1 day 7:13
Our POTUS, a fool among dorks | Grant Stinchfield
Grant Stinchfield: It's all staged and scripted for Biden but he still can't help but embarrass himself in front of the 'ministry of pansies.' - via STINCHFIELD, weekdays at 8PM ET on Newsmax Watch
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4 days 7:00
Biden, the ringleader | Rob Schmitt
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1 day 6:02
Grenell: 'Happy talk' Biden ignored, knocked around by European leaders
The problem is, 'we have a weak president': Richard Grenell comments on foreign relations within NATO and out of NATO and how President Joe Biden's handling of these relationships pales in
36 194
6 days 6:04
35 743
5 days 1:51
House members condemn Ilhan Omar | REPORT
Newsmax National Correspondent Logan Ratick details the reaction to Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's comments in a tweet towards US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that may have compared the
35 529
1 day 7:02
Jim Jordan shreds The Squad, Pelosi's silence and Biden's 'worst start in our lifetime'
Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio comments on Speaker Pelosi's reaction to comments made by Rep.
35 065
3 days 4:30
US and Europe divided over China? | REPORT
London correspondent Olly Barrett discusses the behind-the-scenes tension between the United States, the United Kingdom and European nation over how to deal with China at the G7 Summit in Cornwall
31 429
3 days 7:23
Diamond and Silk: Liberals only have double standards
Diamond and Silk say the only standards that liberals have are double standards referencing the economy and immigration - Via Newsmax's 'Crystal Clear.' Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115
31 270
3 days 8:19
Inflation has taken root in Biden's America | Stephen Moore and Grover Norquist
Economists Stephen Moore and Grover Norquist explain the negative impacts of inflation on the US economy including rising food and gas prices and how Joe Biden's big spending policies have led to
30 327
6 days 7:15
It’s the Harris-Biden Amateur Hour | Chris Salcedo
Get your tickets ready for the Harris and Biden amateur hour - exclusively avoiding the border, says Chris Salcedo - via 'The Chris Salcedo Show' on Newsmax.
30 154
12 hours 1:41
Kim Guilfoyle is asked if Trump's upcoming events are 'campaign' rallies
Newsmax's Grant Stinchfield asks Kimberly Guilfoyle if she has any insight on official signs of a possible Trump 2024 run, with the 45th President announcing upcoming speaking events and rallies at
29 636
5 days 7:40
Biden is an embarrassment | Rob Schmitt
AMERICA LAST: Trump is out and the world is thrilled, President Biden appeases our enemies, says Rob Schmitt - via 'Rob Schmitt Tonight' on Newsmax.
29 527
6 days 4:30
Teacher who refused to use new pronouns, reinstated
PE teacher Tanner Cross with his legal counsel Logan Spena comment on being the judge's decision to reinstate him, his refusal to use a certain pronoun and more - via Newsmax.
28 924
6 days 9:26
Rand Paul: Dems refuse to work with me, defend Fauci and China | Newsmax EXCLUSIVE
Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky sits down with Newsmax White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson to discuss the latest surrounding Dr.
27 854
11 hours 8:30
Greg Kelly: Commander in Cheat Sheet
Greg Kelly: We know American presidents are capable of greatness; we've seen it throughout our history. A lost Joe Biden overseas just can't measure up.
27 246
2 days 5:17
CNN and Jeffrey Toobin are disgusting | Amber Athey and Drew Berquist
Political Commentator Amber Athey and Mammoth Nation spokesman Drew Berquist criticize CNN for bringing back Jeffrey Toobin after his inappropriate behavior on a Zoom call - Via Newsmax's 'Saturday
27 206
1 day 12:04
Rob Schmitt: Imagine if it were Trump...
Rob Schmitt: He's got the softball press and his First Lady doing much of the heavy lifting, but Biden's still providing a lot of 'imagine if it were Trump' moments while overseas.
26 588
4 days 8:36
Rebelling against Biden’s lawlessness | Chris Salcedo
In the Harris-Biden Administration - it's America last, says Chris Salcedo - via Newsmax.
24 760
15 hours 5:51
Video shows brazen theft at California Walgreens: 'Joe Biden's America'
Representative Tom McClintock of California reacts to a video which shows a thief shoplift merchandise straight into a garbage bag at a local Walgreens before fleeing while 'no one seemed to care,'
24 393
1 day 6:20
The reality of Biden's dismal display at NATO: CPAC 's Matt Schlapp
"The problem with Joe Biden is he's been doing this his whole life.
24 363
13 hours 7:25
Nancy Mace updates on ANTIFA vandal who attacked her home
Representative Nancy Mace comments on the latest in the case of a vandal who targeted her personal home, what she's done since to better protect her home, and the police's mission to catch the vandal.
23 978
3 days 5:10
Netanyahu's last days as leader? | Danny Danon
Israeli Permanent Representative to the United Nations Danny Danon discusses the possibility that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could be ousted as the leader of the nation by a unity government
23 837
5 days 6:59
22 475
6 days 6:12
State Rep. puts bounty on Bigfoot's head
An Oklahoma state Representative has announced a 3-million dollar reward for anyone who can capture and return alive the notorious 'Bigfoot.' State Rep.
22 244
1 day 2:52
Grant's Top 5 CLASSIC Trump moments | STINCHFIELD on Newsmax
Grant Stinchfield counts down his Top 5 'Classic' Donald Trump moments, in honor of the 45th President's 75th birthday.
22 064
1 day 4:55
22 049
4 days 10:46
Greg Kelly: Ebony & Ivory
Greg Kelly: Remember 'Ebony and Ivory, living in perfect harmony?' The purveyors of victim culture certainly don't. - via Greg Kelly Reports, weekdays at 7PM ET on Newsmax.
21 793
4 days 10:18
Babylon Bee CEO shares Biden and Harris memes
Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon, former Co-Chair of Women for Trump Madison Gesiotto-Gilbert and Former Trump Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley share their favorite memes about Fauci, Harris and AOC
20 951
6 days 9:07
Don't feed this stuff to kids | Rob Carson and Robby Starbuck
'What in the World' and Newsmax Daily podcast host Rob Carson and Conservative commentator Robby Starbuck react to LGBT messaging in children's cartoons - Via Newsmax's 'John Bachman Now.' Watch
20 250
1 day 9:37
Greg: Pomp, circumstance and holy war?
Greg: There's a scary and hateful new normal at home, the president is nothing but 'cringe' overseas, and no one seems to care about either.
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