6 days 6:10
Hillary '16 lawyer indicted on lying to FBI: Rep. Devin Nunes reacts
'LYING TO THE FBI': On the heels of Thursday’s indictment of a Clinton 2016 campaign attorney, Rep. Devin Nunes and Greg Kelly discuss.
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6 days 4:42
Nicki Minaj speaks out against 'the mob': "Don't y'all see what's f---ing happening?"
Nicki Minaj spoke out about the 'mob' mentality she's faced since coming out publicly with different reasons for her own vaccine hesitancy. Newsmax's American Agenda panel reacts.
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2 days 2:16
Seth Rogen calls out the Emmys over COVID behavior: "They lied to us!"
At the 2021 Emmy awards show, comedian Seth Rogen called out the lax COVID protocols. Former New York Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey joins Newsmax's Rob Finnerty and Rachel Rollar to discuss.
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3 days 7:50
Media outnumbers protesters at 'Justice for J6' rally | REACTION | The Count
Former Trump lawyer and Newsmax contributor Jenna Ellis and former Trump advisor Bruce LeVell react to the media hype and lack of turnout for the 'Justice for J6' rally in Washington DC - Via
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1 day 3:32
Rand Paul: What Schumer just said was "insanity" | Eric Bolling The Balance
Senator Rand Paul comments on remarks made by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer about refugees and other proposed policy changes.
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3 days 3:24
Joy Reid still employed after another homophobic comment | Rob Schmitt's News From The Left
Rob Schmitt breaks down reports of Harvard University getting a dose of their own 'woke' medicine, and reacts to another offensive comment made by MSNBC's Joy Reid.
111 421
6 days 3:37
Newsmax correspondent presses Psaki on 'Red' state antibody treatment supply
Newsmax White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson asks Press Secretary Jen Psaki why the Biden administration is reportedly cutting monoclonal antibody treatment supply to 'red' states.
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2 days 5:39
Ted Nugent: Real America is 'pissed off' at traitor, 'so-called President' Biden
Longtime musician Ted Nugent joins Eric Bolling to discuss his frustration with the Biden administration amid its various crises.
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5 days 5:32
EXCUSIVE: Texas releases shocking footage after Biden video drone ban
Retired Texas Department of Public Safety official Jaeson Jones discusses newly released footage revealing Texas-Mexico border bridge being overrun after the FAA implemented Temporary Flight
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2 days 1:52
Kamala Harris' polls are unusually low. Here's why.
Former New York Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey joins Newsmax to discuss Vice President Kamala Harris's low poll numbers and the crisis at the southern border.
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5 days 4:12
Biden's poll numbers are collapsing. Here's why
Republican strategist and federal attorney Vikas Bajaj, Republican strategist John Thomas, and radio host and Newsmax columnist Wendy Patrick discuss why President Joe Biden's poll numbers are
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3 days 13:55
Gorka: Who are the real 'traitors' here?
Dr. Sebastian Gorka: After all the cries of 'Russian collusion,' and 'treason,' and the 'swamp' undermining a sitting president, who now are the real traitors?
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4 days 8:42
Greg Kelly: Trump was right, there's a way to respond to the woke mobs
Donald Trump understood how to respond to the woke Left, the liberal political correctness doesn't stop - attacking game shows - via 'Greg Kelly Reports' on Newsmax.
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2 days 1:39
How a tip from a vlogger helped authorities find Gabby Petito | Wake Up America
A tip from a vlogger helped find what is believed to be the body of Gabby Petito in Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest.
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5 days 4:14
The CDC has issued shocking woke "preferred terms" guidelines
Angela Morabito of Campus Reform joins Newsmax to discuss the CDC's new "preferred terms" guidelines that recommend terms like "criminal," "uninsured," and "biologically male/female," be avoided.
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5 days 4:35
Greg Kelly: I don't feel good about "Justice for J6" rally | The Chris Salcedo Show
Greg Kelly and Chris Salcedo express their concerns about the planned rally in Washington DC in support of January 6th protesters - Via Newsmax's 'The Chris Salcedo Show.' Watch Newsmax on Directv
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1 day 3:19
President Biden warns of impending doom at UN | REPORT
White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson reports on President Joe Biden's speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City - Via Newsmax's 'National Report.' Watch Newsmax on
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6 days 2:35
Biden won't stop coughing into his hand | STINCHFIELD on Newsmax
During an address on Thursday President Biden was seen coughing into his hand many times, and Grant Stinchfield breaks down the president's hygienic habits.
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2 days 2:26
Taliban shown trolling President Biden in recent photos
Recent photos show the Taliban taking a satirical approach to their attacks on President Biden and more - via 'American Agenda' on Newsmax.
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6 days 5:10
The Catholic Community reacts to recent comments made by Pope Francis | Spicer & Co.
"When a Catholic politician, who is 100% not only supportive of abortion but also seems to celebrate it, it causes scandal to the faithful and confusion to everyone else surrounding the situation,"
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6 days 10:05
EXCLUSIVE: Former White House Counsel won't release documents pertaining to the 'Russian hoax'
A former White House counsel will not release Russia documents on the heels of Thursday’s indictment of a Clinton 2016 campaign attorney.
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3 days 9:10
Dick Morris: The lie that Trump, GOP were 'villains' on immigration
Dick Morris breaks the misconceptions told by the 'mainstream' press about both major political parties and their policies on immigration, including the notion that former president Donald Trump and
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2 days 4:23
"Vaccine cops" give restaurant owner hard time over signs, distance | Eric Bolling The Balance
"Vaccine cops" are giving this NYC restaurant owner a hard time, says Eric Bolling.
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7 days 8:40
Even Vindman calls out General Milley | Greg Kelly Reports
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a noted antagonist to former president Donald Trump, commented on reports of a conversation between General mark Milley and his Chinese counterpart.
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5 days 4:07
'Justice for J6' organizer: Media wants blood, pray for us | Greg Kelly Reports
Cara Castronuova, Co-Founder of Citizens Against Political Persecution, joins Greg Kelly Reports to discuss the 'Justice for J6' rally planned in the nation's capitol, near the well-guarded Capitol
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5 days 5:22
Emerald Robinson reacts to her spat with Jen Psaki over Biden's move against DeSantis
Newsmax correspondent Emerald Robinson talks about her questioning of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki over the Biden Administration's monoclonal antibodies plan.
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5 days 7:46
Cortes: Hispanics are flocking to Donald Trump's America First movement
Hispanics are flocking to the America First movement.
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7 days 5:49
Shocking 2015 clip reveals Milley's thoughts on China: Rep. Michael Waltz reacts
Representative Michael Waltz joins Cortes & Pellegrino to discuss General Mark Milley's thoughts on China today, as well as what he thought of the Chinese Communist Party in 2015.
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4 days 8:53
Diamond and Silk: It seems like America has been captured by an elitist cult
Diamond and Silk detail how they believe America seems like it has been captured by an elitist cult - Via Newsmax's 'Crystal Clear.' Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Spectrum
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23 hours 12:03
Greg Kelly: "Joe Biden and the U.N., what could be worse?" | Greg Kelly Reports
"Joe Biden at the United Nations: What could be worse?" Greg Kelly highlights the president's most notable U.N. address lines from Tuesday.
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