2 hours 1:32
Syria condemns U.S. air strikes
Syria said U.S. air strikes against Iranian-backed militias in the east of the country on Friday were a cowardly act, which follows rocket attacks on U.S.
32 min 0:42
Iran unveils new Predator-lookalike drone
Tehran has proudly flaunted its new Kaman-22 drone, which can reportedly fly for over 24 hours, and carry cargo and combat equipment.
33 min 3:49
Austin, Texas Water Crisis Explained
‘This crisis was largely caused by state officials who put profits over people’ — This Texas city council member is calling out lawmakers for failing to prepare for the state’s winter storms and
45 min 2:52
Khashoggi ban: US to impose visa ban on 76 Saudi citizens
US President Joe Biden has warned Saudi Arabia "the rules are changing" in their relationship.
1 hour 1:36
Grayzone report rebukes 'genocide' accusation against China
Grayzone, an independent news website, recently published a report critical of "genocide" accusations against China.
24 min 0:53
Sex & Rs 1.5 lakh: 20-year-old woman gives 'supari' to murder her lover
A 20-year-old woman has been arrested for planning her lover’s murder, by promising to pay the assailant Rs 1.5 lakh and have sex with him after the murder.
27 min 2:11
First US military action under Biden draws criticism
The US is defending its decision to bomb a target in Syria.
1 hour 22:07
Imran's Visit To Sri Lanka | Blitzkrieg With Major Gaurav Arya (Retd)
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26 min 3:56
Delhi Police Arrest 2 For Plotting To Assassinate Kashmiri Activist
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1 hour 2:40
China approves homegrown single-dose vaccine CanSino
Unlike most of the other vaccines, the jabs of the vaccine CanSino requires only one shot. Researchers say its efficacy rate can reach 68 percent.
46 min 9:59:25
Live: See space-bred rice seeds planted in S China's labs and test land
The Chang'e-5 lunar probe started its 23-day space travel with a variety of plant seeds on November 24, 2020, including 40-gram rice seeds.
2 hours 5:19
US report: Saudi crown prince approved Khashoggi murder | DW News
Saudi Arabia has hit back at US claims that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman likely approved the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
1 hour 3:22
Indian Ambassador Sends Strong Message To UNHRC Over Farm Law; Urges Objectivity And Impartiality
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1 hour 4:20
'We haven't been good enough': Anas Sarwar pledges to rebuild Scottish Labour as leader
Anas Sarwar said becoming Scottish Labour leader was the greatest honour of his life, and pledged to rebuild the party. 'I know Labour has a lot of work to do to win back your trust,' Sarwar said.
19 min 4:49
Grand Alliance Announcement In Battleground Assam: RJD-AIUDF-Congress Join Hands
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2 hours 1:34
Poles go underground for COVID treatment
A UNESCO World Heritage site in Poland is being used to help people recover from COVID-19, with patients going deep underground in the Wieliczka salt mine to a therapeutic centre dealing with
2 hours 0:45
China accuses European countries of ulterior motives, for refusing to visit Xinjiang
China says it has invited representatives from EU countries to visit Xinjiang to understand the situation there. But they've repeatedly delayed going.
23 min 3:13
Dutch children face mental health crisis during the pandemic
Dutch children were once ranked among some of the world's happiest, but since the coronavirus pandemic, an increasing number are suffering from depression.
1 hour 4:25
‘Foreign consultants’ with ties to Macron pocketing contracts in COVID jab rollout
French MPs want to know why ‘foreign consultants’ with connections to President Macron are earning big money from a COVID vaccine rollout that has been plagued with failures and delays.
24 min 2:45
Lantern Festival in a remote Chinese village: celebration of hope and courage
Red lanterns, sticky rice dumplings, paper-cuts...Come and join our foreign visitor Anna to a tour of authentic #LanternFestival in a remote Chinese village, where people's lives have been changed
19 min 11:25
BJP Delegation Meets EC, Raises Issue Of 'Political Violence' In Poll-Bound West Bengal
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32 min 1:06
Jordanian turns his car into coffee shop
Meet the Jordanian who has turned his car into a coffee shop #News #JORDAN Subscribe: smarturl.it/reuterssubscribe Reuters brings you the latest business, finance and breaking news video
1 hour 2:46
'G-23' Congress Leaders Share Stage With Ghulam Nabi Azad In Jammu; Dissent Against Gandhis?
Days after Congress veteran Ghulam Nabi Azad's retirement from Rajya Sabha and Rahul Gandhi's controversial 'North-South' remarks, top central Congress leaders arrived in Jammu to attend a function.
32 min 2:08
WATCH | Good tidings: Cape Town surf academy gives Vrygrond youngsters a second chance
The Local Surf Lounge Academy in Muizenberg creates a safe space for young people from neighbouring communities. It provides surfing lessons, mentoring, and cooking classes to help empower the youth.
1 hour 1:47
Sri Lanka finally lifts ban on burial of COVID victims
Sri Lanka's government says it will no longer force Muslims and Christians to cremate the remains of family members who have died from COVID-19.
1 hour 1:59
Greece: Police tear-gas supporters of far-left convict at Athens metro station
Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Police officers used tear gas during clashes with demonstrators at the entrance of a metro station in Athens on Friday.
2 hours 2:57
BizBeat Ep. 54: Will the U.S. give up on free trade?
The U.S. Trade Representative nominee Katherine Tai said at her Senate confirmation hearing that she now sees China as both a rival and a partner whose cooperation is what the U.S.
2 hours 48:46
LIVE: #AfricaLive 10GMT 27/02/2020
LIVE: #AfricaLive 10GMT Here’s your news bulletin at this hour, live from Nairobi, Kenya with Richard Nta. Stay with us right here, or catch our bulletin on DSTV 409 and Star Times 123.
1 hour 2:13
UN general assembly addresses Myanmar military coup
Myanmar's ambassador to the United Nations has made an emotional appeal on behalf of the overthrown government.
1 hour 0:55
Lunar soil samples go on display at National Museum of China
A hundred grams of lunar soil collected by China's Chang'e-5 lunar lander in 2020 made its public debut at the opening ceremony in the National Museum of China in Beijing on February 27, 2021.
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