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Final 2020 Presidential Debate: WATCH LIVE Pres. Trump, Joe Biden go head-to-head | ABC News
#Debates2020 #TrumpBidenDebate #Vote2020 #ABCNews LATEST UPDATES: abcn.ws/34mMpeJ Schedule of events: 7p ET: ABC News Prime 8p ET: Debate pre-show 9p ET: Debate 10:30p ET: Debate
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4 days 10:47
Trump abruptly ends '60 Minutes' solo interview
President Donald Trump abruptly ended a solo interview with CBS News' "60 Minutes" and did not return for an appearance he was supposed to tape with Vice President Mike Pence, according to multiple
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3 days 32:53
Barack Obama delivers scathing takedown of Donald Trump
Former President Barack Obama delivered a blistering account of his successor's first four years in office in Philadelphia, arguing that President Donald Trump has proved he is "incapable of taking
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2 days 2:23:50
Livestream: The final 2020 presidential debate on CNN
Watch live CNN analysis and fact-checking of tonight's debate here: cnn.it/2TjoCWw President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden face off in the final presidential debate of 2020.
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5 days 8:51
Trump called CNN 'bastards' for covering Covid-19. Hear Keilar's response
CNN's Brianna Keilar responds to President Trump's comments at a rally that people are "tired of the pandemic" and those who continue to cover the crisis are "dumb bastards." #CNN #News
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23 hours 57:08
Obama: This simple '60 Minutes' question was 'too tough' for Trump
Former President Barack Obama took aim at President Donald Trump and his response to the coronavirus pandemic during a campaign event for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in Miami.
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5 days 9:59
Cooper goes after Trump for bashing Fauci on leaked tapes
CNN’s Anderson Cooper rolls the tape on leaked audio between President Trump and staffers where the president is heard bashing Dr. Fauci. #CNN #News
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1 day 9:48
Dr. Fauci responds to President Trump's latest attack
CNN's Erin Burnett asked Dr. Anthony Fauci if President Donald Trump was trying to get him to quit by attempting to disparage him, calling him a Democrat to supporters. #CNN #News
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6 days 9:10
Listen to leaked call of Trump bashing Fauci to his staff
President Donald Trump claimed on a campaign call that people are tired of hearing about coronavirus, which has killed more than 215,000 Americans, and criticized Dr.
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2 days 18:09
'Serial deliberate dishonesty': Final presidential debate fact check
CNN's Daniel Dale fact checks the final presidential debate of 2020 and says President Donald Trump had far more false statements than Democratic nominee Joe Biden.
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5 days 7:35
Tapper: This Fox News clip is so gross ... I'm not going to air it
CNN's Jake Tapper goes over how parts of the Republican party have embraced the "untethered" conspiracy group QAnon, and discusses "gross and irresponsible" reporting from Fox News with retiring Rep.
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2 days 9:58
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5 days 5:07
Trump accidentally revealed a *lot* about his taxes
Donald Trump is the only modern American president to never release any of his tax returns -- either while running for president or during his time in office.
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1 day 5:54
Fareed Zakaria: This is why Trump will lose the 2020 election
CNN's Fareed Zakaria tells Anderson Cooper why he thinks President Donald Trump will lose the 2020 presidential election.
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5 days 9:29
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2 days 10:51
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6 days 6:59
Ronald Reagan's son: We have grifters in the White House
Ron Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan and former first lady Nancy Reagan, tells CNN's Ana Cabrera that his father would "be horrified" by the Republican Party of today.
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1 day 4:35
The uncomfortable question Trump asked Netanyahu
After announcing that Israel and Sudan have agreed to normalize relations, President Donald Trump asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to weigh in on the ongoing US election. #CNN #News
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2 days 1:32:56
Replay: The final 2020 presidential debate on CNN
President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden face off in the final presidential debate of 2020. #CNN #News
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1 day 3:30
COVID-19 cases surge with more than 82,000 in single day
Chicago imposed new curfews for nonessential businesses, including bars, after Illinois saw 4,000 new virus infections. Fourteen states hit record hospitalizations this week.
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3 days 37:40
Donald Trump Walks Out on '60 Minutes' — Full Interview | NowThis
President Donald Trump posted his full, combative '60 Minutes' interview with Lesley Stahl, which he abruptly ends after about 35 minutes of tough questioning. » Subscribe to NowThis: go.nowth.
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5 days 4:51
CNN reporter went to a QAnon event. This is what he saw
You might see people sharing the hashtag #SavetheChildren on social media. But much of this online activity has nothing to do with the respected and real Save the Children charity.
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1 day 8:49
Cooper: Trump's accountability had lifespan of fruit fly
CNN's Anderson Cooper discusses how President Trump's coronavirus response has failed as the country is looking towards hundreds of thousands of more deaths in the coming months if nothing changes.
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7 hours 8:12
Road to 270: This state could be a 'game over' win for Biden
CNN's John King breaks down the spending and traveling of President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in the run-up to Election Day. #CNN #News
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5 days 10:53
Trump says we're 'rounding the turn' on Covid-19. Here are the facts
President Donald Trump told Fox News that the US was "rounding the turn" on Covid-19, despite the surge in coronavirus cases. CNN's John King lays out the facts. #CNN #News
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3 days 5:28
Covid-19 task force members contradict Trump
CNN's Brianna Keilar reports on the many coronavirus task force members stepping forward to contradict President Trump on the Covid-19 response. #CNN #News
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5 days 6:40
Ex-GOP strategist on Trump's GOP: 'Burn it down and start over':
Long-time Republican strategist Stuart Stevens says that he no longer recognizes the Republican Party under President Trump and says the party has collapsed. #CNN #News
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2 days 7:23
Highlights of Donald Trump's Leaked Interview with '60 Minutes' | NowThis
Donald Trump leaked his own '60 Minutes' interview—which he abruptly cut short—and insisted that it showed 'bias, hatred, and rudeness.' » Subscribe to NowThis: go.nowth.is/News_Subscribe »
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3 days 6:15
Why a Democratic landslide could crush the GOP for years to come
As November 3 draws closer, independent political handicappers are revising upwards the likelihood of Joe Biden winning the presidency and Democrats making gains in Congress.
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3 days 9:44
Feds: Iran and Russia have interfered with presidential election
Federal officials say Iran and Russia have obtained US voter information in an effort to interfere with the election. #CNN #News
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