2 days 3:12
Arizona Republicans Spent $150,000 To Prove Trump Still Lost The Election
The total cost of the ridiculous ballot audit taking place in Arizona is now over $150,000 - money that could have been better spent doing literally anything else in Arizona.
595 484
4 days 5:27
Capitol Rioter Goes Completely Berserk During Court Hearing
During a virtual court hearing this week, a Capitol rioter named Landon Copeland became irate and belligerent at anyone and everyone, repeatedly having to be either put on mute or into a separate
485 232
1 day 5:14
Republicans Hid Trump's Pathetic Poll Numbers From Party
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341 811
2 days 3:39
Residents Demand Trump's Name Be Removed From Florida Building
A condo complex in South Florida has decided to remove Trump's name from the building after all the residents agreed that it was bad for the condos.
311 709
6 days 4:00
Trump's New Social Media App Is Already A Pathetic Failure
Donald Trump has launched a new "social media" app to let his followers know what he thinks about things, but it's really just a weird combination of Twitter and Blogspot meant to give his followers
274 504
2 days 4:28
Trump Refuses To Pay Rudy Giuliani's Legal Bills
Rudy Giuliani's legal bills are quickly growing out of control for the former NYC mayor, and his allies are wanting Donald Trump to pony up the costs.
269 338
1 day 5:00
CNN Interviews The Two Dumbest Trump Supporters Ever
Following the idiot convention with Matt Gaetz and Majorie Taylor Greene this past weekend, CNN reached out to interview some people who attended the event.
258 316
5 days 6:10
Matt Gaetz Switches From Saving Seat To Trying To Stay Out Of Prison
Via America’s Lawyer: A bombshell letter written by Matt Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg describes how the FL representative paid for sex with at least one underage girl.
251 747
1 day 3:50
Former Trump Official Predicts Giuliani Will Absolutely Flip On Trump
During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Anthony Scaramucci predicted that Rudy Giuliani will 100% flip on Donald Trump.
223 228
5 days 4:09
Ted Cruz Gets Brutally Mocked For Posting Picture Of Dinner With Trump
Ted Cruz thought it was a smart idea to post a picture of himself having a lovely dinner with Donald Trump on social media this week, and it went over about as well as you would expect.
219 218
2 days 4:38
Florida Governor Gets Sued Moments After Signing Oppressive Voting Bill
Florida's Republican Governor signed one of the country's most oppressive voting bills into law this week, and he made sure that Republicans across the country got to see him do it by only allowing
201 612
12 hours 3:59
Arizona Ballot Audit Is Getting More Insane By The Day
The right-wing group conducting the Arizona ballot audit is now demanding access to county routers and computers, saying that they need to turn over their passwords to the group.
200 455
16 hours 4:14
Republicans Start To Realize Trump Is A Liability To The Party
Another high-profile Republican has come out and expressed annoyance with the fact that the Republican Party continues to allow Trump to dominate their lives, even though he is a massive liability
196 749
6 days 4:00
Trump's Lawyers Are Trying To Make His Enemies Pay
Donald Trump's lawyers filed a motion in court this week asking the judge to punish Democrats who filed a lawsuit against Trump for inciting the January 6th riot at the Capitol.
180 141
6 days 4:00
Bill Barr's Secret Memo On Trump's Obstruction Of Justice Is About To Be Released
A secretive memo written by former Attorney General Bill Barr's Department of Justice that explains their rationale for not charging Donald Trump with obstruction of justice must be released
179 964
3 days 4:06
With A Straight Face Mitch McConnell Says Joe Biden Is Politicizing The Supreme Court
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is apparently either immune to hypocrisy, or he believes that his base is incredibly stupid.
177 570
4 days 4:18
Trump's Shadow Account Gets Banned From Twitter
A Twitter account called DJTDesk has been suspended by the platform for acting as a "shadow account" for former President Donald Trump.
164 611
6 days 4:12
Reporter Shuts Down Josh Hawley After He Says He's Being Cancelled During Interview
Republican Senator Josh Hawley sat down for an interview with The Washington Post recently, and during the middle of his interview with one of the largest papers in the country, he shot back at the
152 568
4 days 4:12
Right Wing Fraudsters Sued For Millions By New York Attorney General
Right-wing grifter frauds Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are now being sued for millions of dollars by New York Attorney General Letitia James for allegedly using robocalls in New York to suppress the
149 952
5 days 4:25
Meghan McCain Vows To Make Republicans Pay If They Oust Liz Cheney
Meghan McCain didn't mince words on Wednesday when she let Republican leadership have it over their treatment of Liz Cheney.
148 302
3 days 3:42
Republicans Are Terrified That Their Voter Suppression Bills Will Actually Backfire
Republicans aren't exactly known for thinking things through, and this lack of foresight is causing some serious heartburn on the Republican side of the aisle.
143 486
5 days 5:36
Republican Governor Cuts Unemployment Payments To "Force" People Back To Work
Montana Governor Greg Gianforte announced this week that his state would no longer be participating in the expanded unemployment benefits provided by the federal government, cutting down payments
126 810
4 days 3:40
Crazed Republicans Looking For Bamboo On Arizona Ballots During Recount
The Republicans that approved the audit of Maricopa County's ballots in Arizona have revealed that the auditors are actually looking for tiny slivers of bamboo on the ballots, as they believe that
112 205
1 day 4:22
House Democrats Make Another Attempt To Get Trump's Financial Records
Democrats in the House of Representatives have made another push to get their hands on Donald Trump's financial records.
109 354
15 hours 4:03
Florida Man Arrested After Bragging On Facebook About Attending Capitol Riot
A Florida man was arrested after he bragged on Facebook - and posted pictures and videos - about attending the January 6th riot at the Capitol.
99 955
1 day 4:22
Florida Governor Does Nothing As COVID Cases Surge Following Spring Break
Florida's Republican governor Ron DeSantis is sitting idly by as his state experiences one of the worst surges of COVID cases in the United States right now.
91 347
5 days 4:07
Trump Allies Launch Voter Fraud Propaganda Team
A group of Trump allies, including one of the attorneys he had working on challenging the election, have formed a new group called the Election Integrity Alliance that will siphon money away from
63 735
6 days 4:17
Former Bush Speechwriter Says Loyal Republicans Are Either "Liars Or Suckers"
Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, said this week that in order for someone to call themselves a "loyal Republican" they would either have to be a liar or a sucker.
57 265
5 days 4:35
McConnell Admits His Only Goal Is To Obstruct President Biden
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was asked by reporters recently about the infighting taking place in the Republican Party.
50 183
5 days 0:38
Farron Cousins on Mitch McConnell
The Ring of Fire – 6 May 2021, 22:52
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