27 days 4:18
Huge Green Sea Turtle Trapped Between Rocks Rescued
A woman and her boyfriend rescued a green turtle jammed between rocks on a beach in Oman. The pair spotted the turtle while they were on a morning walk on the beach to see turtle hatchlings. 29 Jul 2019, 15:36
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21 day 6:39
El Paso witness: A kid ran into store to warn us of shooter and no one paid attention
A witness in El Paso, Texas, describes helping children evacuate Cielo Vista Mall after hearing multiple gunshots. #CNN #News | 3 Aug 2019, 21:20
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28 days 8:45
The Rise And Fall Of Subway
With thousands of store closures in the last three years and petitions against Subway from its franchise owners, the fast-food chain with the most locations globally seems to be on the rocks. 28 Jul 2019, 15:00
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10 days 8:00
Disney star Cameron Boyce’s parents on last time they saw their son | ABC News
Victor and Libby Boyce speak exclusively to ABC News’ Robin Roberts about the special memories of their 20-year-old son and how they plan to keep his legacy alive. 15 Aug 2019, 15:00
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15 days 12:12
Porno Bootcamp: The Training Ground For Amateur Porn Actors
We travel to Vancouver and meet Samantha Mack, an adult film veteran and industry mogul that is flipping the traditional "casting couch" model on it's head. 9 Aug 2019, 19:00
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29 days 6:30
Why Wagyu Beef Is So Expensive | So Expensive
Wagyu beef is the most prized beef in the world. A single cow can be sold for up to $30,000. Part of the reason why it's so expensive is due to its exclusivity and increasing demand. 27 Jul 2019, 15:00
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21 day 10:42
People frantically flee El Paso mall in active shooting
#CNN #News Video posted on Snapchat shows people fleeing out of an El Paso, Texas, shopping mall during an active shooting. 3 Aug 2019, 18:38
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20 days 0:49
Foiled jail-break for gang leader dressed up as daughter
A Brazilian inmate has been caught trying to escape from prison by pretending to be his teenage daughter when she visited him behind bars. 5 Aug 2019, 5:02
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15 days 7:19
Jeffrey Epstein found dead in jail, officials say
Jeffrey Epstein was found dead at the federal facility in New York where he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, according to officials. #CNN #News | 10 Aug 2019, 14:07
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3 days 8:25
Amazon rainforest burning at record rate
Fires are raging at a record rate in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, and scientists warn that it could strike a devastating blow to the fight against climate change. 22 Aug 2019, 14:50
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28 days 8:03
What If 2 Million People Actually Storm Area 51?
Stay safe online for free at dashlane.com/rll To get 10% off upgrading to premium, use the code "rll" at checkout Check out my new channel FakeLifeLore! 27 Jul 2019, 16:16
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21 day 4:33
Deadly mall shooting near El Paso
Police say several people have been killed and numerous injuries in shopping mall shooting. 4 Aug 2019, 1:40
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10 days 7:03
Colbert doesn't want Trump back on his show 'for safety's sake'
Comedian Stephen Colbert sits down with CNN's Anderson Cooper for a candid discussion about Donald Trump's presidency. Watch Anderson's full interview tomorrow at 9pm on CNN. #CNN #News | 15 Aug 2019, 2:22
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20 days 0:57
French Inventor Flies Across English Channel on Hoverboard
French inventor Franky Zapata successfully flew from France to England on an airborne flyboard, Sunday, August 4. The 40-year-old completed the 35 kilometer journey in under a half hour. 4 Aug 2019, 20:21
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10 days 2:08
Several Police Officers Shot in Philadelphia
Several Philadelphia police officers were shot, Wednesday, August 14 afternoon in what is being called an "active and ongoing" shooting situation in the city. Philadelphia Police Sgt. 14 Aug 2019, 23:09
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20 days 0:50
Dayton, Ohio, Shooting: Man Captures the Sound of Gunfire from His Car
Stunned onlooker Izack Johnson started filming from his car as he heard gunshots in a popular nightlife area in Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday morning. 4 Aug 2019, 22:09
1 126 642
10 days 2:46
At least 5 police officers wounded in Philadelphia shootout
Dozens of police officers faced off against a gunman barricaded inside a home on a residential Philadelphia street, with at least five sustaining non-life-threatening wounds. 15 Aug 2019, 1:50
1 123 128
14 days 3:28
Accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein dies
The disgraced financier died by an apparent suicide in his jail cell as he was awaiting trial in New York City. 11 Aug 2019, 0:07
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24 days 8:30
Tulsi Gabbard rips Kamala Harris' record on criminal prosecutions
During CNN's Democratic presidential debate, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) tears into Sen. Kamala Harris' record when she served as an attorney general and district attorney. #CNN #News | 1 Aug 2019, 3:52
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6 days 14:59
50 Best Viral Videos Of The Year, So Far (2019)
We have hand picked some of the best viral videos of the year so far, of course we would love to have put more but we would have been here all day! 18 Aug 2019, 17:00
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23 days 1:41
Plane's emergency landing captured on police dashboard camera
A small plane's emergency landing onto a road in Washington state was captured by a patrol officer's dashboard camera on 1 August. 2 Aug 2019, 6:01
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25 days 0:50
Lion tries to pounce on kids at zoo | ABC News
A little boy was completely unfazed when a lion spotted him sitting in front of the protective glass at a zoo—and tried to pounce! 30 Jul 2019, 17:00
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20 days 4:09
India to revoke special status for Kashmir - BBC News
India's government has moved to revoke the part of the constitution that gives Indian-administered Kashmir special status in an unprecedented move likely to spark unrest. 5 Aug 2019, 9:51
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19 days 3:46
U.S Releases Statement After India Scraps Article 370, Urges Respect With Affected People
Home Minister Amit Shah has proposed to remove Article 370 that gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir. 6 Aug 2019, 3:21
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19 days 10:48
Amanpour clashes with Conway over Trump's rhetoric
In an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway would not commit to the President toning down his rhetoric on Twitter and at his rallies. 5 Aug 2019, 21:07
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21 day 7:05
Witness captures shots fired in Dayton, Ohio
According to police, nine people are dead after a shooting in Dayton, Ohio; police say the suspect is also dead. A witness captured gunfire on video as it rang out in the city's Oregon District. 4 Aug 2019, 14:48
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25 days 5:05:33
Democratic Debate 2019 Pre, Post coverage : Watch live analysis of the 2nd presidential debate
Watch the Democratic debate ABC News pre-show live from Detroit and get the latest coverage here: abcn.ws/2yqz8ke #DemocratDebate #Vote2020 #DemocraticPrimary #BernieSaders #ElizabethWarren | 31 Jul 2019, 4:54
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9 days 2:28
Ural Airlines plane makes 'miracle' emergency landing
A passenger jet made an emergency landing in a cornfield outside of one of Moscow's airports after colliding with a flock of birds. 15 Aug 2019, 19:00
906 756
29 days 2:42
CNN's Victor Blackwell tears up defending hometown over Trump attacks
CNN's Victor Blackwell became emotional while responding to President Donald Trump's tweets calling Rep. 27 Jul 2019, 15:09
858 149
12 days 9:25
What if You Lived in the Most Crowded Place on Earth?
The first 500 people to sign up for Skillshare will get their first 2 months for free; skl.sh/reallifelore26 Check out my new channel FakeLifeLore! 13 Aug 2019, 14:30
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