1 day 1:26
Louisville under state of emergency ahead of Breonna Taylor decision
The city of Louisville, Kentucky, is under a state of emergency as it awaits a major decision in the case of Breonna Taylor's death. Jericka Duncan has the latest.
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4 days 0:15
Tropical Storm Beta threatens Gulf Coast
The Gulf Coast is on watch yet again for another tropical storm. There have been so many storms this season that forecasters are now using the Greek alphabet to name them.
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2 days 1:57
CDC abruptly reverses guidance on COVID-19 airborne transmission
The Centers for Disease Control took an unusual step by reversing its new guidance about how the coronavirus spreads. Mola Lenghi has the latest.
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6 hours 4:13
No officers charged directly for the killing of Breonna Taylor
A Kentucky grand jury decided not to indict three police officers for the shooting death of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor. One officer was charged with wanton endangerment. Jericka Duncan reports.
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1 day 4:02
U.S. coronavirus death toll surpasses 200,000
The U.S. coronavirus death toll has hit more than 200,000 — the most COVID-19 deaths in the world. Health experts are worried about the resurgence of the virus as the fall season begins.
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3 days 2:33
Murkowski becomes second GOP senator to oppose filling Ginsburg's seat before election
Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski on Sunday became the second GOP senator to oppose filling Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat before the election.
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4 days 1:28
Wildfires continue to devastate the West Coast
Wildfires continue to rip through the West Coast, and California is taking the brunt of the damage. One firefighter has died battling the blazes. Lilia Luciano reports.
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6 days 4:10
Rising tensions between Trump and CDC chief over vaccine timeline
There are rising tensions between President Trump and his CDC chief, Robert Redfield. Paula Reid reports.
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6 days 2:01
Barr under fire for comparing coronavirus lockdowns to slavery
Attorney General William Barr is under fire for comparing coronavirus lockdowns to slavery. Jeff Pegues reports.
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3 days 1:26
California firefighters struggle to put out massive Bobcat fire
Firefighters in southern California are battling one of the largest wildfires ever to hit Los Angeles County. The Bobcat fire has ravaged nearly 100 acres with no signs of slowing down.
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5 days 2:18
Trump and Biden both campaign in Minnesota as early voting begins
Both President Trump and Joe Biden are campaigning in Minnesota as the state begins its early voting process. Ed O'Keefe reports.
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1 day 1:33
Tropical Storm Beta slams Texas with heavy rains, flooding
Remnants of Tropical Storm Beta are battering the Gulf Coast with torrential rains from Texas all the way to New Orleans. Janet Shamlian reports.
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3 days 1:46
Nationwide COVID-19 cases on the rise as second wave emerges
The death toll from COVID-19 neared 200,000 on Sunday, as the country has reported 6.8 million coronavirus cases since the pandemic began. Tom Hanson reports.
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4 days 1:32
President Trump contradicts health officials on vaccine distribution timeline
As the nation approaches 200,000 coronavirus deaths, President Trump continues to insist vaccines will be available for mass distribution by April, contradicting the claims of health officials.
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6 days 1:16
New York City delays in-person learning over coronavirus safety concerns
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will be delaying in-person learning for another week as pressure from teachers and parents continue to grow over coronavirus safety concerns. Nikki Battiste reports.
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5 days 3:23
President Trump says there will be enough vaccine available by April
President Trump said Friday that there will be enough vaccine available to protect every American against the virus by April. His claim comes two days after he criticized CDC Director Dr.
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4 days 2:39
Republicans pushing ahead to fill Ginsburg’s vacated seat
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is vowing to hold a vote on President Trump’s eventual Supreme Court nominee, despite blocking former President Obama’s pick during an election year.
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Dr. Fauci spars with Rand Paul during coronavirus Senate hearing
Top infectious disease experts delivered testimony about the U.S. pandemic response before a Senate committee Wednesday. Dr.
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6 days 1:30
Daughter's tweet helps save her father's food truck
The coronavirus pandemic has hit small businesses particularly hard. For the owner of a taco truck in Texas, it meant saying goodbye to his food truck, until his daughter turned to Twitter for help.
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4 days 1:53
Supreme Court vacancy shakes up presidential election
This Saturday, President Trump continued his campaign trail with a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, as voters anxiously speculated who he might pick to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
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1 day 2:15
Trump praises his pandemic response as death toll hits sobering milestone
President Trump did not acknowledge that COVID-19 has left more than 200,000 dead in the U.S.. Instead, Mr. Trump is describing his administration's response as amazing. Wieja Jiang reports.
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3 days 1:40
Israel starts second lockdown as Europe braces for second COVID-19 wave
Coronavirus cases seem to be surging all around the world. Elizabeth Palmer has more on this imminent second wave.
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6 days 2:49
Moderna president on transparency in vaccine development
Moderna has released its protocols on how it will determine if its coronavirus vaccine is effective and safe. Norah O'Donnell spoke with the company's president, Dr.
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4 days 3:11
Election officials prepare for historic numbers of mail-in ballots
Anticipating a historic surge of mail-in ballots this November, local election officials are ramping up preparation to meet the demands.
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3 days 1:49
U.K. company makes environmentally-friendly plastic out of peas
A new type of plastic easy on the environment is rolling out of the U.K. And it's made from peas. Ian Lee reports.
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6 days 1:53
Rain may offer wildfire relief but raises mudslide concerns
Thousands have escaped and lived through the horror of the wildfires. Now, many of them are returning back to find their homes burned to the ground. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.
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5 days 2:59
How a fish chair tattoo inspired a Facebook group's 300-mile journey
When Emily DelFavero shared a photo of her tattoo of a fish chair on Facebook, she received more than just compliments.
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4 days 2:16
Congress releases scathing report on Boeing 737 Max
In a newly released report on Boeing’s 737 Max, congressional investigators heavily criticized the airplane manufacturer for ignoring blatant flaws in its system.
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3 days 2:56
Trump prepares list of contenders to fill Supreme Court vacancy
The Supreme Court vacancy gives the president a chance to reframe the 2020 campaign. President Trump is preparing his list of contenders to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's vacated seat.
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2 days 4:41
Trump says he will nominate Ginsburg replacement by end of week
President Trump told reporters it is his duty to nominate a Supreme Court justice after Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday. CBS News has learned two women are among the top contenders.
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