18 hours 10:12
Nothing Ear(1) Review: See Through the Hype!
Behind the hype these $99 earbuds are actually a pretty great pickup.
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4 hours 11:54
An Uncontroversial Opinion – AMD RX 6600 XT Announcement
Start your build today at buildredux.com/linus Buy a Seasonic Ultra Titanium Power Supply: On Amazon: geni.us/q4lnefC On NewEgg: lmg.gg/8KV3S AMD’s latest – but perhaps
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15 hours 2:40
How To Survive Poison
Start speaking a new language in 3 weeks with Babbel 🎉.
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16 hours 18:57
Making a Fine(ish) Woodworking Side Table | I Like To Make Stuff
I wanted to replace a broken side table without using screws or nails! This solid cherry side table was an exercise in finer woodworking for me and I'm really happy with the result.
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17 hours 21:16
Is this SUPERSIZED NUC Worth It? Intel Beast Canyon NUC 11 Review
Intel is at it again with their Beast Canyon NUC 11 Extreme which is supposed to be the best small gaming system on the market. It uses a Tiger Lake i9-11900KB CPU along with a small 8 liter case.
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18 hours 8:19
Nothing Ear 1 Review : Worth The Wait
We Review The New Nothing Ear 1 Earphones with ANC Buy Them fkrt.it/pmbmJduuuN All content used is copyright of iGyaan, Use or commercial display or editing of the content without proper
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4 hours 8:06
Where Gaming Begins: Ep. 4 | AMD Radeon™ RX 6600 XT
Join the Director of Product Management for Radeon, Nish Neelalojanan, as he introduces the newest graphics card powered by the RDNA 2 architecture, the AMD Radeon™ RX 6600 XT.
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10 hours 6:30
AWS Partner: Orinoco Solutions | Amazon Web Services
In this episode of AWS Community Chats, Aley Hammer is joined with Jesus from Orinoco.
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10 hours 11:27
AWS Partner: Okkular | Amazon Web Services
In this episode of AWS Community Chats, Aley Hammer is joined with Abhishek from Okkular.
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10 hours 4:47
Creditor Watch on AWS: Customer Story | Amazon Web Services
In this episode of AWS Community Chats, Aley Hammer is joined with Joseph from Creditor Watch.
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14 hours 4:50
Introducing Android Game Development Kit - Android Game Dev Show
In this episode, Dan Galpin introduces the Android Game Development Kit, which includes tools and libraries that simplify Android game development, improve development workflows, and help you
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3 hours 34:52
Level1 News July 30 2021: Let My Ice Cream Go
one-tab.com/page/5FwW70QURiW32yHQraJQ9Q 0:00 - Intro 1:50 - The Inevitable Weaponization of App Data Is Here 3:49 - Huge data leak shatters the lie that the innocent need not fear
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8 hours 17:10
Manage projects and tasks in Microsoft Teams
With Microsoft Project in Teams, your team can form a plan, organize work, and seamlessly collaborate to hit deadlines and stay on top of their work.
22 hours 42:27
Cheese, Web Workers, universal search, and more!
John, Martin, and Gary celebrate recording over 20 episodes of the podcast reminiscing about great cheese and guests they want to have on the show.
8 hours 28:45
Microsoft's Connected Project Experiences
In a time when projects are the unifying thread woven throughout the fabric of modern work, Microsoft delivers the platform, tools, and capabilities teams need to eliminate complexity, clarify
8 hours 22:34
Extensibility in Project for the web
Learn how to customize Project for the web, integrate it into your business processes and see how the PowerApps platform can take your organization to the next level.
8 hours 24:55
Overview of Microsoft Project
Join Project product managers to learn about Microsoft Project and the latest member of the family, Project for the web.
22 hours 2:05
Life with a digital identity - introduction to integrated SIM (iSIM)
Nestled deep within the processor’s system-on-chip (SoC) architecture, integrated SIM (iSIM) is set to be the technology that allows mobile and IoT devices to securely authenticate themselves to a
7 hours 12:16
ML Max TV S01E01 - What is remote development and how do you do it? | Amazon Web Services
A step-by-step guide to using AWS Systems Manager to securely connect to a remote development environment hosted on Amazon EC2.
16 hours 14:01
Google Play PolicyBytes - 2021 年 7 月政策更新 (Mandarin)
Sandy, Google Play 内容运营团队大中华区负责人,将为大家分享 2021 年 7 月 Play 的政策更新,包括用户数据、广告、商品详情和宣传、家庭政策,以及政策违规处置流程。 请直接跳至以下内容观看相关政策更新解答: 00:39 数据隐私权和安全 03:20 广告 ID 04:47 应用组 ID 05:24 永久性设备标识符 05:55 家庭政策 06:45 元数据
16 hours 16:34
Google Play PolicyBytes - 2021년 7월 정책 업데이트 (Korean)
구글 플레이 정책 담당자 최문석님이 개인정보 보호 및 보안, 광고, 스토어 등록정보, 가족 등 2021년 7월 구글 플레이 정책 업데이트 사항에 대해 설명 해드립니다.
16 hours 15:11
Google Play PolicyBytes - 2021年7月ポリシーアップデート (Japanese)
Google Trust & Safety, Google Play & Android 部門 グローバルオペレーション担当の小倉光之介(Konosuke Ogura)が 2021 年 7 月の Google Play ポリシーアップデートについてご説明いたします。 今回ご紹介するコンテンツは以下をご参照ください: 00:40 データのプライバシーとセキュリティ 02:20 広告 ID
17 hours 0:16
🚴 ⚡️ 🚲 #shorts
Banggood – 29 Jul 2021, 13:45
16 hours 2:25
VIVE TALK | Professional Training in VR
Take a closer look at some different kinds of corporate training, and how VR can improve the experience.  
17 hours 18:04
Evolution of Data Privacy: Embracing Digital Transformation - Episode 59 | Intel Business
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Intel, discusses what data privacy really means and its future direction with Jeremy Harris, Assistant General Counsel – Privacy/Information Security, at
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