1 day 2:09
La Palma volcano: Swimming pools bubble up as lava spreads through streets | ITV News
More people have been forced to evacuate as a new fissure opened on the La Palma volcano, boiling swimming pools and burying buildings.
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1 day 2:06
Greenwich death: Primary school 'devastated' after teacher's body found in South London | ITV News
A primary school in Lewisham has been left “devastated” by the death of a “brilliant” teacher whose body was found near a community centre in south London.
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5 days 2:02
Covid drug given to Donald Trump to be rolled out to NHS hospital patients | ITV News
A drug given to Donald Trump when he had coronavirus last year is to be rolled out to vulnerable Covid patients across the NHS.
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2 days 2:07
Killamarsh deaths: Devastated grandparents pay tribute as four victims named | ITV News
The grandparents of two children found dead in a house along with their mother and another child said they are "heartbroken" as they struggled to hold back tears at the site of the tragedy.
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5 days 40:54
Our royal team on Prince Andrew, Harry and Meghan’s TIME cover and The Earthshot Prize | ITV News
This is The Royal Rota - our weekly podcast about the royal family, with ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship and Producer Lizzie Robinson.
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5 days 3:12
New travel rules: Amber list scrapped and changes to Covid tests in major shake up | ITV News
International travel is being made cheaper and easier for the vast majority of people in England, after the government announced an overhaul to the heavily criticised traffic light system.
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6 days 2:50
'We've been stabbed in the back': France attacks UK, US and Australia defence deal | ITV News
France claims it has been "stabbed in the back" over a new defence deal dubbed Aukus, which was agreed between the UK, US and Australia.
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4 days 2:12
Capitol: Police outnumber sparse crowd at rally in support of jailed rioters | ITV News
Law enforcement bore down in large numbers on the Capitol on Saturday over concerns that a rally in support of the jailed January 6 rioters would turn violent.
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6 days 2:21
'Heartbreaking:' Care home faces losing 35 unvaccinated staff under new Covid jab rules | ITV News
Care homes have warned they face losing tens of thousands of staff under the new government 'no jab, no job' Covid-19 policy.
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6 days 2:09
Mother wins case against Environment Agency over 'polluting' landfill site | ITV News
A five-year-old boy and his mother have won a “David and Goliath” legal case against the Environment Agency (EA) over a Staffordshire landfill site accused of emitting noxious gases that risk
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3 days 1:48
Trailblazing SpaceX tourist trip to orbit ends with splashdown| ITV News
Four space tourists ended their trailblazing trip to orbit on Saturday with a splashdown in the Atlantic off the Florida coast.
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4 days 2:21
UK CO2 gas supply not 'cause for immediate concern' - but firms say otherwise | ITV News
The Business Secretary has stressed there is no "cause for immediate concern" over the supply of gas in the UK, after he held meetings with industry leaders about mounting concerns over a rise in
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Tesco, Amazon and McDonald's warn of Christmas disruption due to HGV driver crisis | ITV News
Tesco has told the government it is concerned about panic buying in the run-up to Christmas due to the national shortage of HGV drivers.
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6 days 9:04
How does a country survive without water? | ITV News
Malta is an archipelago with an abundance of beautiful landscapes, architectural brilliance, and alluring beaches - an attractive tourist destination for many. But there is a threat looming.
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Shocking footage shows pedestrian almost hit by train as she walks on level crossing | ITV News
This is the moment a woman in the Netherlands narrowly avoids death or serious injury as she is almost hit by a speeding train as she walks onto a level crossing.
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Martin Lewis on the six things you need to know to limit rising energy bills | ITV News
Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has revealed two strategies consumers can adopt to limit the how high their energy bills will rise in the coming months, amid the soaring cost of gas which has put
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CO2 producer to restart after government strikes deal | ITV News
CF Fertilisers will receive “limited financial support” for its operating costs while the CO2 market adapts to global gas prices, the government has announced.
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1 day 2:19
Veteran suicides to be recorded in first official count to understand mental health needs | ITV News
The government will start officially counting veteran suicides, it has announced after years of campaigning by veterans groups and bereaved families.
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6 days 2:38
Maternity support worker kicks off Covid booster campaign with one of the first jabs | ITV News
A maternity support worker has spoken of her joy after becoming one of the first people in the UK to receive a Covid-19 booster jab and has encouraged others to get their booster shot when they're
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4 days 2:17
Surge in holiday interest after Covid amber list scrapped in major shake up | ITV News
Holiday bookings are expected to soar after the government announced a relaxation of international travel rules, with travel firms already reporting an uptick in bookings.
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6 days 2:36
Chair of John Lewis says government should make it easier to recruit HGV drivers | ITV News
The John Lewis Partnership reported its results for the first six months of its financial year.
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1 day 2:30
Third Russian spy accused of attempted murder over Salisbury Novichok attack | ITV News
A third Russian spy faces charges of attempted murder over the Salisbury Novichok poisonings in 2018.
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6 days 1:47
Scotland NHS: 'Our father died after a 40 hour wait for an ambulance' | ITV News
Gerard Brown, a husband and father of three, had a fall in his home and was struggling to breathe. His family dialled 999 but they waited almost two full days for an ambulance to arrive.
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16 hours 1:40
Killamarsh deaths: Connie Gent's father pays tribute to 'shining star' | ITV News
The father of an 11-year-old girl found dead in a house along with her best friend has paid tribute to his "shining star".
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5 days 7:47
Where do circus animals go when the circus is closed? | ITV News
La Taniere near Chartres is a unique refuge zoo for abandoned animals from across Europe. It is run by a French couple, who opened the refuge mainly for circus animals a few years ago.
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2 days 7:09
Six months on from the murder of Sarah Everard, is change coming fast enough? | ITV News
The reaction to Sarah Everard's murder shone a spotlight on violence against women, prompting much needed conversation - but has that been turned into action?
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2 days 2:07
Covid vaccines rolled out for 12 to 15-year-olds in UK | ITV News
Coronavirus vaccines are being rolled out to children aged between 12 and 15, with three million youngsters eligible across the UK.
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13 hours 2:17
Green and Avro energy: Two more providers go bust amid surging gas prices | ITV News
Two more of the UK's energy firms have gone bust amid surging wholesale gas prices which are crippling the industry.
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17 hours 18:08
Gary Neville on empowering young people, politics and importance of following passions | ITV News
Gary Neville has hit out at the Government for failing to look after people struggling to make ends meet.
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