3 days 4:57
Tulsi Gabbard responds to Hillary Clinton: Clinton "knows she can't control me"
Hillary Clinton implied Russians are "grooming" Tulsi Gabbard to run as a third-party candidate to disrupt the election, a charge which Gabbard denies. 19 Oct 2019, 1:09
444 048
3 days 8:55
El Chapo's son captured, then released during shootout in Mexico
During a shootout between Mexican authorities and the powerful Sinaloa cartel, the son of notorious drug boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was captured. 18 Oct 2019, 21:25
331 172
1 day 0:27
Officials conduct implosions at site of collapsed Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans
Officials set off thundering explosions Sunday to topple two cranes looming precariously over a partially collapsed hotel in New Orleans, but most of one crane appeared to be left dangling atop the | 21 Oct 2019, 1:13
316 496
2 days 1:25
Sanders endorsement is "most authentic decision to let people know how I feel," AOC says
Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez formally endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders at a rally in Queens on Saturday. 20 Oct 2019, 0:07
282 371
6 days 5:24
Fort Worth police give update on officer charged with murder
During a news conference Tuesday, Fort Worth interim police chief Ed Kraus vowed that the officer who fatally shot a black woman in her home will be held accountable. 15 Oct 2019, 15:58
207 929
5 days 7:58
Pelosi says Trump had a "meltdown" in meeting with congressional leaders
Bipartisan congressional leaders went to the White House for a meeting with President Trump about the situation in Syria, but Democrats said they left after the president made insulting remarks | 16 Oct 2019, 21:48
171 915
5 days 14:40
House Democrats say Trump had a "meltdown" in meeting on Syria
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Trump had a "meltdown" Wednesday during a contentious meeting at the White House. 17 Oct 2019, 1:36
149 253
2 days 1:55
Surveillance video captures dramatic moment football coach disarmed student with gun
Earlier this year, a high school football coach in Oregon was celebrated as a hero for stopping an armed student before he could hurt anyone. 19 Oct 2019, 21:01
128 408
2 days 2:55
Egypt reveals details about 30 ancient coffins found with mummies inside
Egyptian archaeologists recently discovered 30 colorful ancient wooden coffins in the city of Luxor. On Saturday, they were opened to reveal perfectly preserved mummies. 19 Oct 2019, 21:57
120 978
5 days 10:08
Elizabeth Warren fends off attacks from 11 Democratic opponents in debate
Senator Elizabeth Warren spent the fourth Democratic presidential primary debate fending off attacks from more moderate rivals. 16 Oct 2019, 15:12
108 775
3 days 2:34
Trump says Turkey's attacks on Kurds were "eliminated quickly" by ceasefire
President Trump said he spoke to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan this morning. Mr. 18 Oct 2019, 17:53
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12 hours 6:44
White House changes course on G7 site, Mulvaney quid pro quo comments
President Trump announced next year's G7 summit will not be hosted at his Trump National Doral resort in Florida after fierce backlash. 21 Oct 2019, 17:01
92 132
3 days 3:34
Trump faces attacks from top Republicans in Congress and former top military leaders
President Trump on Friday faced attacks from the top Republicans in Congress over his decision to pull troops out of Syria. It followed harsh comments from top military officials. 19 Oct 2019, 1:31
79 988
9 hours 11:35
Trump talks Syria, impeachment, G7 controversy and more at Cabinet meeting
President Trump spoke about a wide range of issues during a Cabinet meeting Monday. 21 Oct 2019, 20:31
74 756
4 days 12:14
U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings has died
Maryland Rep. Elijah E. Cummings died early Thursday due to complications from longstanding health challenges, his congressional office said. He was 68. Cummings became the powerful chairman of a U.S. 17 Oct 2019, 10:41
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2 days 6:24
Trump urges Republicans to "stick together and fight"
President Trump is urging Republicans to "stick together and fight" following a tumultuous week in Washington in which Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney admitted the U.S. 19 Oct 2019, 19:57
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2 days 12:24
"This campaign is about fundamental change": Bernie Sanders' campaign co-chair addresses 2020 run
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders returned to the campaign trail Saturday. 19 Oct 2019, 22:31
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6 days 7:27
Fourth Democratic debate takes place in Ohio tonight
Tonight's Democratic primary debate will be the first since congressional leaders opened at impeachment inquiry into President Trump. 15 Oct 2019, 16:43
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6 days 12:06
Trump hits Turkey with sanctions as fighting escalates in northern Syria
President Trump is calling for a cease-fire in northern Syria as clashes erupt across the region. He's also imposing tough economic sanctions on Turkey over its incursion into Syria last week. 15 Oct 2019, 14:55
53 173
4 days 0:37
Paris Zoo unveils "The Blob" exhibit
It's bright yellow, it has no brain and it can heal itself in just a few minutes. 18 Oct 2019, 1:33
52 477
4 days 37:49
Live: Nancy Pelosi speaks on Capitol Hill after death of Elijah Cummings
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding her weekly news conference on Capitol Hill on Thursday morning, hours after the death of Elijah Cummings, the Maryland Democratic chairman of the House | 17 Oct 2019, 15:43
51 229
5 days 4:54
Pence and Pompeo to travel to Turkey to discuss cease-fire in Syria
Turkey has demanded Kurdish fighters surrender and leave the Syrian border by tonight as violence escalates across the region. 16 Oct 2019, 14:16
46 736
6 days 22:46
Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff give update on voting to authorize impeachment inquiry
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff said they are not planning on holding a full House vote on the impeachment inquiry. 16 Oct 2019, 0:37
43 087
4 days 7:16
Mark Zuckerberg defends policy to allow politicians to lie in campaign ads
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed the importance of freedom of expression Thursday, saying the social platform won't police political speech. 18 Oct 2019, 3:03
41 587
4 days 2:06
Fort Worth residents "don't feel safe" after shooting death of Atatiana Jefferson
Residents in Fort Worth, Texas are outraged after 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson was shot and killed by a police officer in her own home. 17 Oct 2019, 18:54
39 642
6 days 5:30
Trump orders sanctions on Turkey amid backlash over Syria troop withdrawal
President Trump is imposing sanctions on Turkey and increasing tariffs on Turkish steel. This comes as the White House faces bipartisan criticism over its decision to pull U.S. 15 Oct 2019, 13:35
36 638
2 days 1:44
Students demand school reinstate security guard fired over racial slur
Students protested after a black security guard was fired for repeating a racial slur. He says he used it in order to teach a student not to use it. WISC's Jamie Perez reports. 19 Oct 2019, 14:57
36 595
6 days 5:05
12 Democratic candidates prepare to take debate stage in Ohio
Twelve candidates are preparing to take the stage tonight in Ohio for the fourth Democratic primary debate. 15 Oct 2019, 16:30
36 530
4 days 3:55
Mark Zuckerberg gives "unfiltered take" on freedom of speech
Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivered a speech at Georgetown University on Thursday about the importance of freedom of expression. 17 Oct 2019, 19:49
36 142
4 days 6:39
Mulvaney announces Trump resort will host next G-7 summit
White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney announced that the administration has chosen the Trump National Doral Miami resort as the site for the next G-7 summit because "It's the best place." | 17 Oct 2019, 18:35
34 352
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