5 days 4:33
Trump Campaign Accused Of Laundering $170 Million To Trump Businesses
A complaint from a watchdog organization claims that the Trump reelection campaign has illegally "laundered" close to $170 million from the campaign to their personal businesses.
414 593
4 days 8:38
Trump Continues To Implode As Staff Loses All Control
Donald Trump is losing his grip on his administration, his campaign for reelection, and reality at this point, and his staffers in Washington have just about had enough.
312 804
1 day 4:41
Trump Forced To Suspend Ads As Campaign Falls Apart
The Trump campaign has announced that they are going to temporarily stop running advertisements for their campaign and the 2020 election because they believe that they need to retool their message.
277 563
1 day 4:09
House Republicans Prepare For Historic Losses Thanks To Trump
Republicans in the House of Representatives are no longer able to hope for the best while preparing for the worst.
225 290
3 days 4:58
Trump's Biggest Supporters Now Think He's Turned Into A Fascist
Steven Calabresi, the founder of the conservative Federalist Society, penned a scathing op-ed in The New York Times calling out Donald Trump's "fascist" idea of postponing the elections this year.
217 660
2 days 5:10
White Working Class Voters Are FINALLY Sick Of Donald Trump
According to the latest polling data - as well as interviews with former Trump supporters - the white working class voters that put Donald Trump over the electoral edge in 2016 are finally getting
178 469
6 days 4:30
Trump Supporters Get Angry As Campaign Spams Them With Sleazy Text Messages
Donald Trump's supporters are not happy about the fact that his campaign is spamming them with text messages all day long, and one supporter went as far as calling the texts "sleazy." The campaign
143 332
6 days 4:54
Donald Trump Jr. Cries On Tucker Carlson's Show After He Gets Suspended From Twitter
Donald Trump Jr. shared a dubious video on Twitter yesterday.
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23 hours 4:13
Republicans Are Blocking Reporters From Trump's Renomination Convention
In a bizarre move, Republicans have decided to block the press from being present at Donald Trump's re-nomination ceremony in August.
128 680
1 day 4:34
Trump Breaks Another Major Promise As Americans Die From Pandemic
Two weeks ago Donald Trump promised the nation that he would be signing a big, beautiful healthcare bill into law.
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6 days 4:11
Depressed Trump Admits Nobody Likes Him During Sad Press Briefing
Donald Trump admitted during Tuesday's press briefing that nobody likes him. This was a bit of an odd admission, considering the fact that it wasn't provoked or on topic at all.
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5 days 5:48
Psychologist Says Trump Is An Inadequate Man Who Fears Strong Women
With Mary Trump's new book causing more and more people to look at Trump's psyche, mental health professionals who have been sounding the alarm bells for years are speaking out once again.
121 800
5 days 2:24
Trump Suggests DELAYING 2020 Election
On Thursday morning, Donald Trump suggested that we might delay the 2020 election because he says it isn’t safe to vote.
83 383
4 days 8:32
Trump Has Now Given Us The Worst Economic Plunge EVER
The US economy shrank faster than it has ever shrunk in the 2nd quarter of this year, nearly all of that due to the coronavirus outbreak.
82 236
2 days 4:31
Republicans Agree That Trump Is Running A Horrible Reelection Campaign
The goal of an election is to convince as many people as possible to vote for you. That's really the ultimate goal, and you can't win if you don't do that.
81 652
4 days 4:06
Republicans Run And Hide After Trump Suggests Postponing Elections
Following Trump's statement about the possibility of postponing the election, the media was scrambling to find a Republican willing to talk about what the President said.
68 887
3 days 4:48
Trump Only Took Pandemic Seriously When Red States Started Getting Sick
According to a new report this week, Donald Trump only began taking the pandemic seriously when aides pointed out - using actual maps - that Republican voters in Red States were starting to get the
68 112
4 days 4:53
Trump Launches New Racist Dog Whistle To Attract Suburban Voters
On Wednesday, Donald Trump tried a new strategy to attract those moderate suburban voters that politicians love to cater to.
57 999
5 days 4:25
Gun Wielding Couple Now Charged With Felony
Via America's Lawyer: Case details emerge after images of Mark and Patricia McCloskey spread like wildfire when they brandished firearms against BLM protesters who’d entered their gated community in
57 630
5 days 5:18
Staffers FURIOUS After Louie Gohmert Says He Has COVID-19
Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert announced that he had contracted COVID 19 yesterday, but before the public announcement he gathered his full staff in his office to tell them - in person - that he
57 027
2 days 5:13
Mitch McConnell Is Still The Worst Republican In America
Over the past few weeks, Mitch McConnell has repeatedly reminded America that he is the worst Republican in Washington, D.C. and possibly in this entire country.
53 632
22 hours 4:56
Trump Wants To Use Coronavirus Relief Money to Redecorate White House
The Trump administration wants the next round of Coronavirus relief to include nearly half a billion dollars so they can redecorate the West Wing of the White House.
43 930
5 days 4:26
Republicans Think Covid Numbers Are "Being Cooked" To Hurt Trump
Republicans see conspiracies everywhere they turn, and the latest one is that the numbers of total infections and deaths from COVID-19 are being exaggerated in order to hurt Donald Trump and make
39 509
2 days 6:03
Jared Kushner Intentionally Handicapped Coronavirus Response To Hurt Democrats
According to a new report, Jared Kushner intentionally made the Coronavirus Task Force NOT lay out a national strategy for defeating the pandemic because, at the time, the virus was only really
38 399
1 day 4:57
Trump Hasn't Run A Single Ad About The Pandemic
Donald Trump claims that there's nothing more he could have done to save the nation from the pandemic because he did a great job as it is.
37 675
2 days 5:15
Trump's Thugs Are Responsible For Escalating Violence On American Streets
According to protestors in Portland, the reason that tensions in the city continue to grow is because Donald Trump's Stormtroopers are perpetuating it.
32 445
3 hours 4:17
Trump Threatens To Sue Nevada For Making It Easier To Vote
Donald Trump woke up furious on Monday morning after the state of Nevada voted to allow mail-in voting for November's election.
31 900
3 days 3:40
Trump Says Schools Are Safe To Open But Elections Are Not Safe
How can it be safe to send our children back to school today yet unsafe to hold an election in 3 months?
29 729
4 days 7:45
The President's Campaign Strategy Exposes His Own Failures & Inadequacies
Via America's Lawyer: With under 100 days until the election, Trump’s foothold is slipping in Republican states while Biden is seeing double-digit leads.
23 574
1 day 4:16
Nancy Pelosi Would Rather Mock Trump Than Be A Leader
If ever the country needed a leader to emerge from Washington, D.C., it would be right now.
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