11 hours 25:55
See Me: A Global Concert | Davos Agenda 2021
"See Me: A Global Concert” is the remarkable result of an international collaboration between hundreds of musicians, artists and film teams who took a leap of faith, in the midst of the COVID-19
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11 hours 59:21
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3 days 1:30
The Davos Agenda | 25th - 29th January 2021
The Davos Agenda | From Monday January 25th - 29th 2021. The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.
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4 days 32:35
The Rise of Trust Brokers | Sustainable Development Summit 2020
As more data is collected and exchanged, it has become unmanageable for users who often do not understand what is happening.
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5 days 30:57
Outcomes: Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning | Jobs Reset Summit 2020
What key ideas, concepts and actions on education, skills and lifelong learning emerged from the third day of the Jobs Reset Summit 2020? Speakers: Henrietta H. Fore, Salil S.
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5 days 1:12:36
Global Risks Report 2021 with Marsh McLennan, Zurich Insurance and SK Group | World Economic Forum
With news of a COVID-19 vaccine and renewed willingness to seek multilateral solutions, the end of 2020 has provided new opportunities to tackle today's most pressing issues.
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6 days 1:05:21
Virtual press conference on The #DavosAgenda 2021 | World Economic Forum
Virtual press conference on The Davos Agenda 2021. At the press conference, the Forum will release programme highlights, key business and private sector participation and key themes.
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6 days 28:29
Valuing Online Learning for the Workplace | Jobs Reset Summit 2020
While many employers still depend on traditional degrees as proxies for skills, nearly 42% of companies expect to use low-cost online learning to minimize reskilling and upskilling costs.
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7 days 30:23
A New Vision for Social Protection | Jobs Reset Summit 2020
The pandemic has led to unprecedented support for selected workers and households in many advanced economies, while revealing the inadequacies of safety nets for the majority of the global working
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8 days 30:49
Implementing ESG for Corporate Governance | Sustainable Development Summit 2020
How can new approaches in corporate board governance accelerate the adoption of emerging environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics? Discover and debate how to scale up: 1.
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9 days 30:41
A New Business Agenda for Disability Inclusion | Jobs Reset Summit 2020
People with disabilities are often early adopters of new job designs, flexible work arrangements and innovative product developments, giving disability-inclusive companies an innovation advantage in
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10 days 30:11
Accelerating Racial Justice in the Workplace | Jobs Reset Summit 2020
Racial inequalities continue to be pervasive globally. What corporate strategies to transform systems of racial inequity are having the most impact?
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11 days 26:34
Setting New Standards for the Future of Work | Jobs Reset Summit 2020
Nearly 40% of employees in developed economies have been working remotely in recent months in an unprecedented shift in working practices, and work is set to change even more dramatically in the
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12 days 36:22
Circular Innovation for the Economic Reset | Sustainable Development Summit 2020
A transition towards the circular economy has the potential to yield $4.5 trillion by 2030 while helping to achieve climate change objectives.
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14 days 47:46
Fast-Forwarding to Frontier Technologies | Sustainable Development Summit 2020
How can the novel combination of frontier technologies bring us closer to a sustainable future, while keeping in check unintended consequences?
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15 days 27:32
A New Vision for Job Creation | Jobs Reset Summit 2020
Unemployment in developed economies is projected to rise from 5.4% at the start of 2020 to 12.6% by the end of the year even as there continues to be growth in the “jobs of tomorrow”.
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16 days 27:48
Galvanizing Game-Changers for the Future of Food | Sustainable Development Summit 2020
With a projected global population of 9 billion to feed by mid-century, the world's food systems will need to significantly evolve to deliver the growth needed in a context of growing socio-economic
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17 days 29:25
Redesigning Trade and Employment | Jobs Reset Summit 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has fragmented the global economy by restricting trade and the movement of people across borders, accelerating the restructuring of global value chains while also opening new
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18 days 33:31
Building Resilient Global Value Chains | Sustainable Development Impact Summit 2020
As COVID-19 accelerates the unprecedented disruption and reconfiguration of global value chains, how can industries leverage new solutions to adapt in an inclusive and sustainable way that enables
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20 days 28:58
Championing Social Justice | Sustainable Development Summit 2020
The ramifications of the pandemic have sparked new conversations on stakeholder responsibility to social justice and sustainable development impact.
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21 day 19:59
Recovery and Resilience through Circular Economy Action | Sustainable Development Summit 2020
The Great Reset requires a fundamental shift in resource use. What are the most compelling circular economy solutions emerging now and who is willing to accelerate their progress?
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22 days 28:59
Greening Aviation: Consumers Will Power the Future of Flight | Sustainable Development Summit 2020
Aviation has been hard-hit by the pandemic. As air travel returns, how can corporate travel shape a net-zero future for aviation? Discover and debate how to scale up: 1.
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23 days 31:36
Outcomes: Work, Wages and Job Creation | Jobs Reset Summit 2020
What key ideas, concepts and actions on work, wages and job creation emerged from the second day of the Jobs Reset Summit 2020?
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24 days 50:56
Empowering Generation AI | Sustainable Development Summit 2020
How can artificial intelligence (AI) be leveraged to protect, benefit and empower youth globally? Discover and debate how to scale up: 1. Protecting and promoting children's digital rights 2.
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25 days 1:38:15
Fighting Climate Change: Ocean as Part of the Solution | Race to Zero Dialogues 2020
The ocean plays a critical role in the global climate system. While it has been a key driver of extreme weather events and climate disasters, it also holds solutions to tackle climate change.
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26 days 29:39
Accelerating LGBTI Inclusion in the Workplace | Jobs Reset Summit 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a disproportionate economic impact on LGBTI populations.
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28 days 29:31
Retooling the Economy: The Future of Monetary, Fiscal & Competition Policy | Jobs Reset Summit 2020
Governments and central banks have injected $11 trillion into the global economy, slashed interest rates and purchased large-scale assets to prevent financial collapse due to COVID-19.
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29 days 43:52
Resilient Ocean for a Global Recovery | Race to Zero Dialogues
Protecting the ocean and strengthening its resilience can help communities around the world respond to and recover from the global pandemic in the near term, while also restoring essential ecosystem
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30 days 43:23
Advancing Infrastructure Innovation | Sustainable Development Summit 2020
Technological transformation in infrastructure is long overdue. What type of innovative ideas are disrupting cities and infrastructure?
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31 day 28:26
A New Vision for Leadership in the Great Reset | Jobs Reset Summit 2020
The COVID-19 crisis is paving the way for stakeholder capitalism to provide more opportunities to all in the new economy.
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