4 days 2:54
Was Brian Laundrie Spotted on a Wildlife Camera in Florida?
Remains believed to be those of the missing 22-year-old travel blogger Gabby Petito were discovered in Wyoming on Sunday night.
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5 days 2:42
Why Gabby Petito’s Cause of Death May Be Hard to Determine
Determining how Gabby Petito died will likely be a challenge given the amount of time that has passed.
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2 days 2:16
Kids Are Disgusted After Being Fed This Food for Lunch at School
Photos of "disgusting" school lunches have prompted an uproar in New Jersey, with board of education officials and parents demanding to know why the unappetizing food was being served to students.
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1 day 2:20
Grocery Store Shoppers Hid in Freezer During Mass Shooting
It's a nightmare scenario: you head over to your local supermarket for groceries, but you walk right into a mass shooting and have to run for your life.
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3 days 1:16
Cops Use Battering Ram to Free Girl’s Head From Railing
There were tense moments for this little girl who got her head stuck in the railing at her apartment complex.
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5 days 2:47
FBI Raids Family Home of Gabby Petito’s Fiance
Where is Brian Laundrie, the last person to reportedly see Gabby Petito alive? On Monday morning, FBI agents flooded the North Port, Florida home that Laundrie shares with his parents.
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1 day 2:29
Where Could Brian Laundrie Be Hiding Out?
The hunt for Gabby Petito’s fiancé has gone nationwide with reported sightings thousands of miles from the Florida swampland where officials had been searching for Brian Laundrie.
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3 days 3:18
‘You Could Feel’ Brian Laundrie’s Temper: New Witnesses
New witnesses have come forward describing a disturbing scene at a restaurant in Wyoming, in which they say Gabby Petito was “visibly upset” and cried as her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, fought with
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3 days 1:15
Deputy Tows Burning Car While Listening to Classical Music
A Minnesota Sheriff’s deputy did some quick thinking in order to save a house from disaster.
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5 days 1:21
Body Found in Wyoming May Be Gabby Petito
Authorities believe they may have found the body of Gabrielle Petito, the van life blogger who has been missing for over a week.
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4 days 1:29
TikTok Tries to Stop ‘Devious Licks’ Trend
Viral TikTok trend or criminal act? In this case, it’s both according to officials.
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2 days 1:54
How This Supermodel Says Her Face Got Deformed
In the 1990s, she was one of the most popular supermodels in the world. But for the last five years, Linda Evangelista has kept a low profile — and now we know why.
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3 days 1:57
Are Brian Laundrie’s Parents at Legal Risk?
Their son is a person of interest in the killing of Gabby Petitio, but Brian Laundrie's parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, have not spoken publicly — instead relaying messages only via their
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3 days 2:06
Woman Gets Message in a Bottle From Her Father 95 Years Later
Boat captain Jennifer Dowker gives tours of shipwrecks in her glass bottom boat. One day when she was cleaning the windows, she made a discovery that shocked her.
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2 days 2:33
Woman Outraged Over Strangers Taking Photos of Her Sunbathing
As people enjoy the final days of warm weather, there's something to be aware of: creepy guys taking photos of women soaking in the sun at parks and beaches.
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4 days 2:43
Ranger Told Gabby Petito to ‘Reevaluate’ Her ‘Toxic’ Relationship
The Utah park ranger who was there when Gabby Petito was pulled over on Aug.
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1 day 1:36
Man Recounts Alligator Attack Where Laundrie Manhunt Ensues
A shredded wetsuit tells the tale of a close encounter with an alligator. Jeffrey Heim took Inside Edition to the spot where it happened.
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6 days 1:48
Bride-to-Be Who Got COVID After Party Dies Before Wedding
Bride-to-be Samantha Wendell danced the night away at her bachelorette party with friends, as they all looked forward to her wedding just a month away.
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3 days 2:11
Contractor Smashes Bathroom With Sledgehammer Over Payment
A contractor with a sledge hammer makes an obscene gesture at a home surveillance camera, and then goes in to demolish the bathroom he just renovated.
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3 days 1:44
6.0 Magnitude Earthquake in Australia Surprises Everyone
A rare 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Australian state of Victoria, according to Geoscience Australia. It definitely caught everyone off-guard!
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4 days 1:20
Lava Flows Into Pool After Volcano Erupts on Canary Islands
An island paradise is being covered in lava after a volcanic eruption in Spain’s Canary Islands. Lava rolled down the volcano known as La Palma and landed in a private pool.
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2 days 1:54
Last Person Suspected to Know About Famous Stolen Art Dies
Did a suspect in a famous art heist take his secrets to the grave? Robert Gentile died on September 17th at the age of 85 according to his attorney.
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2 days 1:32
Can Gabby Petito's Fiancé Survive Florida’s Swamp Conditions?
It's day five searching for Brian Laundrie in a 25-thousand acre nature reserve near his parents' Florida home. But with the threat of alligators, snakes, and other predators — is he still alive?
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3 days 2:28
Why Do Some Missing People Get More Attention Than Others?
The case of Gabby Petito, a missing 22-year-old travel blogger who was found dead last weekend, is gripping the nation, with over 800 million hits about the case on TikTok alone.
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1 day 3:25
‘The View’ Chaos After 2 Hosts Get COVID-19
It was a wild scramble on live television when two co-hosts from 'The View,' Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, were whisked off the set just moments before Vice President Kamala Harris was about to be
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16 hours 1:38
It’s This Man’s Job to Dangle From Skyscrapers
Don’t look down! Jaw-dropping video shows a man dangling from the spire of New York City’s iconic Chrysler Building, 1,000 feet above sea level, secured by nothing more than a few ropes.
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3 days 2:15
Veteran Arrested for Sexual Assault Was on 9/11 TV Special
An alleged serial rapist was apprehended after he appeared on a TV program about 9/11.
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4 days 1:29
These YouTube Sleuths Cracked Open the Gabby Petito Case
The disappearance of Gabby Petito has captivated both news organizations and social media, where users have not only been posting about the case, but actively investigating it.
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2 days 3:26
Are Bars on Wheels to Blame for Rowdy Street Partying?
From farm tractors pulling wagon loads of revelers, to trucks carrying hot tubs full of boozing parties, the so-called “transportainment” industry is rocking in downtown Nashville.
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6 days 4:16
Odd Things These People Found Under Their Homes
What’s lurking under your house? These people were shocked at the discoveries they made right under their feet.
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