5 days 4:56
Trump Is Facing MASSIVE Lawsuits When He Leaves Office
Donald Trump is currently being sued and investigated by numerous individuals and law enforcement agencies, and his lawyers have been able to successfully hold these lawsuits off while he's president.
608 508
5 days 3:32
Trump Forced To Sell Discounted Merch As Campaign Cash Dries Up
The Trump campaign is running out of time and money, and they have a lot of stuff in their online campaign store that they need to get rid of.
519 431
4 days 4:02
Trump Sparks Questions About His Mental Health After Slurring At Iowa Rally
Donald Trump loves to talk about how his opponent, Joe Biden, isn't mentally fit to be President, and those claims always come back to bite the President.
471 013
19 hours 5:57
Giuliani In Trouble After Borat Catches Him With His Hand In His Pants
The new movie Borat Subsequent Moviefilm will be available to stream on Friday, but one of the biggest reveals in the movie is already making headlines.
311 552
3 days 4:30
Staffers Worry That "Trump Stink" Will Prevent Them From Getting Jobs If Trump Loses
Staffers in Donald Trump's White House are starting to panic that they won't be able to find jobs after this administration is over.
267 384
5 days 3:47
Republicans Are Getting Destroyed By Early Voters
According to the numbers coming in from Florida and North Carolina, a majority of early voters in that state are Democrats, representing a ten-point increase from this point 4 years ago.
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4 days 3:25
Republican Group Accidentally Proves Trump Is Lying About Biden's Tax Plan
A conservative think tank has accidentally proved that Joe Biden's proposed tax plan would actually only raise taxes on the wealthy elite in this country, destroying one of Donald Trump's favorite
199 986
3 days 4:46
Trump Is Using Tax Dollars To Save His Failing Campaign
Donald Trump is abusing his power as President yet again in order to save his increasingly desperate campaign.
197 412
6 days 5:13
Lindsey Graham Breaks The Law By Asking For Donations In Senate Building
It is a violation of federal law for a sitting Senator to ask for campaign donations while inside the Senate building.
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2 days 4:08
Trump Cancels More Ads In Swing States As Cash Dries Up
The Trump campaign suddenly cancelled even MORE ads in swing states this week without offering a clear explanation as to what was happening.
172 526
6 days 3:52
Fox Host Calls Trump Out For Saying Biden Is Mentally Incompetent
Fox host Stuart Varney did the unthinkable this week by calling out Donald Trump for his repeated claims that Joe Biden is mentally incompetent.
161 778
1 day 4:11
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says Trump Won't Work With Democrats During Transition
Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has crawled out from under her rock to inform the world that she doesn't believe Trump will work with Democrats during the transition if Joe
156 652
2 days 4:07
Trump Ignores Advice To Be Nicer At Debate And Attacks Moderator
Donald Trump is being heavily coached headed into the final Presidential debate, and his advisers have all told him that the big key for him is to come off as NICE.
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16 hours 4:44
Mitch McConnell Admits He's Been Sabotaging COVID Relief Talks
Mitch McConnell has apparently admitted to his fellow Republicans that he has been sabotaging COVID relief talks with the White House in order to get Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to the Supreme Court.
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1 day 4:39
Ivanka Trump Whines About Shutdowns And Says We Should Just Live With Virus
During a campaign stop in Michigan earlier this week, Ivanka Trump told an audience of about 100 people that we can't just be expected to live with perpetual shutdowns, so we should all just learn
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5 days 4:44
Trump's Election Was A Low Point For America, But We Could Still Sink Even Lower
The election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States should be viewed as a low point for America.
106 727
1 day 4:34
96 970
6 days 3:45
Melania Trump Is Abusing Her Power, Too!
Abuse of power isn't just for the President these days, as Melania Trump appears to be abusing what little power she has by having the U.S.
91 940
3 days 5:58
Trump Laughs As His Followers Threaten Democratic Governor
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77 221
4 days 4:32
Psychologist Says Trump Supporters Are Submissive And Fearful
According to a new book by former Nixon White House lawyer John Dean and psychology professor Bob Altemeyer, Donald Trump's most passionate followers have some common characteristics that aren't
72 141
2 days 5:56
Even Fox News Didn't Want To Touch The Bogus Hunter Biden Story
According to new reports, Fox News was originally offered the Hunter Biden laptop story, but the network passed on the opportunity because the story simply wasn't credible.
69 624
5 days 3:30
America's Elite Are Trying To Hide Their Money In Case Joe Biden Wins
In what might be one of the biggest overreactions of the year, the wealthy elite are being advised to start hiding their fortunes and passing them onto their children in case Joe Biden wins the
65 743
6 days 4:14
California Republicans Ignore Order To Remove Illegal Ballot Boxes
The Republican Party in California has announced that they intend to defy an order from state officials to remove their illegal ballot boxes, in a brazen move that shows a complete lack of respect
60 147
1 day 4:45
Leaked Reports Prove White House Knew COVID Cases Were Surging As Trump Lied
A House committee has released reports proving that Donald Trump was briefed about the resurgence of COVID-19 infections in the United States multiple times in the past few months, even as he
58 953
4 days 4:30
Health Officials Warn That Trump's Rallies Are Super Spreader Events
Thanks to contact tracing and testing, health officials in Minnesota were able to determine that a recent Trump event in their state was actually a "Super Spreader" event that led to a major
53 292
6 days 5:04
Trump Whines About Media Covering Issues That Aren't Him
Donald Trump is a whiny little man, and he isn't afraid to let the world know it.
52 958
18 hours 4:15
'Proud Boys' Emailing Threatens Florida Citizens To "Vote Trump, Or Else!"
Emails claiming to be from the Proud Boys have been received by some residents in Florida, threatening that if they vote for anyone other than Trump, they will be targeted by the far right group.
48 902
2 days 5:21
Trump Mocks Biden For Saying He'll Listen To Scientists
During a rally on Sunday, Donald Trump openly mocked Joe Biden for saying that he would listen to scientists when making decisions about the pandemic.
44 903
4 days 3:51
White House Touts Herd Immunity Declaration Signed By Fake Doctors
The Trump administration was apparently fooled into thinking that doctors in America actually support the concept of herd immunity this week, when they touted a "declaration" signed by numerous
38 619
1 day 4:20
Joe Biden Considers Putting Republicans In His Cabinet Instead Of Progressives
Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are doing everything they can to anger progressives before the election, and it doesn't look like this is a very smart strategy.
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