3 days 5:59
Trump Can't Find Any Lawyers Willing To Represent Him During Impeachment Trial
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449 281
1 day 3:09
Trump Aides Officially Give Up Trying To Help Him
According to new reports, aides to the President have officially said that they are giving up trying to rein in or even comfort Donald Trump after his second impeachment.
303 811
1 day 4:13
Pictures Appear To Show Trump Officials Looting The White House
Based on the pictures that emerged late in the week, it would certainly appear that members of the Trump administration are looting the White House before Trump moves out.
286 532
3 days 4:05
Trump Jr. Now Targeted In Inauguration Funds Investigation
Donald Trump, Jr. is now being targeted by the Washington, D.C. attorney general as part of the ongoing investigation into the possible misuse of inaugural funds from his father's inauguration.
274 726
4 days 5:55
Deranged Republican Congresswoman Says She's Impeaching Joe Biden On Day 1
Republicans are already planning revenge against the Democrats, and apparently newly-minted Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene will be the one leading the way.
246 539
6 days 3:43
Election Official Accuses Giuliani Of Submitting Fraudulent Evidence During Hearing
Rudy Giuliani could find himself in even more trouble after a Georgia election official made the claim that Giuliani knowingly submitted fraudulent evidence to lawmakers in Georgia during a hearing
204 064
21 hour 6:11
Ivanka Trump Is Panicked That Her Dad Is Ruining Her Career
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181 046
17 hours 4:10
Law Professor Who Taught Cruz And Hawley Says They Clearly Didn't Pay Attention
Law professor William Eskridge, who had the unfortunate experience of teaching both Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, says that both men clearly didn't pay attention during school or else they would have
171 935
6 days 3:33
Melania Trump Caught Plagiarizing Herself In Self Centered Statement On Riots
First Lady Melania Trump apparently plagiarized part of her statement "condemning" the insurrection from last week from part of her 2020 RNC speech.
166 149
1 day 3:43
Deutsche Bank Cuts Ties With Trump As Investigations Heat Up
Deutsche Bank has announced that they are no longer going to be doing business with Donald Trump, and that's not a good sign for Trump.
160 851
5 days 3:38
Capitol Police Were Sent Home Early On Insurrection Day So They Couldn't Help
According to officers with the Capitol Police force, many of them were actually sent home EARLY last Wednesday, even though they had all been warned about the incoming threat to the Capitol.
150 636
5 days 4:20
Kevin McCarthy Yelled At Trump After He Insisted Antifa Led Insurrection
Donald Trump, and plenty of other Republicans, have been insisting that the storming of the Capitol last week was somehow the work of Antifa, and some Republicans are now starting to get angry about
121 161
6 days 3:01
Parler Accidentally Helped Bust Capitol Hill Rioters
The right wing morons who uploaded their videos and photographs of themselves storming the Capitol last week have found out the hard way that this was an incredibly stupid move.
118 786
6 days 3:57
Stop The Steal Founder Denies Blame And Goes Into Hiding
One of the founders of the "Stop The Steal" movement has been kicked off social media and, according to The Daily Beast, he has now gone into "hiding" while denying any responsibility for what
110 403
4 days 4:42
Trump Repeatedly Makes History For His Horrible Presidency
Donald Trump not only made history as one of only a handful of presidents to win the electoral college but lose the popular vote, he is also now the first president to be impeached twice.
108 830
20 hours 6:02
Republican Congressman's Siblings Call For His Expulsion After Capitol Riots
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98 813
1 day 4:40
Congresswoman Blames Hollywood And Democrats For Riot In Washington
Freshman Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is quickly making a name for herself, but it isn't because she is a beacon of integrity or sanity.
98 629
3 days 3:27
Republican Lawmakers Accused Of Giving Reconnaissance Tours Day Before Capitol Raid
Republican lawmakers in the House are facing claims that they actually gave reconnaissance tours to Trump supporters on the day before the Capitol attack, and they could be facing a major
91 170
2 days 4:16
Most Americans Want Trump Removed From Office Before His Term Ends
According to a new poll from ABC News Ipsos, most Americans actually want to see Donald Trump removed from office BEFORE his term is over.
86 545
4 days 4:03
Ayanna Pressley's Panic Buttons Ripped Out Of Her Office Prior To Riot
Representative Ayanna Pressley's staff says that the panic buttons in her office had apparently been ripped out prior to the Capitol Hill riot, and they have no idea why that would have happened.
83 784
5 days 4:35
Republican Lawmakers Helped Plan Traitorous "Stop The Steal" Riot
According to new reports, some Republican lawmakers were instrumental in helping to both plan and promote the "Stop the Steal" rally that turned into a storming of the U.S. Capitol.
83 316
2 days 3:19
Republican Attorney General Group Made Robocalls Encouraging Capitol Protests
A shocking new report this week revealed that an arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association actually sent out robocalls encouraging Republicans to show up and march on the Capitol on
80 835
2 days 4:18
Police Warn Of Nationwide Violence From Republicans In Coming Days
Police ignored the warnings about violence on the Capitol on January 6th, so hopefully they are taking the new threats of violence seriously.
73 555
18 hours 3:55
Pelosi Says She'll Fine Republicans Thousands Of Dollars For Avoiding Metal Detectors
Following the January 6th attack on the Capitol, tighter security measures were put in place, including a new metal detector.
72 838
6 days 3:38
Donald Trump Is About To Be Impeached AGAIN
On Monday, Democrats put forward their resolution to impeach Donald Trump a second time, this time for inciting the riots and the insurrection that took place last week on Capitol Hill.
68 490
5 days 3:51
Trump Doubles Down And Says His Comments To Rioters Were Totally Appropriate
On Monday, Donald Trump gave a brief speech at Joint Base Andrews where he proved that he doesn't understand the severity of his actions when he said that his remarks to the Capitol Hill rioters
67 260
5 days 5:52
Mitch McConnell Told Friends That He Wants Trump Impeached
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66 979
1 day 5:27
Pro-Trump Lawyer Sued By Dominion Voting Over Election Fraud Claims
Via America’s Lawyer: Dominion Voting sues former Trump attorney Sidney Powell for over $1.3 billion, alleging her claims of election fraud have tanked the reputation of their machines.
63 150
4 days 4:11
Mitch McConnell Still Won't Remove Trump After Second Impeachment
Mitch McConnell chickened out, and says he will not hold an impeachment trial for Donald Trump until AFTER he has been removed from office.
57 873
4 days 4:32
Cori Bush Lights Up Donald Trump During Impeachment Speech
Representative Cori Bush, one of the newest members of "The Squad", used her time during Wednesday's impeachment hearing to voice her concerns and thoughts about Donald Trump, specifically labeling
49 444
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