2 days 25:51
Report: Israel preparing for US attack on Iran! (Full show)
Israeli officials are apparently on high alert during the “very sensitive” final stretch of the Trump administration.
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3 days 8:29
USS John McCain routed in ‘freedom of navigation’ clash, Russia claims
American University professor and historian Peter Kuznick joins Rick Sanchez to discuss recent confrontations between the US and Russia and China, in international waters and airspace, in
37 602
4 days 25:54
Secret anti-Iran meeting between Israel and Saudis disclosed? (Full show)
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is alleged to have secretly met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) during US State Sec. Mike Pompeo's recent trip to the region.
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1 day 7:41
China Claims Win over Extreme Poverty
New numbers out of China indicate that Beijing has eliminated extreme poverty nationwide. Eliminating inequities is a state capstone of the Communist Party of China.
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3 days 26:01
Dow breaks record while 10M jobless — is economy on edge? (Full show)
Of the 22 million US workers lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 12 million mostly white-collar workers have regained employment and even benefited from record home prices and low interest
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6 days 4:24
Trump Supporters Physically Attacked In D.C.
There was some pretty bad violence last weekend on the streets of D.C. aimed at Trump supporters, but you would never know it from watching the news.
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2 days 5:17
It's 'Iran vs. everyone else' in Middle East – John Jordan
Political analyst John Jordan joins RT America's John Huddy (in for Rick Sanchez) to weigh in on reports that Israel is preparing for a US attack on Iran in the final days of the Trump administration.
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9 hours 3:58
Breaking: Will Iran retaliate for assassination of top nuclear scientist?
Scottie Nell Hughes breaks the news of the assassination of the head of Iran’s nuclear program before former Pentagon official Michael Maloof shares his analysis.
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2 days 5:01
Chris Hedges: America's problem is not Russia, China — it's us!
Pulitzer-winning journalist Chris Hedges weighs in on the “ludicrous” finger-pointing as Republican leaders seek to blame President Trump’s failure to secure re-election on anyone but themselves and
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2 days 3:56
What is China secretly building in Himalayas?
China is being accused of building structures in a highly disputed area of the Himalayan mountain range.
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3 days 5:01
Pennsylvania joins Michigan & Georgia, angry Trump gives Biden the nod
President Trump has given tacit approval to President-elect’s transition team to begin the work of preparing for Biden to take the reins of power in Washington.
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3 days 7:38
Yemen: Where America tests its weapons
The US spends more on military aid to Saudi Arabia than on humanitarian aid to Yemen as the former continues to wage war on the latter. RT America's Alex Mihailovich reports.
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5 days 6:39
Actress: Me Voting For Socialism Like Jews Voting For Hitler
It's tougher than ever to be a conservative in Hollywood with talk of an enemies list invoking memories of the McCarthy blacklists.
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3 days 25:03
Is Space Force ready to battle China?
Nearly one out of every five Americans lives with a mental illness.
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6 days 27:18
COVID-19 & America's health care crisis
On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to Dr.
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1 day 5:11
Why Trump pardoned Michael Flynn
President Trump pardoned former national security advisor Michael Flynn on Wednesday. "Eat the Press" host Steve Malzberg joins RT America's John Huddy (in for Rick Sanchez) to share his insights.
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4 days 7:23
Fmr Pentagon official: Biden foreign policy will be ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’
China announced on Monday that it “resolutely opposes” a senior US Navy admiral’s unannounced weekend visit to Taiwan.
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4 days 4:20
Amid defections, Trump continues to question Biden win
President Trump is scrambling to enact promised regulation to lower pharmaceutical prices as long-time supporters begin to denounce his legal team’s continuing efforts to challenge the results of
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3 days 4:49
New JFK documentary talks about ‘deep state’ secrets
Author and filmmaker Sean Stone joins Rick Sanchez to discuss a recent explosive documentary about the 1963 assassination of President John F.
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2 days 6:39
This Walmart gadget could spy on you
Certain inexpensive wireless routers sold at Walmart have been found to have "back doors" built into them that make them particularly vulnerable to hacking.
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4 days 6:58
Hawks pushing Biden toward anti-Russia agenda, why?
The prospect of a Biden administration has raised concerns about the likelihood of chilling the already strained relationship between the US and Russia, given President-elect’s overtly adversarial
7 493
2 days 3:40
What's really at Area 51?
Area 51, a mysterious air base in Lincoln County, Nevada, has long invited speculation about various conspiracies and even alien life.
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3 days 2:33
US to shut down Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico
The US National Science Foundation (NSF has announced the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico will be officially decommissioned after more than 50 years of service, and The Resident is very sad about it.
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4 days 4:08
What is causing the homicide rate to rise in America?
The stresses and anxieties of the COVID-19 pandemic have been accompanied by soaring rates of homicide and aggravated assaults across the US.
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2 days 9:28
Did Maradona's demons kill him?
Argentine football legend Diego Maradona has died at the age of 60. Maradona reportedly suffered a heart attack in is home where he had been recovering after a recent brain surgery.
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8 hours 25:39
Gov’t uses pandemic to exert unprecedented control
This jam-packed special episode of News.Views.Hughes begins with breaking news of the assassination of the head of Iran’s nuclear program. Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof shares his expertise.
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2 days 2:29
Amazon cargo e-bikes infiltrate planet as small businesses shutter
The future of commerce has arrived, and it’s filled with nothing but Amazon packages zipped around on e-bikes. The Resident discusses.
5 542
4 days 4:15
CNN Calls Parler 'Echo Chamber Of Hate'
Have you heard about the conservative alternative to Twitter? It's called Parler, and the left-wing media thinks it could mean the end of our world.
5 290
4 days 2:26
US police revolt: will NOT enforce ‘draconian’ holiday orders
In New Jersey, New York, California, and many places in between, governors have been issuing lockdown orders for Thanksgiving, to which many police officials are saying…yeah, no…we won’t be
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3 days 5:25
Meet Biden's cabinet
RT America's Faran Fronczak joins Rick Sanchez to discuss President-elect Biden's top advisors and what we can expect them to bring to the Biden administration.
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