voters in Florida, a key swing state, whether the ongoing impeachment inquiry has affected their opinion of President Donald Trump. 12 Oct 2019, 19:37
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25 days 4:33:54
LIVE: People gather in the Nevada Desert for ‘Storm Area 51’
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White House: Trump will not cooperate with impeachment probe
In a White House letter to congressional Democrats, President Trump's lawyers said the President and his administration won't cooperate in an ongoing impeachment inquiry because it will interfere | 8 Oct 2019, 23:07
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12 days 7:59
George Conway pens 30 page article about Trump's mental state
George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, criticized President Trump's "erratic behavior" and says Trump is "unfit to be president" in a new op-ed published in The | 3 Oct 2019, 22:44
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23 days 7:30
Getting Arrested for a Sticker on His Car | WTFLORIDA
Dillon Shane Webb purchased a bumper sticker in May of 2019. 22 Sep 2019, 15:00
733 323
13 days 10:41
Hear from the reporter who had tense exchange with Trump
CNN's Erin Burnett speaks with Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason about his questioning of President Donald Trump during a press conference. #CNN #News | 3 Oct 2019, 1:07
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19 days 10:56
Cuomo to Trump attorney: Quid pro quo isn't necessary for impeachment
CNN's Chris Cuomo and President Trump's attorney Jay Sekulow discuss the transcript of the call between Trump and the Ukrainian president. #CNN #News | 26 Sep 2019, 5:06
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