5 days 8:10
ATEEZ Plays Who's Who
ATEEZ made a comeback this year and WE COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! To celebrate their new music, we invited them to play a hilarious game of "Who's Who," and it did NOT disappoint.
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6 days 5:42
Pro Horseback Riders React To Horse Girl TikToks
"Omg... now I'm acting like a horse." Merle, Danielle, Avery, and Clara share what it's actually like as a horse girl vs competitive equestrian.
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4 days 5:44
Gen Z Reacts to Classic BuzzFeed Videos
Did she just say use a salad spinner...to dry your clothes?! Gen Z reacts to some of your favorite classic BuzzFeed videos!
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2 days 4:05
I Accidentally Became A Meme: Chocolate Rain
Tay Zonday never imagined his musical critique of institutional racism would lead to a viral sensation and a career in entertainment.
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1 hour 3:15
30 Questions In 3 Minutes with KANG DANIEL
We gave KANG DANIEL 3 minutes to answer 30 questions, and he ended up giving us his best Morgan Freeman impression.
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