4 days 1:26
Woman Finds Severed Finger in Driveway Next to Slashed Tires
An Arizona woman says she woke up to a strange scene in her driveway. Not only were the tires of her vehicle slashed, but a severed finger was lying next to one of them.
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4 days 1:16
SUV Jumps Open Drawbridge in Daytona Beach, Florida
Police in Daytona Beach, Florida would like a word with the driver who jumped an open drawbridge earlier this week.
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6 days 1:31
Vine Star Adam Perkins Dead at Age 24
A touching tribute posted on Instagram by his twin brother is how the world learned of Adam Perkins’ death. Patrick wrote that his twin passed away on Sunday.
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3 days 2:28
15-Year-Old Blackmailed in Catfish Scam Dies by Suicide
A 15-year-old from New York died by suicide after his family says he was cyberbullied in a ploy that saw him blackmailed for $3,500, or else see “personal” photos of him be released onto the internet.
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6 days 1:15
House of Cop Who Shot Daunte Wright Barricaded
Kimberly Potter, the 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, police department who shot and killed Daunte Wright, was charged with 2nd degree manslaughter Wednesday.
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5 days 2:20
How a Photo Miraculously Helped Rescue a Missing Hiker
A California hiker who went missing in the Los Angeles National Forest was saved thanks to a savvy stranger sitting at home on his computer.
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6 days 1:35
Is Prancer the Chihuahua the Worst Dog in America?
Meet Prancer, a 2-year-old chihuahua, and perhaps the worst dog in America! So why do so many people want to adopt him? He hates people, especially men, and other animals.
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Driver's Seat Was Empty When Tesla Crashed, Killing 2, Cops Say
Two unidentified men were killed when the Tesla they were in crashed into a tree before bursting into flames outside Houston, Texas.
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5 days 1:20
Mama Cat Attacks Dogs That Were Threatening Her Kitten
Things were not looking good for a kitten in Turkey, as a pack of stray dogs had it surrounded. The brave feline tried to fend off its attackers, but they continued to press.
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4 days 1:52
$75 Million Beach Property Returned to Family 100 Years Later
Manhattan Beach in California is famous for its sun-kissed beaches. But it’s marred by an ugly history: a huge chunk of beachfront property was taken from a Black family.
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2 days 1:03
Mom Yodels to Annoy Her Kid
This mom just wanted to show off her special talent - yodeling! Unfortunately, her young son isn’t the biggest fan. After the Texas mother lets out an impressive series of long, harmonious yodels.
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5 days 1:37
Water Bottle Thrown at CNN Crew Covering Minneapolis Protests
Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis, is still reeling from the shooting death of Daunte Wright, who was killed by police officer Kimberly Potter during a traffic stop.
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6 days 2:03
Army Veteran Perishes After Being Stranded in Death Valley
On the third day of searching for two campers who failed to return home after a road trip through Death Valley, rescuers found their abandoned car with their three dogs still alive inside.
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5 days 1:05
Got Milk? This River Does
The Dulais River, near the small Welsh village of Llanwrda, ran white with milk, after a dairy tanker crashed into it.
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5 days 1:11
18-Year-Old College Student’s Body Found in River
A body found in the Mississippi River has been identified by LSU Police as missing teen Kori Gauthier.
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5 days 2:53
Kristin Smart Cold Case Was Cracked by Podcaster, Police Say
After son and dad Paul and Ruben Flores were arrested in connection with the cold case of Kristin Smart, who went missing in 1996, police are giving a big thank you to podcaster Chris Lambert for
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1 day 2:07
Couple Attacked by Rabid Bobcat Were Bitten 3 Times Each
A North Carolina couple is speaking out about the moment they were attacked by a rabid bobcat in a terrifying ordeal captured on surveillance camera.
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5 days 1:05
12-Year-Old Boy Dies After Trying ‘Blackout Challenge’
A 12-year-old boy has died more than two weeks after taking part in a social media challenge.
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4 days 2:50
Cop Shot 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo Dead While Putting Hands Up
Protests erupted in Chicago following the public release of a graphic and grainy bodycam video showing officer Eric Stillman shooting to death 13-year-old Adam Toledo.
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6 days 1:24
Children in Mexico Armed With Military-Style Weapons
A community in Mexico is going to extreme lengths to protect itself from gang violence, including arming children with military-style weapons.
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1 day 1:39
Fugitive Ex-Cop Wanted in Triple-Murder Case Arrested
Stephen Broderick, 41, a former detective for the Travis County Sheriff's office, was arrested Monday after he was found walking along a rural road around 7 a.m.
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5 days 1:54
Critics Call This Crime-Fighting Robot Dog Creepy
A police robo-dog is sparking major controversy today, after the machine was deployed by New York police at the scene of a suspected hostage-taking in Manhattan.
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1 day 1:39
Ohio Teen Arrested in New York for Openly Carrying Assault Rifle
Ohio resident Saadiq Teague, 18, was arrested in New York as he sat charging his phone in Times Square because he had a semi-automatic rifle openly sitting at his feet.
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5 days 1:37
Princes William and Harry Will Be Seperated at Funeral
Rehearsals are underway for Saturday's funeral for Prince Philip. But don't expect brotherly love to be on display.
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2 days 7:15
People Say Eating These Foods Can Change Your Life
Inside Edition has some memorable stories about life-changing foods. Have you heard about Engagement Chicken? What about the banana bread and cookie recipes that have taken over the internet?
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2 days 1:39
How the Stock Market Made a Single Deli Worth $113M
Your Hometown Deli, a modest little shop in New Jersey that sells sandwiches, coffee and soft drinks, reportedly made $18,000 in sales last year.
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3 days 1:11
Dog Rescued From Truck Undercarriage After Hiding From Storm
After a German Shepherd got scared by a storm, he ran and hid in the undercarriage of a vehicle. Luckily, his owner spotted the dog’s tail sticking out and called for help.
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6 days 1:14
Giant Pandas Caught Fighting in the Wild
Two giant pandas were caught on camera in a vicious fight. It happened in the wild, in China’s Sichuan province. The duel lasted for 17 minutes, during which the two gnashed and clawed at each other.
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11 hours 1:49
Man Seen Kidnapping Duck From Condo Development
An unlikely epidemic seems to be sweeping the country’s condo developments: ducks from community ponds are going missing at an alarming rate.
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