19 hours 4:15
Trump lunches with Macron amid tension on tariffs
President Trump's first stop during the G7 summit in France was lunch with his host, French President Emmanuel Macron. #CNN #News | 24 Aug 2019, 15:43
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22 hours 5:32
Cold War 2: US v China?
China and the US are accusing each other of staring another Cold War! 24 Aug 2019, 13:00
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20 hours 2:24
Ongoing violence as protests continue in Kashmir
Indian opposition leaders have been prevented from entering the disputed Kashmir region. 24 Aug 2019, 14:58
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20 hours 2:44
Markets sink as Trump presses US companies to leave China
US President Donald Trump is raising tariffs on Chinese imports by an additional five percent. 24 Aug 2019, 15:01
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19 hours 9:23
First Nations Burlesque in Canada
Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière is the first Canadian and first Indigenous woman to hold the title of Queen of Burlesque. 24 Aug 2019, 16:00
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17 hours 2:32
Driver asleep at the wheel of his Tesla on busy freeway in Los Angeles
A California couple captured a man asleep at the wheel of his Tesla on one of the busiest highways in the country; the car was on autopilot and maintained speed but the incident still posed a threat. 24 Aug 2019, 17:41
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23 hours 1:13
President Donald Trump Arrives in France for G-7 Summit
U.S. President Donald Trump and his wife Melania arrive at the airport in Biarritz, France, for the first day of the G-7 summit, Saturday, August 24. 24 Aug 2019, 12:14
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21 hour 0:59
BREAKING! Russia Launches Submarine-Based Ballistic Bulava
Spectacular footage released by Russia's MoD shows the Yuri Dolgorukiy, a Borei-class submarine, traversing the waters of the Barents Sea. 24 Aug 2019, 14:34
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12 hours 1:15
Hong Kong Police Use Tear Gas to Counter Protest Petrol Bombs
Hong Kong police fired tear gas to break up anti-government protests in an industrial suburb, Saturday, August 24, after activists threw petrol bombs and bricks. 24 Aug 2019, 23:28
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23 hours 6:51
Marianne Williamson: US economy skewed in favor of few people
2020 Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson breaks down her economic plan to CNN's Christi Paul. #CNN #News | 24 Aug 2019, 11:40
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14 hours 34:55
Get Bitcoin in your IRA or 401K Rollover: Call Noble Bitcoin at 877 646 5347 or click HERE: noblebitcoin.com/bitcoin-ira/?affiliate_source=affiliate_sgt_report The First Ever SGTREPORT .999 | 24 Aug 2019, 20:43
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22 hours 22:20
RIP Jaitley: Leaders Across Party Lines Pay Last Respect To Arun Jaitley
Veteran BJP leader and former Finance Minister Arun Jaitely died on Saturday in New Delhi. He was 66. Arun Jaitely had been suffering from various ailments for the past few years. 24 Aug 2019, 13:04
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23 hours 3:11
PM Modi Likely To Attend Last Rites Of Arun Jaitley
Veteran BJP leader and former Finance Minister Arun Jaitely died on Saturday in New Delhi. He was 66. Arun Jaitely had been suffering from various ailments for the past few years. 24 Aug 2019, 11:56
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17 hours 2:12
Patient dies from severe respiratory illness, possibly from vaping
An Illinois patient died from a respiratory illness that could have been caused from using e-cigarettes and/or vaping. 24 Aug 2019, 17:40
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21 hour 3:01
What Everyone Gets Wrong About Food Stamps | Opinions | NowThis
‘The amount of people that are sitting around…is absolutely tiny compared to the thousands and thousands of working families that are struggling to get by.’ — Food bank CEO Erik Talkin is breaking | 24 Aug 2019, 14:00
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17 hours 2:10
Michael Drejka found guilty of manslaughter
Drejka faces up to 30 years in prison after shooting and killing Markeis McGlockton in a Florida parking lot; he initially used the state's "stand your ground" law in his defense. 24 Aug 2019, 17:36
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22 hours 1:06
Protesters and Riot Police Clash in Hong Kong
Clashes broke out between police and pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong on Saturday, August 24, as tensions boiled over on the city's streets. 24 Aug 2019, 13:30
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11 hours 1:58
Prince Andrew issued a statement about Jeffrey Epstein
In the new statement Prince Andrew calls his association with Epstein “a mistake” and “an error.” | 25 Aug 2019, 0:03
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17 hours 1:17
EU Leaders Gather for Meeting at G-7 Summit
European Union leaders, plus Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, held talks ahead of the G-7 summit in Biarritz, France, Saturday, August 24. 24 Aug 2019, 18:24
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16 hours 1:18
Macron Hosts Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel for Dinner as G-7 Summit Opens
French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron, welcome U.S. 24 Aug 2019, 19:17
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6 hours 2:24
PM Modi To Meet Donald Trump On The Sidelines Of G-7 Summit In France
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet U.S President, Donald Trump on the sidelines of he G-7 Summit in Paris, France. 25 Aug 2019, 4:40
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8 hours 3:28
President Trump boasted about the economy on his way to France
The trade war with China is already hitting U.S. consumers and J.P. Morgan estimated American families will pay an average of $1,000 a year because of the higher tariffs on China. 25 Aug 2019, 2:52
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11 hours 2:21
A Man who shot an unarmed man in Florida was convicted of manslaughter a year later
Shove Drejka shot Marquis McGlockton after being shoved to the ground and claimed self-defense. 25 Aug 2019, 0:04
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17 hours 0:43
Man screams racist slurs at Texas post office worker
Police was called after racist man's outburst shocked post office workers and customers in Dallas RT LIVE youtube.com/watch?v=IFAcqaNzNSc Check out rt.com Subscribe to RT! 24 Aug 2019, 18:30
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20 hours 4:39:13
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Russian man narrowly escapes death after 6,000-volt electric shock
What could have been a tragedy turned into a small miracle when a bundler was electrocuted at a Russian ore dressing facility but survived the shock. The gut-wrenching moment was caught on film. 24 Aug 2019, 16:00
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21 hour 3:59
G7 summit 2019: Is consensus possible with Trump in Biarritz? | DW News
Leaders of a deeply divided group of seven leading industrial countries are meeting in the French resort of Biarritz. US President Donald Trump is out of step with the rest. 24 Aug 2019, 14:11
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19 hours 3:36
How to keep student athletes safe during practice
Schools around the US are changing how they deal with the summer heat and athletes practicing outside. CNN's Allison Chinchar and Coy Wire explain how they decide when it's safe. #CNN #News | 24 Aug 2019, 15:43
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13 hours 24:54
Mortal Kombat Sounds & Stalin Statues: VICE News Tonight Full Episode
This is the August 16, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO. 2:10 VICE News attends a Trump Rally with head of the NH Young Democrats, Lucas Meyer. 24 Aug 2019, 22:00
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16 hours 2:58
Hong Kong: Police double over in agony during shopping mall skirmish
Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Police officers choked and vomited following minor clashes with protesters in and around the Telford Garden complex in Kowloon Bay on Saturday. 24 Aug 2019, 18:42
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