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Russell Howard Rounds Up This Week's News | The Russell Howard Channel
In this week's round up, Russell Howard takes on the government's "very clear" announcement of the new vaccine, discussions on who should get the vaccine first, a future without Zoom, Trump and his
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The Russell Howard Hour - Series 4, Episode 10 | Full Episode
In series 4, episode 8 of The Russell Howard Hour, Russell dives into the governments response to the free school meal petition, the US election and interviews the brilliant Dizzie Rascal.
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Matthew McConaughey Talks U.S. Presidential Election, Jordan Peterson, Cancel Culture & Wet Dreams
Russell Howard sits down with Matthew McConaughey to talk about Jordan Peterson & controversial opinions, uniting a divided America and how a wet dream sent him on holiday.
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Anger Van Allows The Release of Rage Whilst Raising Money For Charity | The Russell Howard Hour
Emma started up The Anger Van to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy UK whilst letting people get out some pent up rage in a difficult year.
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Joe Wilkinson's "Quorn On The Cob" idea didn't go down well | Life Lessons | The Russell Howard Hour
From series 4 of The Russell Howard Hour, Paul Chowdhry, Taylor Tomlinson, Joe Wilkinson, Iain Stirling, London Hughes, Rosie Jones and Phil Wang all discuss their worst business idea.
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