3 days 12:06
Trump’s 2021 Legal Nightmare Turns On Money Man Who Flipped Before
The Trump Org now faces a criminal probe putting heat on a CFO who has cooperated with investigators before - up to a point.
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5 days 8:31
Michael Cohen On Trump Probe: Everyone In The Company Lied For Donald
“This isn’t about flipping, folks. This is about telling the truth. And the problem is—everybody lied for Donald. It wasn’t just me.
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1 day 10:46
MAGA Scandal Explodes: Trump Goes Full Nixon, DOJ Surveilled Political Enemies
The New York Times reports the Trump-era DOJ secretly subpoenaed Apple for records on top House Democrats who were investigating him, including Rep.
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2 days 2:38
Trump Is Reportedly Crashing Mar-a-Lago Memorial Services
MSNBC's Brian Williams shares the details of a new Bloomberg report detailing Trump's tendency to wander into weddings and memorial services at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.
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6 days 4:20
Kamala Harris' Flight To Guatemala Forced To Land
Vice President Kamala Harris' flight to Guatemala was forced to return to Joint Base Andrews due to technical issues.
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4 days 5:58
'He's Going To Talk': Former Trump Org VP On CFO's Legal Pressure
As Trump Organization executives stare down a grand jury, former company executive Barbara Res joins MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the latest updates in the case and the
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3 days 8:01
Mueller Prosecutor Reveals Key To Trump Org Criminal Probe
As the criminal probe into the Trump Organization intensifies and the pressure builds against the company’s CFO Allen Weisselberg to flip, former DOJ official Andrew Weissmann joins MSNBC’s Chief
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1 day 8:48
Chris Matthews Isn’t Sure If Trump Is ‘Just A Liar Or If He’s Nuts’
Former MSNBC anchor and author of ‘This Country’ believes that the former President is a “traitor to our beliefs” because he is not able to admit defeat for the betterment of our nation.
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4 days 5:35
Chris Matthews: 'They're Not Leaders,' GOP's Scared Of Trump
Fmr. MSNBC host Chris Matthews discusses his new book and the state of U.S.
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5 days 5:20
Trump Trouble: 'Heavy Hitter' Trump Org Exec Testifies In Criminal Probe
While longtime Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg ducks questions about the criminal probe into the company, a longtime executive who reported directly to Weisselberg just went under oath
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6 days 10:32
Donald Trump Pushes Election Fraud Lie in North Carolina Speech
Political experts breaks down the dangers of Donald Trump’s rhetoric and whether his re-emergence will hurt or help the GOP.» Subscribe to MSNBC: on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc MSNBC delivers
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4 days 12:16
Trump Corruption of DOJ Lingers Under Garland, Risks Precedent
Rachel Maddow reviews the abuse of the Department of Justice by Bill Barr in sacrificing justice to serve the political needs of Donald Trump, and notes that rather than cleaning the department with
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1 day 3:59
Chicago Police Officer Charged In Capitol Riot Investigation
Scott MacFarlane reports on the latest updates in the ongoing investigation of the Jan.
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3 days 3:20
Police Did Not Clear D.C.'s Lafayette Park For Trump Photo Op: Report
NBC's Ken Dilanian shares details from a new report by the Interior Department's inspector general on the 2020 protest clearing in Lafayette Park.
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2 days 8:04
'These People Aren't Worth $15 An Hour': Labor Shortage Means Worker Power
“Another way to say ‘labor shortage’ is to say ‘worker power,’” says Chris Hayes on why the American recovery is empowering workers.  » Subscribe to MSNBC: on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc
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4 days 4:11
Amid Sex Crime Probe, Rep. Gaetz Mulled Quitting For Newsmax
New reports reveal Congressman Matt Gaetz explored retiring from Congress on the very day the federal sex crimes probe involving him broke in the news, a contrast from his recent public posture
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1 day 8:49
'It Cannot Go On Like This': Protecting Against Corrupt Abuse Of Power
“This entire structure was erected to make sure we could not have another Richard Nixon. And in the wake of more revelations about the Trump presidency, it is hard to say that it has held firm.
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2 days 3:24
Trump Asks Biden To Pass A Message To His Old Friend Putin
Ahead of Biden's meeting with Vladimir Putin, Trump released a lengthy statement about his relationship with Putin and asked Biden to give the Russian leader his 'warmest regards.' Jeremy Bash
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4 days 10:23
AOC On Manchin’s Voting Rights Excuse: ‘I Don’t Buy It’
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls out Sen.
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5 days 7:41
Why Has No Trump Ally Faced Consequences For Trying To Overturn An Election?
“What penalty have they faced?" says Chris Hayes of the people who helped Trump attempt to overturn the election.
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3 days 5:33
Fox News Staffers 'Disturbed' By The Influence Of Their Channel
"That's why so many sources at Fox started to leak to me in the Trump years," says CNN's Brian Stelter.
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2 days 4:14
NYT: Trump DOJ Seized Apple Data From Top Dems, Their Family Members
The New York Times reports that the Department of Justice under Trump subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of at least two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, aides and family
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1 day 10:15
'Clean House!': Trump's DOJ Scandal Puts Heat On Biden To Punish Abuse Of Power
Under investigation in NY and GA, Trump faces new DOJ scandal as the New York Times report the Trump DOJ secretly surveilled House Democrats , targeting House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff.
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5 days 12:00
Trump Gives New Life To 'Big Lie' During Return To Political Stage
Republicans across the country are working to seize control of the election process in the name of Donald Trump’s “Big Lie.” Washington Post Opinion Columnist Max Boot, Democratic Strategist Juanita
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3 days 3:02
Conspiracy Theorists Think Covid Vaccine Makes You Magnetic
MSNBC's Brian Williams looks at the latest Covid vaccination conspiracy theory that went viral after an Ohio legislature committee meeting where a doctor and a nurse stated that the injections are
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5 days 8:06
'No Regrets' Says Veteran Who Attacked Capitol Police On Jan 6th
NBC 4 Washington investigative reporter Scott MacFarlane shares an interview he had with an Iraq war veteran charged with assaulting a police officer during the Capitol insurrection.
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2 days 2:50
Ilhan Omar Condemned For Remarks On US, Israel, Hamas And The Taliban
Rep. Ilhan Omar is facing criticism from a group of House Democrats for remarks that they believe equated the U.S. and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban. NBC's Garrett Haake reports from Capitol Hill.
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6 days 6:31
DNC Chair With Direct Response to Sen. Joe Manchin Bill Decision
DNC Chairman, Jaime Harrison, joins MSNBC’s Alex Witt to talk about the importance of voter access in the country.» Subscribe to MSNBC: on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc MSNBC delivers breaking
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